The main sights of Russia. Excursions in Russia

Before us now is a very difficult task -in one small article to tell about the main attractions of Russia, so to speak, make an attempt to embrace the immensity. Russian lands are wide and immense, in their territories there is a huge number of big and small cities with beautiful monuments of architecture, museums, historical places. But we still try to make our story as interesting and informative as possible.

Excursions in Russia

Today, any self-respecting Russianthe travel company necessarily offers its clients a variety of tours around Russia. And all because such sightseeing programs are very popular. Well, in fact, it's not all the same for Turkey and Egypt to travel, I want to see my homeland. And look, really, there is something! Here, for example, the Golden Ring of Russia: the cities that are part of it are interesting from a historical and architectural point of view. In these unique places, the marvelous, amazing imagery of ancient architecture is carefully preserved. Usually in such excursions they go by bus - both conveniently and inexpensively.

the main sights of Russia

And river cruises on ships! You can go on a trip along the Volga and the Oka, the Yenisei or the Lena and on the way visit the cities that stand on their shores. Traditionally popular are excursions to St. Petersburg and Moscow-the capital. The most important sights of Russia, of course, are there. Well, let's not dwell on the general review and turn immediately to the recommendations that you need to see first.

The main square of the country

Red Square in Moscow seeks to visit allcoming to this Russian metropolis. Even those who by fate's fate are in the capital just passing through, try to find time to walk around the ancient stones of the Red Square a little, take a picture against the background of St. Basil's Cathedral, look at the Mausoleum guard, stand near the Execution Ground, bow to the famous monument to Minin and Pozharsky, listen to the melodious and solemn battle of the chiming clock of the majestic Spassky Tower, admire the Kremlin, and maybe even run to GUM - this main universal store in the country.

guard of the mausoleum

Tretyakov Gallery

Speaking about the main attractions of Russia,It is impossible to ignore this museum, because here you can find the best masterpieces of Russian painting. In the Tretyakov Gallery you can see the canvases of such great painters as Repin, Bryullov, Levitan, Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Savrasov, Kiprensky, Ivanov, Kuindzhi, Vereshchagin, Polenov, Tropinin, Fedotov, Shishkin, etc. The Tretyakov Gallery and the most extensive collection of unique Russian icons . Famous for the whole world icon Andrei Rublev "Trinity" is part of the permanent exhibition of this museum.

sights of russia list


St. Petersburg... This pearl in the wonderful necklace of Russian cities can boast of a huge number of attractions, but since we are strictly limited to small volumes of the article, we will only talk about the Hermitage. The majestic building is located on the banks of the Neva, on one side it is adjoined by the Palace Embankment, on the other - the Palace Square with a tall (47.5 m) Alexandria column in the middle.

excursions in Russia

Until 1917, the Hermitage was the residence of Nicholas II -the tsar, whom Russia lost in the revolution. Today he is called the martyred king, and the Hermitage is considered one of the largest museums in the world. To visit all of its expositions, you need to go 20 km. The collection of this cultural center has about 3 million exhibits. Here you can personally see the beautiful paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Raphael, Rembrandt, Giotto, Vermeer, Rubens, Goya, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin and many other brilliant artists.

Journey through the Ring

Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Kostroma, Vladimir, Ivanovo,Ples, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great (a complete list of 20 items) is the Golden Ring of Russia. The cities that we named have an ancient historical past behind them. Let's list in brief the most famous of their sights.

Yaroslavl. Ancient and majestic city, standing on the high bank of the beautiful Volga. It was founded in 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Here tourists are invited to visit:

  • The Museum-Reserve is a historical-architectural one. It is located in the vast territories of the Yaroslavl Savior-Transfiguration Monastery.
  • The architectural ensemble in Korovniki (the Vladimir Church, the Church of St. John Chrysostom, the bell tower - all this is a real historical Russia).
  • Church of St. John the Forerunner.
  • Art museum with a huge collection of ancient Russian icons.

Suzdal. Mentioned in the annals from 1024.The whole territory of this small town is dotted with beautiful churches and architectural ensembles. Those who are interested in the ancient Kremlin of Russia, it is necessary to visit the Suzdal Kremlin. Behind its walls is the famous Christmas Cathedral with blue domes decorated with golden stars. In Suzdal, tourists are shown:

  • Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life.
  • Pokrovsky Monastery.
  • Evfimievsky monastery.
  • Church of Boris and Gleb.
  • Nikolskaya and the Assumption Church.

golden ring of russia city

What can you see in the ancient Volga city of Kostroma:

  • The Trinity Monastery.
  • The Epiphany Monastery.
  • Art Museum.
  • The Romanov Museum.

On the Kostroma land is the Snegurochka Residence. Lives granddaughter of Santa Claus in a wooden carved chamber and every day hospitably welcomes travelers.

The town of Ples is famous for its amazing landscapes. The beauty of this place was immortalized by the famous Levitan. In Plesa there is a museum of this painter, in which you can see the paintings of the master.

Pereslavl-Zalessky was laid in 1152 on the shores of Pleshcheyev Lake. Here you can admire:

  • Goritsky, Nikitsky and Troitsky monasteries;
  • Forty-Svyatsky Church;
  • Savior Transfiguration Church;
  • Sin-Kamen - this pagan shrine at the foot of the Alexandra Mountain.

Ivanovo is, perhaps, the only cityThe golden ring, which itself can not be anything special. But in the Ivanovo region there is a beautiful village Palekh - it is there that amazing lacquer miniatures are created.

Rostov the Great is a city that looks like a museum. Its sights:

  • The Rostov Kremlin;
  • Avraamiev and Spaso-Yakovlevsky monasteries;
  • Varnitsky Monastery;
  • Assumption Cathedral;
  • Museum of Enamel.

What can you see in Vladimir:

  • Cathedral of the Assumption with frescoes by Andrey Rublev;
  • Golden Gate;
  • Dmitrievsky Cathedral;
  • Christmas monastery.

Under Vladimir, in the village of Bogolyubovo, there is a miracle of ancient Russian architecture - the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.

And how to go round the Golden Ring of Russia?Cities that are included in this route, tourists usually visit on buses, and if privately, then on cars. To the settlements on the bank of the Volga (Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ples, Rybinsk), you can get by river transport.

Sights of Nizhny Novgorod

If we talk about the Kremlin of Russia, then one of the mostlarge and well-preserved is located on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod. Its two-kilometer thick walls, decorated with thirteen towers, majestically tower above the Volga. In Nizhny Novgorod there are many interesting things:

  • Pechersky Monastery;
  • Orthodox Museum;
  • Chkalovskaya staircase;
  • The Rukavishnikov Manor;
  • Museum of everyday life of the peoples of the Volga region much more.

kremlins of russia

North of Russia

Excursions around Russia also run through the territories ofnorthern lands. These are amazing ancient lands, to which the Tatar-Mongol yoke has not reached, ruining many cities of central Russia. In these places there are numerous unique historical monuments, ancient rites and traditions, ancient legends and epics. Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kargopol, Veliky Ustyug, Kirillov, Petrozavodsk, Solvychegodsk are all northern Russia. Today, tourist routes in these places offer a visit to the Kizhi Museum-Reserve. It is located on the islands of Lake Onega in Karelia. Its main attraction is the wooden Church of the Transfiguration. It is adorned with 22 chapters. Today Kizhi is a state reserve. This complex is under the protection of UNESCO.

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Lake Baikal

In the main sights of Russia weincluded and Lake Baikal - the deepest in the world, famous for its crystal clear water. The depth of this reservoir (average) is 730 meters, and the maximum is 1637 meters, the area of ​​the lake is 31,722 square kilometers, the age is 20-30 million years. Baikal is a world heritage.


Now the Crimean peninsula is also included in the sights of Russia. The list of the most interesting places, in terms of tourism, we publish below:

  • The Karadag nature reserve. It is located not far from Feodosia at the foot of the Kara-Dag mountain.
  • Bakhchsarai Palace. It is here that you can see the famous and sad "Fountain of Tears".
  • Genoese fortress. The remains of this ancient citadel stand on the shores of the Feodosiya Gulf.
  • Mount Ai-Petri. The height of the main peak of this picturesque mountain massif is 1234 square meters.
  • Sevastopol Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir.
  • Swallow's Nest.
  • The cathedral, built in honor of Alexander Nevsky, is the main Yalta temple.
  • The Massandra Palace.
  • Ayu-Dag, or Bear Mountain.
  • Bakhchsarai park of miniatures.
  • Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.
  • The Yalta cable car.
  • Palace in Livadia.
  • Ancient mosques: "Kebir-Jami", "Mufti-Jami" and "Juma-Jami".
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Russia today

Sights of Krasnodar Region

In this part of the article we will talk about excursions toRussia, which can offer tourists a warm and sunny Krasnodar region. In summer, it is clear that many citizens want to go on vacation to the gentle sea. Active and curious people are not limited to lying on the beach, they go to see different sights. Here is the list of the most interesting:

  • The dolmens of Gelendzhik.
  • Sochi arboretum.
  • Dantovo Gorge in the Hot Key.
  • Valley of lotuses on the peninsula of Taman.
  • Iberian chapel.
  • The plateau of Lago Naki.
  • Sochi Oceanarium.
  • Olympic Sochi Park.
  • Safari Park. It is located in Gelendzhik.
  • The old park of the village of Kabardinka.
  • Thermal sources of the Guam Gorge.
  • Fanagorian cave.
  • Castal's font ;.
  • Fortress Godlik.


We told you about the sights of Russia, the list of which can be continued indefinitely. We wish you a pleasant journey, many new impressions and a good rest!

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