Arrangement of seats in the plane. Scheme of the cabin

Traveling by plane always tiresomea person, often it may even be harmful to his health. However, there is always the opportunity to take care of additional benefits for yourself. One of those may be the right choice of where to sit in the cabin. For this it is important to know the location of the seats on the plane.

Arrangement of seats in the plane

It is important to understand that a place that would fitevery passenger does not exist. Everyone is guided by their needs. Someone likes to sit by the porthole, someone - in the aisle, someone is important to pull forward long legs.

Classes of places

The cabin of the aircraft is most often divided into three zones for passengers:

- Cheap economy class seats with a minimum of services.

- Comfortable business class seats with additional services making the flight as convenient as possible.

- Luxury places of the first class, where you can even fly lying, however, they are far from all airlines.

The bulk of people prefer economy class, so as not to waste extra money.

Selecting a seat on an airplane

As mentioned above, the best place for everyonepassenger is selected individually. You will be able to determine for yourself this by carefully reading this article. For a better understanding of what is at issue, here is a diagram of the cabin of the aircraft.

Unsuccessful options

Let's start by defining inconvenient places duringflight. The chairs in the middle of the row, when people sit to your right and left of you, are uncomfortable for the majority. Even the bad seats include the seats in the tail of the aircraft, in the last row there may not be a window. Still there constantly accumulate passengers who are waiting for the turn to the toilet. A significant drawback for you may be the fact that at the time of food and drink distribution - the ranks in the tail end with a variety of products, you can not choose meat, chicken or fish, you will simply be given the kind of product that remained.


To the bad you can include places directly above the wing,because from there you will not see anything. Not everyone will be comfortable seats in the rows located in front of the emergency exit and in the last row, as they do not have the opportunity to recline the chair.

The most convenient places in the air liner

Let's go back to the tail of the plane. An important advantage can be considered that when the aircraft is not fully loaded you will not have neighbors, and you will go on a flight alone on two or three chairs (this will even allow you to lie down). To convenient places it is necessary to carry the seats near the porthole - they can be quite comfortably to sleep, not being afraid of being woken by a neighbor squeezing through your knees. You can admire the beautiful views that open from the window, and read in excellent light. The pluses of places near the passage include the fact that you can stretch your legs in the passage and get up without problems to go to the toilet, as well as to be at the exit among the first. By the way, the places at emergency and usual outputs differ by the increased distance for legs.

seat layout in a Boeing airplane

The best places in terms of comfort and convenienceconsider those who are in the first row. You can safely stretch your legs, because in front of you there will be only a wall. This is very important for people of high stature (from 180 centimeters). Also in front of the smaller shakes in those moments when the aircraft enters the zone of turbulence. An attractive bonus will be the right to get food and drinks first. An important drawback for some will be the fact that there will certainly be passengers with babies and children under 7 years old.

Arrangement of places in the plane

Now that you have decided on what to look for, choosing a place for yourself, you need to know the seat and the number of the row that will suit you.

Airliners come in different sizes, because of thisthe number of seats in a row can vary. In any case, the seats at the aisle and at the window will be in each plane. You can get information about the layout of the aircraft you are interested in at the representation of the carrier's carrier. Quite often, schemes are published on websites on the Internet. It is important to consider that vessels of the same model do not always have the same layout. This means that the location of the seats in the plane "Transaero" and "Aeroflot" will not always coincide for one type of aircraft.

Choice of chair depending on the size of the vehicle

When there is a layout of the seats in the plane that you are going to fly, you can accurately understand whether the seat is located near the partition or next to the porthole, whether the wings cover the view.

Let's give some examples.Consider the location of the seats in the Boeing 737 and the like, where the seats in the economy class are installed in 2 rows of 3 seats each. With this configuration, the seats in the first row, as well as in the rows near the emergency exits, will be comfortable - there is always enough space to stretch out your legs.

airplane layout

The cabin of the Boeing-747 is designed forflights over long distances, he has several economy class cabins, in which 3 rows of seats are arranged according to the scheme 3-4-3. And on this ship good seats will still be in the first row and at the main or emergency exits, but it is worth noting that the toilets there are located both in front and in the tail.

How to take a vending chair

Airlines distribute seats in the planedifferently. First of all, try to find out if you can choose a seat at the time of booking. Often this service is provided by the airline for an additional fee. The second way to get a good place is during the check-in for the flight to ask to show the location of the seats in the plane and to choose the suitable one, if it is free.

Recommendations and tips

Be sure to consider the direction of flight, soHow bright the sun's rays can shine in your face. Decide which way you are going. When flying from east to west, the sun's rays will always fall from the left, and from the west to the east - from the right side. When moving in the morning from north to south, the sun's rays will fall to the left, and in the evening time - to the right. When flying from south to north in the morning time - on the right, in the evening - on the left. And do not forget that in the Southern Hemisphere everything is the opposite.

airplane interior layout

It is important to arrive for registration as early as possible after it was opened. The best places go to those who come first.

The most popular and filled flights are morning andevening. If you do not have any time binding, then it's better to fly in the daytime, since it is during these hours that the passenger flow is the smallest and the seats next to it will be empty.

In recent years, airlines have been trying to simplifyits system, introducing a variety of novelties, in order to speed up the process of registration for flights several times. These include terminals for self-check-in at airports and the ability to register for a flight online on the airline's website. Do not lose sight of these technologies, because on the computer screen you can clearly see the layouts of the airliners, the location of seats in the plane, and the already occupied seats. Using such services will save you from exhausting queues and early arrival at the airport.

location of seats in a transaero

So, if you fly often, thenvery soon, figure out which places are better than others. Unfortunately, not all airlines have the opportunity to choose seats in advance, so be prepared to fly on any seat that falls.

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