Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * in Turkey: reviews of tourists

If you want to have a great beach holidayMediterranean Sea in the resort region of Alanya (Turkey), Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * can be a suitable option for living. This hotel is suitable for tourists who value comfort and high-end service, but do not want to spend sky-high sums on living in luxury five-star hotels.

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The four-star "Club Turtash Beach" hotel is located in the resort village of Konakli, 13 kilometers from Alanya, on the beach. The distance to the nearest airport is 110 kilometers.

Alanya, Turkey: Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 *: description and photos

This hotel complex opened for thetourists their doors in 1986. Ten years ago, there was a complete reconstruction. Today, tourists are offered comfortable spacious rooms. The housing stock is located in the main five-story building, as well as several additional two- and four-story buildings. The area of ​​the hotel's own territory is 50 thousand square meters. There are several swimming pools, sun terraces, a restaurant that operates in a buffet format, bars, shops, sports grounds, an amphitheater, a children's club and much more. In addition, the hotel complex has its own beach.

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Residential fund

In total, the Club Turtash Beach Hotel has 213family and standard rooms. All of them are decorated in a pleasant style and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the guests. So, in each room there are comfortable beds, a wardrobe, bedside tables and tables, mini fridge, TV (three channels in Russian), air conditioning, telephone, safe (extra), bathroom, balcony or terrace. Cleaning in the apartments is done every day, linen and towels are updated twice a week.

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Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 *: reviews of Russian travelers

Modern tourists are becoming more and moreexperienced in matters relating to the choice of a hotel in this or that country of the world. So, if a few back many travelers unconditionally believed the official description of the hotel and listened to the recommendations of managers of firms involved in booking tours, today the situation has changed. Most of the modern tourists, of course, do not ignore the above information, but at the same time try to understand the issue themselves. For this, they spare no time to read as many comments as possible of those who have already recently had a chance to stay in the hotel of interest to them. This approach allows not only to make a more complete picture of a particular place, but also to identify possible pros and cons. But nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised, having gone on a long-awaited vacation. In this regard, we decided to save you time and effort and offer you the generalized feedback of our compatriots regarding their stay at the Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * (Konakli). A little ahead of time, we note that most tourists in their comments indicate that their choice of accommodation they were more than satisfied. In their opinion, this hotel completely corresponds to the declared category and cost of living. But we will learn more about everything.

The hotel itself

In general, our compatriots in theircomments do not express any complaints about the placement of the "Club Turtash Beach" hotel. So, according to them, the numbers they offer are quite spacious, clean and cozy. Of course, furniture and appliances are not new, but everything is in working order. If, however, when you check in, you will notice that something is broken, or if the problem occurs during the stay, you should turn to the reception. All problems will be eliminated in the shortest time, as the hotel guests note. Many guests are pleased to note that cleaning in the apartments is held regularly and efficiently. Linen and towels here are snow-white, new, without spots, as it happens in other hotels, even four-star category. When settling in the refrigerator you will find a half-liter bottle of water. The maids will put her there every day. So the need to recruit water from coolers or even more to buy it from you will not arise.

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Territory and location

The property of Club Turtas BeachHotel 4 *, photo of which can be seen in this article, our compatriots also were quite satisfied. So, according to them, although it is large enough, it is beautifully planned. Guests do not have to spend a lot of time moving between objects of the hotel. In addition, the territory has a lot of exotic trees, flowers, greenery. It's always very clean here. In addition, the territory has several nice places, where you can make beautiful photos for memory.

As for the location of the hotel complex,its tourists were also quite satisfied. According to them, near the hotel is a lot of entertainment, as well as shops, souvenir shops and restaurants. In addition, every week a bazaar comes here, where you can buy both things, and fruits and vegetables at very affordable prices.

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Food and drink

Restaurant at the Club Turtas Beach Hotel4 * (Turkey, Konakli), most travelers from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union were satisfied. And this, I must say, is not often found when it comes to hotels of any category. According to our compatriots, the choice of dishes here, of course, is not as chic as in five-star hotels, but nobody will be hungry. So, tourists note that the menu always has dishes of poultry, meat and fish, a lot of snacks, salads, soups, sweets, fresh fruits. During breakfast, the chefs prepare scrambled eggs, omelets, bake pancakes. In the evening, guests of the restaurant are offered grilled dishes. In a bar on the beach every day, except on Sundays, bake delicious, according to our compatriots, cakes. By the way, during the day you can always have a burger, pizza, nagets and other similar dishes. So if you do not want to leave the beach until the evening, then you can eat right there. Thus, to the quality of nutrition, our compatriots had no complaints. True, a number of guests were somewhat surprised by the fact that there are no tablecloths on the tables in the restaurant. But then they became convinced that it was even better. After all, tablecloths are often dirty, and after each visitor they do not change even in five-star hotels. Therefore, this approach allows guests to always eat at a clean table without ugly spots.

In addition, seasoned travelers are reminded ofThe fact that in Turkey smoking is allowed almost everywhere. Therefore, if you do not want to inhale cigarette smoke, it makes sense to borrow a table inside the restaurant, and not on the terrace on the street.

As for drinks, they are served in severalbars of the hotel, located by the pool and on the beach. In addition, about four hours of the day you can treat yourself to free ice cream. It is distributed to children and adults near a mini-club.

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Beach holidays

Since the vast majoritytravelers from all over the world come to Turkey mainly to enjoy the bright sun and the warm sea, this issue is more than relevant. With regard to the hotel Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * (Konakli), then, according to our compatriots, all conditions for a great beach holiday are created here. So, the hotel complex has its own pretty large sandy beach. Here there is a sufficient number of sun loungers and awnings for all comers. According to tourists who visited the hotel, you do not need to borrow sunbeds early in the morning, as you can always find a free place on the beach. You can enter the water both from the shore and from the pier. However, some guests complain about the fact that a few meters from the shore on the bottom there are large stones. Therefore, when entering the sea, it is necessary to be pointed, so as not to get injured accidentally. Some tourists in their comments express the hope that the administration of the hotel complex will pay attention to this issue and will do everything possible to ensure that the bottom is cleaned in the near future. After all, in this case, relax travelers on the beach will be much more comfortable.

In addition, in their reviews guestsnote that beach towels are provided in the hotel, but at an additional cost. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money on it, it makes sense to take them with you from home.

Entertainment in the hotel

Many tourists who went on vacation wholefamilies, in their reviews note the fact that they chose the Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * (Alanya, Turkey), among other things, due to the fact that the hotel complex has its own water park. Moreover, water slides are available for all categories of guests - for adults, for children, and for the smallest travelers. Even despite the fact that the water park did not work all day, but only at fixed hours, our compatriots note that they were quite enough of this time. In addition to the water slides, there are several swimming pools on site. Next to them there are terraces for sunbathing with a sufficient number of sunbeds. Just like on the beach, there is no need to get up early in the morning in order to take a chaise longue. Because they are always enough for all comers. There is also a bar where you can order a refreshing or alcoholic beverage. Snacks are only available at the beach bar.

In addition to water activities, there is a hammam, sports grounds, a mini club for children.

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Judging by the reviews left by ourcompatriots, Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 * (Alanya, Turkey) can be proud of its team of animators. So, according to tourists, the guys here always try to do everything possible to entertain hotel guests. And they act unobtrusively and will not annoy you if you say that you are not in the mood to engage in, for example, aqua aerobics or playing volleyball. However, many tourists were happy to participate in events organized by the animators. So, here you could do aqua aerobics, gymnastics, yoga, zumba, dances, step, take part in fun contests, play darts, volleyball, tennis, mini golf, shoot an air rifle and much more. In the evenings, animators organize entertaining shows. In addition, several times a week in the evenings the hotel hosts guest artists. Guests note that the entertainment program here is very diverse, so you can safely attend all events.

After the evening show, a disco for the little ones is held, followed by a disco for adults. In addition, guests always have the opportunity to go to a club outside the hotel.

For children

As the Club Turtas Beach Hotel 4 *, toursin which many domestic operators offer, positions itself as a family establishment, there are all conditions for an excellent rest for children and their parents. This is confirmed by the feedback of tourists. So, according to them, there is an excellent mini-club in which people who love and know how to handle children work. In the evenings, a mini disco is organized for the youngest guests and a cartoon show is organized. In the rooms, if necessary, hotel staff will install a baby cot. In a word, as our compatriots note, if you are planning a family vacation with children of any age, then the Club Turtash Beach is perfect for this.


As for the staff we are consideringhotel, then, according to tourists from Russia, they are all very friendly and attentive people, as well as real professionals of their business. In addition, many speak Russian. And this despite the fact that most of the guests in "Club Turtash Beach" are tourists from Germany and the Czech Republic.

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