The capital of Siberia - what is it?

Siberia is a huge part of Russia, residentswhich is very proud of the title of a Siberian. Here are concentrated large natural reserves, which make this territory attractive not only for Russian, but also for foreign investors. It is quite natural that for a long time there has been a dispute about which city is the capital of Siberia? Several megalopolises are claimed for this loud title, each of which has its own merits: Tobolsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk ... In any of them you can hear the phrase: "The capital of Siberia welcomes you!" What are the arguments given by the residents of these cities , proving that it is necessary to give preference to their small homeland?

The capital of Siberia

Hero City Tyumen

More than 400 years (the year of foundation - 1586) is Tyumen- the center of the oil and gas industry in Siberia, a major supplier of money to the federal budget of the country. In the development of the city for many years there has been a positive trend. Here are the head offices of well-known companies: LUKOIL, TNK BP, Transneft. Relatively small in population, this city connects the main parts of Russia: the center, the Urals, Siberia. Tyumen is practically the oldest Siberian city. One of its main attractions was the old estate of the Kolokolnikovs - merchants-monopolists, who controlled the sale of tea at the Irbit Fair. In Tyumen there is still one of the oldest and richest local history museums with unique exhibits. No wonder Tyumen residents are sure: the capital of Siberia is their hometown.

Filled with glory Tobol'sk

In the years of active colonization of the Siberian lands,founded Tobolsk, it was in those years became the center (and remained them for about two centuries) of the Siberian land. Here lived many great people of the Russian Empire, and even the family of the last emperor lived here for nine months. The pride of Tobolsk is the white-stone Kremlin, once defending the fortress from enemies. Today, Tobolsk is also the largest center for tourism development in Siberia. And in 1994 the Holy Synod declared Tobolsk the third city in Russia in terms of the level of development of spiritual life.

the capital of Siberia

The gray-haired Omsk

One of the oldest and densely populated Siberiancities is Omsk. In the middle of the XIX century F. Dostoevsky was serving in exile in Omsk. For some time after the October events of 1917, the center of the self-proclaimed Siberian republic was located here first, and then the headquarters of Kolchak.

For several decades of the XX century, Omsk significantlygrew and transformed: there are a lot of green spaces and places for recreation. A special monument of nature is a willow in the center of the city, planted as far back as 1884. We know the Assumption Cathedral, almost destroyed in the Soviet years and only recently restored, beautiful picture gallery (mini Tretyakovka, as its inhabitants call it), many theaters (not casually Omsk - the silent third theater capital of Russia) allow to assign the city the title of "the cultural capital of Siberia ".

Irkutsk is the center of Eastern Siberia

Another wonderful ancient Siberian city- Irkutsk. The proximity to Lake Baikal made it very famous among tourists. Irkutsk is, as a matter of fact, a large museum, allowing to trace the history of Christianity in Russia. Magnificent monuments of Russian architecture (ancient monasteries, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Znamensky, Transfiguration, Spasskaya and Trinity churches, St. Joseph's Cathedral), the Local History Museum and the Museum of the History of the City, the children's puppet theater "Aistenok" leave no one indifferent. Irkutsk is the birthplace and life of famous Siberian writers, among them V. Rasputin. Hence the conviction of local residents that it is their city - the capital of Siberia. In any case, its eastern part.

the cultural capital of Siberia

The young heir - Novosibirsk

Finally, another contender for the title of capitalif not all of Siberia, then Western is exactly - relatively young (it is just over 100 years old) but rapidly developing Novosibirsk. In the 25-30s of the last century it was the administrative center of the region, and from the 30th year it became the center of Western Siberia. At the same time, the economic growth of the young city is necessary. Today Novosibirsk is the most important regional center of our country.

At a fairly high level in Novosibirskorganized a cultural life. In addition to a large number of libraries, cinemas, art galleries and other objects, there are 8 theaters, Botanical Garden, Glinka. More than 300 architectural, historical, archaeological monuments have been recognized and taken under protection. But the main thing that distinguishes this city is the natural panorama "The virgin steppe" by V. Grebennikov, similar to which there is not in one corner of the world.

what is the capital of siberia

And yet, where is it located?

Of course, to talk about who should be given inIn this case, preference can be long. But, probably, the main thing is not what the capital of Siberia. It is more important what role each of these cities played in the formation and development of this region.

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