There are several reasons to visit Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. How to get from one city to another?

Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk are two amazing cities,located on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can talk about their sights endlessly. But still it is worth at least once in your life to come and see these great places.

Several reasons to visit Irkutsk

What do we know about Irkutsk? This is the city that is located on the bank of the most legendary river Angara. Naturally, in this Siberian region the most beautiful natural springs, recreation centers and embankment. However, there are several more reasons to visit this wonderful place:

Irkutsk Krasnoyarsk

  • Go to the "130 quarter." This is the most popular attraction, which is located right in the center of the city. In this historic place there are several wooden buildings that have been preserved since the beginning of the 18th century.
  • You should take a ride on the railway, passing in the middle of the mountains and the river. The view from the window will be incredibly mesmerizing.
  • The whole family needs to go to nonspinaria. Several times a month, the organizers of the entertainment complex create a show. It is worth to visit both adults and children.
  • In Irkutsk there are several temples with a unique design.
  • Those who want to learn more about the history of this region, it is worth to visit the Museum of the Decembrists.

Not necessarily, having arrived in the Siberianlocality, organize yourself a cultural and entertainment program. It's enough just to walk along the main streets and squares of this city. Every building here deserves special attention.

Several reasons to visit Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is the sunniest and most beautiful region inRussia. Tourists from all countries come here to taste juicy fruits, bask in the sun and enjoy the picturesque nature. In addition, there are several other places in which it is worth to look at the traveler:

train irkutsk krasnoyarsk

  • Until now, the House of Cinema, which was erected as early as 1910, has been preserved here. People can see how this artistic genre looked more than a thousand years ago.
  • Through the river Yenisei Vinogradovsky Bridge is built, which has a unique design. It is a landmark of architecture in this city.
  • An incredibly beautiful view, especially at night, has a Theater Square.
  • It is worth to approach local churches, cathedrals and churches, which have an old design.
  • It's mandatory to go to a cafe to enjoy mixed Russian cuisine.

To a greater extent this city will appeal to tourists with children, for them a huge number of entertainment facilities have been opened, allowing you to brighten up leisure.

Kirkutsk distance

Two unique cities - Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. What do they have in common? These are historical sights, the location on the river bank, and the most beautiful natural springs. In this case, each of them has its own peculiarities. It is recommended to study all the interesting places of each of them. Fortunately, there are several types of vehicles that allow you to move from one area to another.


Every experienced driver will most likely want toto overcome the distance from Irkutsk to Krasnoyarsk by car. And he could get such an opportunity. The total distance is 1062 km. That is, you should be prepared for the fact that you have to spend about 13 hours to move to one side.

distance by car

Unfortunately, between these two points there is nolarge cities, that is, to plan a place for sleeping or resting will be quite difficult. Petrol stations and other necessary facilities for motorists are extremely rare. The route between these two settlements is hardly satisfactory. Often there are pits, bumps and other irregularities. Thus, it is very convenient, but not the safest and easiest option, it is recommended to give preference to public transport.


Overcome significantly the distance from Irkutsk toKrasnoyarsk is extremely difficult. There is no direct flight in this direction. You can try to find several alternative routes with transplants, but such a tedious path is unlikely to be made by someone.

A train

distance by car

The most comfortable option to move from Irkutsk toKrasnoyarsk is a train. Composition from the passenger station departs daily twice a day. The total travel time on such a vehicle will be about 20 hours. It is preferable to go on an evening flight, since during the sleep period the time will fly by unnoticed. Approximate cost of one ticket will be from 2000 to 4500 rubles. To buy them is recommended in the ticket office of the station.


The fastest way to get from Irkutsk toKrasnoyarsk is a plane. The total travel time is 1 hour and 10 minutes. The direct flight is carried out by the company "IrAero" with a frequency of once every two days. Departure is approximately at 7:40, however this time can sometimes vary. Approximate cost of one ticket is 6500 rubles.

Going to cover the distance from Irkutsk to Krasnoyarsk on any vehicle, it is worth remembering the time difference, which is exactly one hour.

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