Hotel "Old Yard", Nalchik: description and reviews

Fans of ecological recreation should payattention to the hotel "Old Yard". Nalchik is famous for its natural beauties, and therefore the location of the hotel in the park area is an indisputable advantage.

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a brief description of

All that can be required is demandingtourist, is in the hotel "Old Yard" (Nalchik). Swimming pool, slides, gazebos, sauna and much more you will find on the premises of this establishment. Here there is a cozy home atmosphere, which is appropriate both during a family, and during a romantic or active holiday. Being opened in 2003, the hotel has already been repaired several times.

Its authentic decoration will please touriststhis hotel. Its architecture, landscape design and interior of the premises are made in the best traditions of the Kabardino-Balkar culture. And the restaurant "Old Yard" (Nalchik) is popular not only among tourists, but also among the local population. Here you can try the dishes, which are a bright mixture of Caucasian and Russian cuisine.

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Its attractive location attractstourists hotel "Old Yard". Nalchik, street Miyzhidesh, 55 - the address of the institution. This is an ecologically clean area of ​​the city, which is located within walking distance from the center. The distance to the main transport hubs (railway station and airport) is 9 km.

Guest Accommodation

Comfortable living conditions providetourists "Old Yard". Nalchik will please you with nature and sights, before you get acquainted with which you can relax in the rooms of the following categories:

  • Standard numbers include two, three andfour-bed accommodation. Double or twin beds are available. In addition, for your things here there are comfortable bedside tables and a wardrobe.
  • The Junior Suite is a large bright room, in which two adult guests can relax. For rest and accommodation of the additional guest there is a fold out sofa.
  • Suite - this is the best room of this hotel, which is often chosen by the newlyweds for a romantic getaway. Light and silvery shades, as well as bright purple accents create a holiday atmosphere.

Will help to evaluate the interior of hotel rooms"Old Courtyard" (Nalchik) photo taken by travel agents or travelers. Despite the fact that the design is extremely simple, it attracts a sense of home comfort.

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Room facilities

Given the family concept of the hotel, it is quite expected that its rooms are equipped with a wide range of amenities. It is worth noting the following:

  • a small TV that will allow you to occupy the time of your stay in the room by watching satellite channels;
  • in the fridge you can store a small food stock;
  • electric kettle, crockery and cutlery;
  • in the bathroom, in addition to plumbing, there is also a hairdryer and a set of bath accessories.

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Free services

Some of the services provided by this hotel are included in the price. Thus, the following services are provided absolutely free of charge to the guests:

  • daily cleaning of rooms, as well as regular replacement of bed linen and bath towels;
  • use of umbrellas and sunbeds installed near the pool;
  • facilities and equipment for a full and comfortable rest for the disabled; places for smoking;
  • Information assortment in the lobby regularly updates the assortment of fresh printed publications;
  • the service "alarm clock", according to which the staff will wake you up at the appointed time by a phone call or a knock at the door.

Paid services

The hotel provides a number of additional services, the use of which is paid. They include the following:

  • renting a parking space;
  • food delivery from the restaurant to the room (cost of the service is 5% of the order amount);
  • assistance in organizing and holding corporate events, celebrations and banquets;
  • washing and ironing of personal belongings;
  • booking and booking of tickets for commission (depending on the type of transport);
  • excursion tours around Nalchik and neighboring settlements;
  • use of wireless internet.

Hotel Infrastructure

A lot of infrastructure facilities havehotel "Old Yard". Nalchik seems to you even more hospitable, because in this hotel for a full rest you will be given such opportunities:

  • A cozy restaurant where you can get acquainted with the best traditions of local cuisine;
  • in the bar guests can enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • own parking, which is under 24-hour video surveillance;
  • laundry, where you can wash not only bed linen and towels, but also the personal effects of the guests;
  • a large banquet hall, which is decorated and equipped specially for holding ceremonial events.

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Entertainment and recreation

A lot of opportunities for entertainment and recreationprovides its guests with the hotel "Old Yard". Nalchik will please you with interesting excursions and developed infrastructure. And on site for the organization of your leisure the following is provided:

  • swimming in the outdoor pool will become even more fun and enjoyable thanks to the presence of a water slide;
  • A large terrace with sun beds and umbrellas, where you can relax and sunbathe;
  • in the sauna or the hammam you can relax from a busy day, improve well-being and mood;
  • You can demonstrate your singing skills in a karaoke bar;
  • a table for playing billiards;
  • Several times a week you can enjoy the performance of guest artists.

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Additional Information

Going to rest in a particular hotel, notit will be superfluous to get acquainted with some features and rules of residence in it. Concerning this institution, it is worth paying attention to the following information:

  • in this hotel eviction of guests is made until 11:30, and in the afternoon the registration of newly arrived guests begins;
  • children live in a room free of charge provided they are placed on existing bedding;
  • the cost of an extra bed is 700 rubles per day;
  • the hotel does not provide for the provision of baby cots and other accessories;
  • categorically forbidden to stay with pets;
  • payment for accommodation and related services is made exclusively in cash;
  • when you are evicted you can be provided with documents for tax reporting (this need to be reported in advance).

The Old Yard (Nalchik): reviews, positive comments

Many bright moments will be presented to you by the "Old Courtyard" in Nalchik. Having studied the comments of tourists, we can conclude that the following positive aspects of this institution:

  • beautiful cozy territory, closed to visitors; clean pool;
  • pleasant staff, the attitude and competence of which can be considered the best illustration of Caucasian hospitality;
  • pleasant decoration of the hall, restaurant and other premises, which corresponds to local traditions;
  • if you need to leave the hotel earlier, then, most likely, you will be able to negotiate with employees about cancellation of the reservation without imposing a fine;
  • pleases the presence of a refrigerator in the room (though it is too noisy to work);
  • location in ecologically clean area;
  • all the way from the city to the hotel there are signs that will help you find the way;
  • All your requests and comments will be met with a lightning response from the staff.

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The hotel complex "Old Yard" (Nalchik): negative reviews

Unfortunately, no one is immune from negative moments during the rest, but it is enough to study the reviews of tourists in order to be ready for them. So, it is worth paying attention to the following facts:

  • The hotel constantly hosts banquets and corporate events that create a lot of fuss and noise;
  • too close rooms, cluttered with unnecessary furniture;
  • in the bathroom because of poor ventilation there is an unpleasant smell, a lot of mold; old creaking furniture;
  • because of the absence of noise insulation, you will hear everything that happens on the street, in neighboring rooms and corridors;
  • poor-quality cleaning, which consists only in the careless wiping of dust;
  • in a room it is almost impossible to use wireless Internet (too weak signal);
  • the schedule of the restaurant is very strange (apparently, the restaurant opens and closes when it's convenient for the chef);
  • next to the hotel there are no public transport stops, and therefore quickly get anywhere you can only by taxi;
  • Near the hotel there is almost no civilization (no shops, no pharmacies, no cafe);
  • in the place where the hotel is located, there is practically no mobile communication;
  • inflated prices for accommodation and rest, given the condition of the hotel stock;
  • despite the fact that smoking is prohibited in the hotel, all corridors and rooms are soaked with the smell of tobacco smoke;
  • if you are late for a prepaid breakfast (even for a good reason), this service will not be provided to you;
  • prehistoric TVs with poor sound and image quality;
  • until late at night the hotel guests noisily have fun, and the staff does not make any comments on this matter;
  • half of the dishes declared on the menu are actually not available, and the prices for food are too high;
  • lack of air conditioning (because of this in the afternoon the room is stuffy).

Overall Impression

Unfortunately, the original concept,implying a quiet family vacation, is not respected. This hotel constantly hosts noisy events that can spoil the mood of those who came for the purpose of peaceful eco-tourism. Nevertheless, if you like walking in the woods, and in the evening you are not averse to having fun in the company of other guests, then the best option you just can not find!

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