Agadir (Morocco, Atlantic coast): an eastern tale told by a European

In the last few years from different sidesrave reviews on the rest in Morocco. What does the philistine know about this country? Its capital is Rabbat, whose name it was so hard to teach at school lessons in geography. Another interesting place in the country is Marrakech: the city of gold next to the sky, if you believe the well-known song in perestroika. And, of course, Morocco is famous oranges. Not everyone knows, but Casablanca is located in this country.

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Thus, even for those who have never been in theMorocco, it seems that he knows a lot about this country. However, many mistakenly believe that most of the resorts of this country is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Opinion is wrong. Most of the beaches of Morocco are on the Atlantic coast, and this is a completely different color, for which many people spend their holidays in this country.

Es-Souweira, Casablanca and Fez are among the mostfamous resorts of Morocco. Agadir, whose reviews vary from enthusiastic to reservedly positive, tops this list. So what is it different from all other coastal cities?

Agadir (Morocco) - a European resort with an oriental flavor

Get to the resort from the airport you can only forhalf an hour. The distance between them is just under thirty kilometers. The city meets travelers with white buildings, which are dazzling in the sunlight. The second feature that strikes newcomers is the endlessly long strip of sandy beach that stretches for more than ten kilometers. Once here, it's hard to believe that it's on the African continent, not in Europe, that Agadir is located.

Morocco is a multi-faceted country, and at this resort there is a moderately warm climate, eucalypts grow on its land, filling the air with healing essential oils. From the heat of the desert it is protected by mountains.

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Well, the fact that the country has long been a French colony can not but affect the vector of development of culture and habits of the local population.

These features practically guarantee a goodquality of recreation both in terms of climate, and the comfort of living in hotels, which can boast Agadir. Morocco is not only magnificent sandy beaches, but also interesting trips to the already mentioned Rabbat, Marrakech, Casablanca and other cities located in the south of the country. This resort from this point of view has an ideal location: the road, regardless of the direction will not be too tedious.

Moreover, the city itself will not let you get bored: a national park, a zoo, festivals and concerts, thalassotherapy centers, the opportunity to go in for many sports, a vibrant nightlife, restaurants and cafes - all this is alive and modern Agadir.

Morocco is struck by the variegated combination of easternmarkets and buildings built by French colonialists, mosques and beaches, European culture and national characteristics of the local population. The trip promises to be exciting, but do not forget about the large number of small thieves scurrying in all the busy places.

Hotels in Agadir (Morocco)

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The Phoenicians settled in this locality still ineighth century BC. The official date of the founding of the city is the beginning of the sixteenth century, when the Portuguese arrived there. Later, Agadir was repulsed by the Moroccans. Even later, the French came to Morocco. Despite its rich history, Agadir can be called a "new city" because of the fact that during the earthquake experienced in the middle of the twentieth century, there was practically nothing left of it, and it was rebuilt anew.

Today's Agadir is a hotel of any categoryfrom the simplest to the most luxurious. Most of them are located on the second coastline. Regardless of the number of stars assigned, the service of most hotels meets European standards. Moreover, the resort has several representatives of large chain hotels, such as Sheraton and Sofitel.

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