Hotel Sevastopol, market. How to get there, address, reviews

Surely everyone has moments in his life whenit is necessary somewhere to spend the night, but the money is disastrously short. It is for such cases and there is in Moscow hotel "Sevastopol" (the market, as they call it the townspeople). In fact, this is a huge hotel, which exists here since the Soviet era and consists of four buildings. Two of them are almost completely given to the market, that is, all 16 floors are occupied by trade boutiques and chambers. But the other two separate buildings, only partially occupied boutiques, the rest of the opportunity to remove a decent room at a price of 2000 rubles. per day.

hotel sevastopol market

A bit of history

In fact, this is a huge building - a gifta bygone era. It was built in the run-up to the 1980 Olympics, as the influx of tourists was expected in the city. However, the Soviet era has sunk into oblivion, and the huge gray hotel has ceased to justify its content. In Moscow, all new, fashionable and comfortable hotels were opened, so very soon she found another use, which made the hotel "Sevastopol" again a noisy and visited hotel. The market, which opened in it, became known throughout the city, as everything you can buy here.

hotel sevastopol market address

How to get there

In the south of Moscow is located this huge hotel underthe name of the hotel is "Sevastopol". The market located within its walls is also convenient for visitors because it is very easy to get to it. Within walking distance of the metro station "Kakhovskaya" and "Sevastopolskaya", and it is very easy to get to them from the center of the capital in about 30 minutes. If you flew to Moscow for a short time, you can visit this wonderful market and buy souvenirs. Airports Vnukovo and Domodedovo are 30 minutes from the hotel complex, so it is quite possible to have time to go shopping instead of waiting at the airport.

hotel sevastopol indian market

The exact address

If you are in an unfamiliar city, muchit is easier to take a taxi. And it does not matter how you name the destination, the Sevastopol hotel, the market, you will be correctly understood. However, if you decide to travel around the city on your own, you will definitely need a navigator or at least a map. Modern technologies allow you not to be lost even in an unfamiliar metropolis. In this case, you need to know as precisely as possible where the Sevastopol hotel is located (the market). Address: Bolshaya Yushunskaya, house 1a, - but one of the four buildings you need - depends on what you want to find. You can really get lost here, so first answer the question, is your goal a vacation in a hotel room or shopping?

Cozy hotel

So, if you decide to stay overnight orjust for several hours, then choose one of two separate buildings - "Classic" and "Modern". At the same time, they can accommodate up to 500 visitors, so you can say that there are always available rooms.

If you like the bright design and colorfulinteriors, then we suggest you visit the building "Modern". In 2014, it was completely reconstructed, and now it offers its guests stylish and modern rooms that everyone will like. All rooms are equipped with TV, telephone, refrigerator and kettle. Each room has a private bathroom with a bath and shower. Upon check-in each guest is provided with a bottle of water.

In April 2015, a new restaurant was opened here, inwhich is a breakfast buffet. You can also order lunch and dinner. The cost of comfortable rooms with breakfast included starts from 4500 rubles.

However, more often Muscovites and visitors come here, just to make shopping. So let's devote some time to describing the market.

hotel sevastopol market reviews

Shopping pavilions

Having come here for the first time, it is necessaryadhere to a clear plan, otherwise it's very easy to get lost in countless boutiques. Not without reason experienced residents of the capital give their advice to newcomers who do not yet know what the hotel "Sevastopol" (the market) is. How to get there, we already told, now a little about the order of passing trade floors. It is best to immediately climb to the top, and then gradually go down. This is really a very unusual place where you can buy a huge amount of useful things in everyday life for modest for Moscow money. Shopping rows occupy all the floors, on each of them you will find a huge number of small pavilions that sell various useful trifles.

Assortment and prices

First of all, there are a lot ofgift souvenirs. Because of the abundance of brilliant, bright goods, it simply dazzles in the eyes. No wonder many people know this place is not at all what it is officially called - the Sevastopol hotel. The Indian market is his second name. Here you can buy jewelry and accessories for their creation, hookahs and tobacco of various brands. In addition, the residents of the capital come here for school supplies, umbrellas and watches, clothing and cosmetics. In other boutiques a huge selection of perfumes and cosmetics, fancy dresses, a variety of souvenirs and wood products.

Prices are very encouraging. In most cases, they are the lowest in Moscow, and even you can bargain. By the way, many of the local sellers are Hindus, which once again emphasizes the popular name of the market.

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Features of the market

First of all, this is its size. In addition, keep in mind that Hindus are trading quite strangely, prices in neighboring boutiques can be very different, so bargaining is imperative. If you are good at this, you can bring down the price of interest by thirty. Today the Sevastopol hotel is very popular.

The market, reviews of which are generally positive,offers you a wide range of very different products, and at the same moderate prices. And today, around the board hung beautiful shields, which indicate where the goods can be found. Particularly in demand are a variety of jewelry and exotic outfits. And if you want to try something new, then you will find a boutique with a huge selection of spices, exotic food and various interesting souvenirs. Judging by the reviews, this place is really interested, if you have a craving for interesting trivia, a lot of free time, and want to save the family budget.

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