Hospitable Turkey. Icmeler is a quiet and picturesque resort

Picturesque landscapes, favorableclimatic conditions, a huge variety of entertainment, all inclusive hotels lure Turkey into their tourist networks. Icmeler is one of the best developing resorts in the country. Until recently, he was part of the popular and wealthy Marmaris, but thanks to the skillful planning of the city authorities managed to get out of care and start an independent life. It is located in a beautiful and quiet bay, 7 km from a more famous competitor. The name of the city in translation means "lost paradise", which fully corresponds to reality. A lush tropical vegetation, a blue lagoon near the mountain and golden beaches are surrounded by Icmeler.

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Turkey reviews from tourists are mainly receivedand this is not surprising, because most of the country's resorts meet the highest requirements, can boast of a developed infrastructure. Icmeler, although recently gained independence, is already confidently moving forward and occupying a niche in the tourist business. This city is much better than many "untwisted" resorts, because the prices for living here are lower, and the conditions are no worse.

With its pricing policy against the background of other resortscountries favorably allocated Turkey. Icmeler is distinguished by a small land value, so businessmen were not stingy and bought large areas for hotels. The buildings themselves were built later than in other Turkish cities, so they are more modern and meet higher requirements. But the main advantage of the resort are not chic and comfortable hotels, but picturesque landscapes of mountains, sandy beaches, azure sea, exotic vegetation.

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Resorts with different abilities and charactershas Turkey. Icmeler refers to quiet and calm towns, where everything is imbued with the atmosphere of harmony and coziness. It is ideal for resting couples with children, the elderly and those who want to be alone with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of large megacities. Young people can rest in Icmeler, there are plenty of entertainment facilities here, and if you want more drive, you should visit the noisy and crowded Marmaris, located just 7 km away.

Tourists wishing to visit an exotic country,a good rest and at the same time save money, buy tours in Icmeler. Turkey provides all conditions for beach and outdoor activities. The sea is clean, emerald and absolutely transparent, its bottom is visible a few meters deep. In Icmeler, everyone can dive, and there are all conditions for water skiing and windsurfing. The resort is suitable even for young children, as the descent into the water is gentle, and the beaches are sand and pebble.

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Many interesting architectural, cultural andTurkey has historical sights. Icmeler is located near Marmaris, which survived several eras and preserved ancient monuments to our days. Here you can see Bedesten (covered market), an ancient fortress. Also nearby is the island of Cleopatra. Rest in a calm and quiet Icmeler like absolutely everything, but that it was not boring, you can visit the nearby famous resorts.

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