What is the biggest cave in the world?

Our planet is a place of amazing miracles andunusual mysteries. It would seem that a person has mastered even the most remote corners of the Earth, but did not discover all its secrets. In addition to the famous 8 wonders of the world, there is a huge number of man-made and natural objects that amaze the imagination and minds of all mankind. Among them is the largest cave in the world, a unique education with its own ecosystem. Let's talk about where it is, when it was discovered and what features it has.

Shondong: statistics of sizes

Shondong is the largest cave in the world. Such a statement of local residents was reinforced by the facts obtained by the research expedition from England in 2009. According to the dry figures of statistics, education has a volume of about 38.5 million cubes, a height of about 200 meters, and a width of about 150 meters. Once in a similar underground realm, willy-nilly, any person can be confused by greatness, size and scope.

the largest cave in the world

History of discovery

The unofficial history of the cave begins in 1991year, it is from this period of time that the local population mentioned its presence, until that date no information was provided. At the same time, we should not forget that the underground grotto of colossal dimensions was formed by the water element for at least two million years in a row. Evidence of a significant age of the cave are huge stalagmites, as well as other bizarre stone formations.

How to get to the cave?

Where is the largest cave in the world? Vietnam, the province of Quangbin - this is the address by which you will have to proceed to visit it. Not far from the border with Laos, there is a national nature park called Fongnja-Kebang in the local places, where a unique natural formation is located. Find the entrance to the cave is quite difficult, it is due to the fact that it is located in a pretty wild place, in the realm of mountains and jungles. Perhaps this fact explains why for a long time underground education has not been discovered and investigated even after the discovery in the late 20th century. Descent under the ground is carried out by ropes, which is also a serious obstacle and a test.

shondong is the largest cave in the world

Beauty and Shondong Features

What is the biggest cave in the world famous for? Photos of education amaze with amazing beauty and scale. First of all, most travelers come to admiration from the underground river, which flows in the bowels of the earth and in hard rocks of several kilometers. On its shores, the most desperate daredevils even break their tents, but they will not be able to enjoy the silence away from civilization. The splash of water and howling of the wind in the depths of the cave creates a frightening atmosphere worthy of any horror film.

In addition to the Shondong River, there are alsogreen plantations, jungles, which can be present and indigenous inhabitants. So, here there are various insects and snakes, a little less often birds and even monkeys. A unique feature of the local ecosystem is the unique underground climate. Habitual fogs and clouds meet even underground, which in itself is very unusual and intriguing. In fact, this is explained quite simply, a significant difference in temperature between the surface and the dungeon leads to the formation of clouds and other similar phenomena.

You can visit Shondong at any time, except for the rainy season. During this period, the caves are filled with water to a dangerous level, which means that their visit can be extremely dangerous for the life of researchers.

what is the biggest cave in the world called

Other contenders for the main title

At different times for the title of the world's largest cave claimed:

  • Cueva del Fantasma (due to the considerable volume inside the dungeon, two helicopters can land simultaneously, in addition, the rapid waterfall also gives beauty to local places).
  • Mejlis al Jinn (located in the state of Oman and rightfully takes second place, second only to Shondong, its height in individual points is about 150 meters).
    the largest cave in the world of Vietnam

Unique Dungeons of the World

Now that you know the name of thea large cave in the world, you can talk about other unique underground kingdoms that are popular with lovers of extreme relaxation and unity with nature. So, in the list of the most interesting formations it is possible to include:

  • Mexican crystal cave.Officially discovered in 2000. Its distinctive feature is the presence of colossal crystals of selenite that fill the entire volume of the cave. In addition, it has an extremely high air temperature in its interior, and it is rather problematic to stay there.
  • Cave Waitomo.It is located in New Zealand and certainly can be appreciated by the Romantics from all over the world. On its ceiling, travelers can see real stars, the effect of glowing dots creates firefly larvae that inhabit the stacks and vault of the cave.
  • The Gonchong Cave in China is known primarily for the fact that an educational institution was set up in its bowels, where lessons were conducted with children.
  • Fingalova cave in Scotland will have a liking for music lovers, under its arches reigns amazing acoustics, and vertical natural columns from basalt give it greatness and harmony.
  • Cane flute in China is significantlyis ennobled by man. Modern illumination makes the bowels of the underworld truly magical, and even fabulous. The name of education is explained by reed growing in local places.
  • Botovskaya cave is considered the most extensive in Russia. It is located in an abandoned region in the Irkutsk region and has not been fully explored to date.
  • The most unique is the RomanianMoville. Surprisingly, it is an absolutely closed ecosystem that is different from the rest of the world. During the study of the cave, rare representatives of the world of flora and fauna were found.
    The largest cave in the world of Sanctum

The Kingdom of Ice

The world's largest cave of ice is locatedin New Zealand and carries a complex name Isrisennvell, its area is about 300 square kilometers, which allows it to be the absolute record holder in its category in size. Fine and cold ice formations are found in Iceland (Vatnayekul is forbidden to visit in the warm season because of the high risks of melting and collapse), in Russia (the grotto in the Mutnovsky volcano), in Austria.

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Movie about the cave

Delight and inspiration - that's what causes in peoplethe largest cave in the world. Sanctum, a fantastic film about a cave, shot in 2011, tells of the descent into the depths of unexplored dungeons of a group of researchers. A fierce struggle with dangerous and unexplored elements leads to very disastrous consequences, reminding viewers not only of the beauty of caves, but also of the threat to life that lies hidden in their unknownness.

The largest cave in the world at presentis located in Vietnam, but research for the purpose of understanding our world is conducted regularly and systematically, which means that unique finds will not keep you waiting. It is likely that very soon we will get acquainted with new natural phenomena, no less fantastic and beautiful than those that are already known to mankind.

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