"Swallow" (Lazarevskoe - Krasnodar) - the best way to get to the resort

If you decide to spend your vacation in Sochi, thenThere is no way to get there more easily than the train "Swallow" (Lazarevskoe - Krasnodar). This vehicle is not only fast, but also very convenient. The cabin of the train is thought through to details. And the most convenient is that tickets for "Swallow" (Krasnodar - Lazarevskaya) can be purchased by any convenient means for you: at the train station, on the train, through the Internet.

Than you can reach Sochi

swallow lazarevskoe krasnodar

Many people nowadays have a desirespend a holiday on the shore of the unforgettable Black Sea, and most of these people are heading to the famous city of Sochi. Sochi is a big city with a lot of districts. Here in one of its districts is the Lazarevskoye that interests us. This place seems to have been created for recreation. Everything here is designed to ensure that tourists enjoy their stay here. But we will not tell you today about the advantages of this place. Our task is to acquaint you with how to get there.

You can get to this place both by air, soand by land. A car, a bus, a train, an airplane - the choice is yours. It's about preferences and financial opportunities. We offer you an inexpensive, but comfortable option. This option is the train Krasnodar - Lazarevskoye. "Swallow", and so it was called this miracle of transport, became a favorite of all local and visiting visitors. But let's talk about everything in order.

Advantages of "Swallows"

the train is the Krasnodar lazarevskoye swallow
"Swallow" (Lazarevskoye - Krasnodar) has many advantages:

  • High-speed movement. Nowadays people are not used to spending a lot of time waiting and want to get to the place quickly and comfortably. Designed by experts, the design of the train allows it to accelerate to a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. You understand that this will allow you to reach your destination in 4 hours.
  • The minimum risk. Designers have thought through all the nuances to ensure the safe transport of people. Analyzing the statistics of road accidents, we can say with confidence that this mode of transport is one of the safest.
  • Comfortable trip. Speed ​​is fine, but people need comfort. After all, four hours can also be spent in comfort. This is how you can describe the design of the train wagons. The presence of modern technologies in the form of screens, air conditioners, clean toilets, comfortable soft chairs - all this makes the trip comfortable and does not go to any comparison with the "comfort" of the old electric trains.
  • Business approach. Often such trains are moved by business people who, due to their work, often have to travel on business trips. The presence of seats near the seats for charging mobile phones and tablets makes the train even more comfortable, especially for a businessman.
  • Reliability and price. Here I want to note the schedule of electric trains (Lazarevskoye - Krasnodar). "Swallow" goes strictly on the specified time, which gives you the opportunity to accurately predict the duration of the trip and arrive on time to the destination. Very rarely there are times when the train is late. Low ticket prices only make this mode of travel even more attractive.

Train Route

"Swallow" (Lazarevskoye - Krasnodar) followsthrough two famous cities of Russia: Hot Key and Tuapse. This is a resort city, where many tourists come for recreation. Also you can, even living in Lazarevsky, use the services of the railway any day and go to both of these cities for an excursion. Here it is worth noting that Lazarevskoye is not the final point of the train. He travels to Adler, so if you want you can visit this amazing city, just by driving further along the route. Both the city of Sochi and the Olympic Park attract thousands of tourists every year.

Ticket locations

tickets for the swallows krasnodar lazarevskaya

"Swallow" (Lazarevskoye - Krasnodar) isa popular mode of transport, and if you wish to go in it sitting, we advise you to worry about buying tickets in advance. You can buy them through the website, or you can buy them at the train station. If you did not have time to buy a ticket in advance, you can buy it on the train after landing. Controllers regularly ply the wagons, checking the availability of tickets and offering to buy them.


timetable of electric trains lazarevskoe krasnodar swallow
Four trains run along the route. Two go in one direction, and two in the opposite direction.

  • The direction of the trains from Krasnodar: No. 803 is at 6:07, No. 801 - at 18:30. In Lazarevsky, these trains will be at 9:22 and at 22:02, respectively.
  • The direction of trains from Adler: No. 802 leaves at 6:10, No. 804 - at 17:12. At the same time from Lazarevsky these trains leave at 7:50 and 19:02 in accordance with the schedule.

It should be noted that such an accurate time of dispatchand the arrival of trains is not accidental. Trains are distinguished by high punctuality and precision. If you do not take into account the weather unfavorable conditions or unforeseen technical problems on the line, then nothing can delay this train on the way.

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