Scheme of the airplane "Boeing-747-400" "Transaero". The best places

Aircraft "Boeing-747-400" for quite some timeare located in the park of the airline "Transaero" and for the whole time of flights have perfectly proven themselves. Their feature is the second deck, which makes it possible to accommodate an impressive number of passengers aboard the Boeing-747-400 Transaero. The best places can be found both in the upper and lower deck, knowing where they are located.

Boeing 747 400 Transaero the best places

"Boeing-747-400": interior layout

In the fleet of the company "Transaero" there are airplanes"Boeing-747-400" of different configurations, but the most popular of them are airliners, allowing to accommodate 522 passengers. Travelers will be able to appreciate both efficiency and comfort. In the plane there are three classes of comfort, which give an opportunity for everyone to book the most suitable place.

 Boeing 747 400 interior layout

Almost everyone orders tickets in advanceto the "Boeing-747-400" Transaero. The best places will ensure the comfort of your flight. And although the airliner allows you to sit comfortably on all seats, some of them can be preferred.

The comfort of flights on the "Boeing 747-400"

The main credo of Transaero iscomfortableness of passengers, that's why all the planes in its fleet allow to fly in full comfort. This is especially important for long flights. In the "Boeing 747-400" passengers even tourist class will be able to appreciate the maximum comfort due to enough space. On the backs of the seats there are monitors, thanks to which you can pass the time of flight for watching interesting movies or cartoons.

Places in business class

Business class is located in the plane on the topdeck. All seats are equipped according to the latest requirements of a modern business person. The chairs are very comfortable and spacious, because the rows are located from each other at a distance of more than one and a half meters. But still it is worthwhile to know that the seats of the first row are near the toilets, and this may present some inconvenience.

The most comfortable places in the economy class

If you plan to fly economy class,located in the plane "Boeing-747-400" "Transaero", a photo of which can be seen below, you should know about its best places. They are located immediately behind the business class, in the 5th row. As the partition serves as a screen, you will have enough space for a comfortable flight.

Boeing 747 400 Transaero Photo

It is worth noting that all the places of economy classhave pretty good conditions: on the backs of the seats are monitors, and the rows are located at a distance of 86 cm, which allows you to comfortably settle.

As for the last, the 9th row of the economy class, you need to know about its proximity to the toilets and stairs leading to the lower deck. These moments can create some inconvenience.

Best places of tourist class

Good conditions in the tourist class, whichIt is located on the lower deck of the Boeing-747-400 aircraft of Transaero. The best places here are located in 10-12 rows and have two seats. They are located in the nose of the aircraft, where less noise is heard from the engines and vibration due to turbulence. But it is worth considering that there are wheelchair bindings nearby, and most likely your neighbors will be people with young children.

Places of the 31st series can also be considered moreIt is convenient because of the additional rather substantial space. The armrests of the armchairs are equipped with folding tables. But the protruding door near the seat 31A and the staircase near 31C may slightly restrict freedom.

Rows behind the escape hatches alsoYou will be able to comfortably settle down due to additional space. But the rows in front of the hatches have non-slip backs, and this is a significant disadvantage.

Recommendations for choosing the best places

Each passenger has his own preferences inchoosing places. Therefore, in addition to general recommendations, it will be useful to consult an airline employee by contacting a call center. The earlier you book, the more choices you will have.

It is also useful to discuss your flight on the forums,where you can communicate with people who have already flown on the airliner Boeing 747-400 Transaero. The best places they will advise, based on their experience, will be indicated to you, and you can book them.

When choosing the best places, the interior layout of the aircraft can be useful, which shows the location of the seats and their proximity to toilets, emergency doors and stairs.

Since the flights usually last quite a long time, you can find an interesting traveling companion on the forums, the neighborhood with which will help pass the time.

 Boeing 747 400 transaero reviews

Opinions of passengers

People who flew the Boeing 747-400"Transaero", reviews of flights leave mostly positive. The large size of the airliner avoids turbulence, and this is a significant plus. They also speak well of comfort and convenience. In addition to a rather spacious seat in the plane, you can find where to warm up after a couple of hours of sitting.

Of course, there are not very flattering reviews about"Boeing-747-400", and about the company "Transaero". They also need to be considered when booking tickets. If you weigh all the pros and cons and deal with the layout of the cabin, you can get the most comfortable seats and, accordingly, a sea of ​​positive emotions from the flight.

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