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Looking for a comfortable and inexpensive option to stay inSochi? Then the best choice for you is the guest house. Adler can offer its guests many interesting options. You just need to prioritize and choose the most suitable for yourself.

Adler is a great resort for summer holidays

The now popular city-resort of Adler, locatedin the south of Russia, has become such not so long ago. It happened in 1961, when he joined Sochi. Of course, this did not immediately make mega popular, but thanks to the fact that its infrastructure was improving every year, over time some tourists began to book guest houses in this town.

holidays in Adler guest houses

In addition to the developed infrastructure, Adler attractsvacationers and a diverse flora and fauna. In the local reserve relic palms, chestnuts, magnolias, eucalypts grow, because for them ideal conditions have been created for them. And in the forests in the vicinity of Adler, there are deer, bison, bears, tours and many other animals.

And yet the most attractive for touristsare the local luxury beaches. Here, every holidaymaker for the period of his summer vacation receives a lot of positive emotions, capable of "warming" him and inspiring him for an entire year.

Guest house "Diana": general information and photos

The proximity of the sea, a large courtyard, cozyrooms, the possibility of organizing excursions, a spacious kitchen - all this you can offer this guest house. Adler has on its territory a lot of entertainment, to which the "Diana" is within reach.

Guest house is a modern four-storeya building erected in 2009. For the guests of the "Diana" guests can choose the rooms of two categories "economy" or "with conveniences". The latter are equipped with a separate bathroom, and for the first bathroom with two toilets and two showers is provided for three rooms. There are two-, three- and four-bed rooms, in some of them it is possible to install a folding chair as another berth.

On the territory there is an equipped kitchen, whereholidaymakers can cook food, as well as barbecue grills. There are also places for recreation, surrounded by trees and flowers - they can be seen in the photo below.

guest house Adler

Number of rooms and prices of the guest house "Dobraya skazka"

A "fairy tale" is located a little onelevations, which makes this guest house even more attractive. Adler from here is visible, as in the palm of your hand, and the air here is fresh and clean. For accommodation guests of the hotel are offered double and triple "standards", triple "studios" with kitchen, two-room rooms with or without kitchen, and also a three-room apartment. There are rooms with a view of the sea and the courtyard. It is worth noting that the latter will cost a little cheaper.

All listed rooms are equipped with a bathroom andbalcony. There is air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, comfortable furniture. Accommodation in a guest house will cost the traveler from 800 to 3000 rubles per day. The cost of the room depends on a number of factors - the category, the type of the window, the number of rooms, the presence or absence of the kitchen, and also the time of the year.

To tourists who have chosen holidays in Adler, guest housesit is important to consider very carefully, because not all of them can boast of such cozy rooms, luxurious territory and convenient location, like "Good Fairy Tale".

Adler guest houses prices

Guest house «Resort courtyard»: description and prices

Already for many years lovers of beachholidays are chosen to spend their holidays Adler. Guest house "Resort Yard", located at Chkalov, 17a, is the guarantee of an excellent holiday in these parts. At a distance of 200 meters there is a magnificent Black Sea beach, and a little further you can find entertainment such as a dolphinarium, water park, amusement park, aquarium, and many cafes, shops and nightclubs attracted to Adler's youth.

Guest house prices for accommodation sometimesoffer very high, but it's not about the "Spa Courtyard". Here, even the most expensive luxury room at the height of the season will cost the tourist 3500 rubles per night. And if you choose a standard number, then you can keep within 1000 rubles. In addition to equipped with all the necessary rooms, the guests of the "Resort Yard" kitchen, swimming pool, brazier, as well as Wi-Fi in the rooms and near the house.

Adler Guest House Resort

Guest house "House by the Sea"

If you decide to go on holiday in Adler,guest house by the sea at your service. From the coast this hotel separates not more than 50 meters of a flat path. Thanks to this, the guests of the "House by the Sea" have the opportunity to admire the stunning views, hardly waking up, because it is enough to go to the balcony, which, by the way, is equipped with all the rooms.

For living the hotel offers rooms with comfortablefurniture and a bathroom. In the yard of the "House by the Sea" there are places for recreation, surrounded by ornamental plants and compositions of figurines, which makes this guest house even more attractive. Adler Str. Enlightenment, 147 - it is at this address you can find this beautiful place.

Guest house "Aigulina": description and prices

The location of the guest house "Aigulina" iscenter of Adler. Thanks to this, tourists staying at this hotel will need no more than 15 minutes to walk to the city beach, about 5 minutes to the main road from where you can get to any place, and 20 minutes to arrive from the international airport located in Sochi.

guest house Adler St. Enlightenment

The territory of the guest house is differentspaciousness and comfort. All the rooms of "Aigulina" have beds, bedside tables, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, and bathroom. Guests can eat at the branch of the hotel, located nearby, and in the kitchen at the guest house cooked independently food. The rooms can be double and triple. The first will cost 500 rubles per night, the second - 600.

At the request of the tourists, representatives of the "Aigulina" can meet them at the airport or railway station upon arrival, and organize an excursion on any chosen day on the places of interest.

Guest house «KristoLina»

"KristoLina" attracts many guests every yearits comfortable rooms, the proximity of the sea and the "resort town" with numerous attractions, including an amusement park, bowling, many cafes, nightclubs, a water park and a dolphinarium.

The guest house consists of only 6 rooms,thanks to which the number of guests is quite small, which is especially appealing to fans of a relaxing holiday. All rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning, comfortable furniture, hairdryer, refrigerator and bathroom. Room rates range from 550 to 950 rubles per night.

Adler guest house by the sea

Reviews about guest houses in Adler

Reviews of tourists are almost always positive,so it is not easy to determine what kind of holiday it is better to choose a guest house. Adler has on its territory a lot of hotels, and the options discussed above are only a small part of them. However, they all meet the high demands of modern tourists. Guests of the "House by the Sea", "Spa Courtyard", "Good Fairy Tale", "Diana", "Aigulina" and "CristoLins" claim that their vacation has never been so enjoyable. The territory of all these guest houses are spacious, clean and beautiful, rooms - comfort, and the hosts - hospitality, which can not but rejoice.

The only drawback of guest houses, whichnote many travelers - lack of nutrition. Although this is warned in advance. On the other hand, there is a wonderful opportunity to save by cooking food in the kitchen, which is at every hotel.

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