Hotel "Alyosha Popovich", Yaroslavl: address, description of rooms, reviews

By the beginning of the last century, Yaroslavl was already consideredone of the largest cities in Central Russia. Here the industry is well developed, in particular chemical and textile. However, this did not in the least prevent him from becoming one of the most beautiful cities on the Volga.

Hotel Alyosha Popovich Yaroslavl


In literature, the city at one time was called "RussianFlorence "," Russian Switzerland ". Many Muscovites willingly bought here dachas and summer estates, located on the picturesque banks of the river. However, today not only residents of the capital come to Yaroslavl, the city has become one of the main pearls of the Russian Golden Ring, so many tourists go there every year.

Yaroslavl is also called "a museum foropen air ". And indeed, a lot of unique historical monuments of the past are concentrated here. Tourists in Yaroslavl every year more and more. Among them, mostly Russian, but for some time foreigners have also come. Because of the growing interest in this beautiful Volga city, there is a need to build new and comfortable hotels. Moreover, until some time the choice of a place where you can stay for a few days was not too great.

Hotels in Yaroslavl

But today everything has changed. Many new hotels in Yaroslavl offer a fairly good level of service: comfortable furniture, new electronics, delicious food. Some hotels have saunas, gyms, swimming pools. But their most important advantage is that in the majority there are quite democratic prices. So, in hotels "Volga", "Space", "Tourist", "Sail" you can rent a room from nine hundred to one and a half thousand rubles.

In more expensive and prestigious hotels the costliving for one night comes to two and a half thousand rubles and more. These are the hotels "Kotorosl", "Jubilee", "Bear corner", "Alyosha Popovich Dvor". Yaroslavl as a city within the Golden Ring today already has almost three and a half dozens of hotels. Among them, three- and four-star. These are such hotels as Park Inn By Radisson, "Saint George", "Ring Premier Hotel".

Alyosha Popovich Yard

They have in their housing stock numbersinternational level and many additional services, for example, safe and mini-bar, cable TV, direct telephone, etc. In the infrastructure of most large four-star hotels there is always a sports hall, bar, sauna or Russian bath, swimming pool, courts, parking - all , which is necessary for the special comfort of tourists.

In 2005, the city opened a three-starhotel "Yarburg". Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is the only hotel in the region on the water. There are single and double deluxe rooms and a penthouse. Hotels, similar in scale, are built, for example, in Sweden. Such three-star hotels of Yaroslavl as "Bear Corner", "Yaroslavsky Compound", "Alyosha Popovich Dvor", reviews of which also indicate a high level of service, offer accommodation for fairly democratic prices. The cost of rooms in them varies from a thousand to 1,500 rubles, depending on the category.

Hotel «Alyosha Popovich»

Yaroslavl - a city in which today is notit is difficult to find a good hotel. The choice of a good hotel depends on many factors, including the district or the proposed infrastructure. "Alyosha Popovich Dvor" was built in the historical center of the city. It is considered one of the best accommodation options in terms of price / quality ratio.

Suite Alyosha Popovich

This tourist complex is a project thatimplemented in the framework of the tourism development program. The idea of ​​its opening was born in 2012, when the 1150th anniversary of the city of Rostov the Great was celebrated in Yaroslavl region - the homeland of Alesha Popovich. The essence of the concept is that the guests, stopping in the complex, not only can have a good rest, but also to visit the world of Russian epics and fairy tales, ancient legends. There is even a version that the epic hero, after whom the hotel was named, was carrying out his military service precisely at the place where the hotel is now located.

"Alyosha Popovich Yard" was built in the immediateproximity to the Yaroslavl Kremlin. This stylized hotel, which is especially often chosen by foreigners, allows guests to immerse themselves in the world of Russian fairy tales and epic for a few days.

Its three-story building looks likeprince's mansions. Apparently, therefore, those foreigners who come to the city and wish to get acquainted with Russian culture closer, choose this mini-hotel. Every tourist will be able to feel himself a hero of the fairy tale, the choice of which will be the hotel "Alyosha Popovich".

Yaroslavl, being the capital of the tour "Golden Ring"annually takes several tens of thousands of tourists, including foreigners, who are primarily attracted by the originality and convenient location of this hotel. The hotel in the national style is located five minutes walk from the Kremlin. In five hundred meters there is a bus stop. The railway station is three kilometers away.

Hotel in the national style

Address, how to get there

From the bus station to the hotel you can get toroute taxi to the stop of the Transfiguration Monastery. Hotel address: Yaroslavl, st. 55. From the station to the hotel "Alyosha Popovich Dvor" you can take a trolleybus number 5 and 9 or bus number 33, reaching the Epiphany Square. From the last to the three-story building of the hotel is only five meters.

Near the hotel are many attractions,among which the Transfiguration Monastery (250 m), the Church of the Epiphany, the Assumption Cathedral, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Yaroslavl Museum-Reserve. The city center is only five minutes walk away. The airport is eighteen kilometers away.


This hotel, whose level is equal tothree-star, has a beauty salon, a luggage room, a laundry, a conference room. The infrastructure also includes a souvenir kiosk and ironing room, working around the clock, a museum-theater with a free one-time visit for hotel guests and a wellness complex. The registry works without a break. Check-in is possible at any time of the day. Here you can pay a transfer or order a taxi.

Among the services provided in the hotel are alsolate check-out, shops, suites for honeymooners, places for smoking, heating, presses on request, water coolers on each floor and shoe shine.

Alyosha Popovich Dvor Comments

Services for business people

A special place in the infrastructure isconference room, which is offered by the hotel "Alyosha Popovich". Yaroslavl is a city that is not only a well-known tourist destination, but also a business center. Various forums and congresses, symposiums and other events are often held here. For such business events, the hotel has a modern conference room with a maximum capacity of 100 participants. It is located on the attic third floor of the hotel. Like the hotel itself, the conference room is also distinguished by the originality of the design. On its walls with an imitation of a brickwork many city sights are represented.

The cost of renting a room includesair conditioning, use of a flipchart and screen, provision of office supplies. For a fee, you can rent audio equipment, including microphones or a mixing console, a multimedia projector and a widescreen TV.

In the conference room there are different options for arranging furniture, based on the format of a particular event. In it there is also an entrance from the street.

Residential fund

Hotel "Alyosha Popovich" (Yaroslavl) offersfor living one hundred and four rooms in eleven price categories. For your information, the hotel does not have an elevator, therefore on the second and third floor you need to climb stairs. In the residential fund there are cozy attic rooms, democratic standard rooms, "heroic" and "princely" apartments and many other accommodation options.

Standard "double" and "twin"

The rooms in this category are fromeighteen to twenty-five square meters. They have one double ("double") or two twin ("twin") beds, there is a large wardrobe with hangers. There is a separate working area, a small refrigerator, a TV, a small electronic safe, bedside tables, a desk with chairs, a telephone. Free Wi-Fi is available. The rooms of these categories have split systems. In the bathrooms there is a bath, towels, a hairdryer and a set of toiletries.

The cost of living starts from three thousandrubles. This amount includes breakfast as a buffet. The hotel "Alyosha Popovich" (Yaroslavl) offers accommodation and rooms located on the attic floor. Their cost starts from two thousand eight hundred rubles.

Apartments of the prince's mansion

"Princely" suite

The hotel, decorated in the style of Russian fairy tales,the same thematic are the names of the rooms. For example, the apartments "Knyazhy Horomy", consisting of two rooms, have a fairly large area. They are located in a separate "princely" wing. The walls are faced with an ecologically clean tree. The decoration of the room resembles the decoration of the Russian princely choirs. On the walls hang paintings with the image of Russian warriors, a large bear hide in the living room, between the rooms there are massive doors of pure oak. It provides a standard set of furniture, as well as a sofa with two armchairs, a coffee table, a TV, a safe and a minibar. In the room there are two bathrooms: combined with a jacuzzi and a toilet for guests. The minibar on the day of arrival is free of charge. In front of the room there is a furnished balcony with a beautiful view.

The most expensive apartments in the hotelthis suite is considered. "Alyosha Popovich", the prices in which for a hotel of this level are considered quite democratic, offers only one room for this type of accommodation. For living in the "Prince's mansion" guests will need to pay eight and a half thousand rubles for one person.

Each of the hotel rooms is decorated in its ownindividual style. For example, in the bridal suite blue soft colors predominate, contrasting perfectly with quality wooden furniture, curtains and a coverlet. In total, the tourist complex "Alyosha Popovich Dvor" offers its guests one hundred four "nominal" chambers. Some of them are named after thirty-three Pushkin warriors. There are also numbers of the Rostov squad, luxury suites Alesha Popovich and Yaroslav the Wise, Ilya Muromets and Alexander Nevsky.


Mostly in a restaurant, which is also decorated bymotifs of folk tales, breakfast is served according to the concept of a buffet. In the assortment traditionally Russian treats: porridge, a lot of pancakes with different fillings, pastries, syrniki, vegetable or meat slicks, sandwiches and drinks (mors, tea, juices, coffee). The rest of the time you can eat here on the preliminary menu.

Judging by the reviews, in this restaurant, whichcalled "Uncle Chernomor", delicious dishes from Russian cuisine are served. Those who have already been there, recommend paying special attention to vareniki and dumplings, although no less tasty and signature snacks, and fish. In addition to Russian, "Uncle Chernomor" also serves Japanese cuisine.

Tourist complex Alyosha Popovic Dvor

On the territory of the hotel there are two otherrestaurant. In the first, draft beer is delivered from the barrel. The restaurant is called "Brewery". It consists of bar and billiard zones, as well as several halls. This place will be especially liked by those who like beer: here you can taste both unfiltered and imported bottled and local alcoholic beverages, and as a snack croutons, rolls or sausages.

Another restaurant, called "Alyoshinflat cakes ", is great for celebrations, especially for children. The menu has a lot of sweets, varieties of pizza. Children will enjoy the animation and culinary masterpieces from the chef - pastries in the form of famous heroes of fairy tales.

In addition to restaurants, the "Alyosha Popovich" hotel also has a lobby bar. It is also designed in accordance with the general concept of the hotel. The Bogatyrsky bar is open 24 hours a day.

Additional Information

The hotel "Alyosha Popovich" is excellentimproving complex. It is based on several saunas and saunas, which, like hotel rooms, are also named after them. Guests can visit the sauna "Nikitich", baths "Popovich", "Muromets" or "Pair Brewers". On request, visitors are provided with various wellness and bathhouse services. Visiting a sauna or a sauna is included in the price of the hotel, but for the entrance to the SPA-salon you have to pay extra. A flexible system of discounts is available for hotel guests.

On the territory of the health complex there isalso a pool with a geyser, an ice font and a cryocamera "Molodilnye apploby". In the relaxation rooms are installed LCD TVs, there is a karaoke service. The hotel also has a bicycle rental service.

The highlight of the hotel is the museum-theater underthe name "Alyosha metochion". Here, the residents can not only get acquainted with Alesha Popovich himself and his girlfriend - the Russian beauty Lubava, played by professional actors, but also learn how to create real amulets and try magic treats from the Russian hero. Participation in the presentation, lasting about thirty minutes, is free for hotel guests.

For children

On the territory of the hotel "Alyosha Popovich" forThere are many amenities for the small guests: a children's playroom, a mini club, highchairs in restaurants. Children under the age of five are allowed to stay free of charge in the hotel with their parents, provided the beds are installed in the room. Children up to the age of twelve are provided with an extra bed for 600 rubles per night. Children older than a sleeping place in the form of a folding chair can get for 1000 rubles.

Hotel Policies

Check-in time at the hotel "Alyosha Popovich Dvor" -14:00, and the estimated hour is set at noon. When you leave the room in excess of the estimated hour, an additional fee is charged from the customer. From twelve to six pm - hourly, from eighteen hours to midnight - half the fee per day, and over this time - for the whole day. For stays of no more than twenty-four hours, the full price of the room is taken from the client, regardless of the time of arrival.


Most Russians whostay at the hotel "Alyosha Popovich", were satisfied with their stay. The hotel has one important advantage: it is located in the heart of Yaroslavl, so any local landmark is within walking distance from it. It is very convenient for those who come here to combine work with the examination of historical monuments.

Unique original style, beautiful designhotel room, regardless of category, quality services, staff responsiveness, satisfactory cleanliness, delicious breakfast - that's how most guests remember their stay at this hotel. Many good words are said about the staff.

Judging by the reviews, the wonderful work of maids,responsive registry employees who quickly solve all the problems that arise - this is another reason for wanting to return here more than once. The rooms are all amazingly beautiful and original. The plumbing works fine, the bed and towels are snow-white.

Immediately from the threshold is felt the spirit of the ancient Russianepic, and in expensive suites a person feels himself a representative of some princely family. "Here the Russian spirit ..." - wrote the poet, and this, judging by the reviews, feel and foreigners.

The hotel complex "Alyosha Popovich" includes several restaurants. As the guests say, they all cook very tasty.

Those who came to the hotel for someofficial event, separately mark its excellent location. After the conference, you can safely stroll through the historic center of Yaroslavl, as all the sights are within walking distance.

As for the shortcomings, which are repeated inreviews. First, many people note the lack of an elevator. "Alyosha Popovich" is a three-story building, and there is only one staircase in it, so sometimes it causes certain inconveniences. Breakfasts are pretty decent, although the assortment of the buffet is almost no dairy products. And one more drawback, which tourists often mention, is poor soundproofing of rooms.

In general, the hotel is fully consistent with the stated price policy. Especially the hotel is convenient for living with children, who will definitely like the museum-theater.

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