Rest on Lake Teletskoye: by savages and at the base

Mountain Altai is called the pearl of Siberia, the countryblue lakes. There are several thousand of them. Along with the rugged mountain rivers, delightful waterfalls, meadows of the edelweiss, crystal clear lakes give unique picturesqueness to the natural landscapes of Altai. The harsh beauty of the region and untouched nature attract tourists here. One of the priority areas for them is considered to be in that region rest on the lake. Teletskoye - the name of the famous pond.

The symbol of Altai

Rest on Lake Teletskoye

This is one of the rare places on Earth, where the gazeopens an uncharted edge of wildlife and unique natural resources, located just a few steps from the busy Chui tract. Here, tourists discover for themselves a huge number of rare species of flora and fauna, interesting traces of the ancient civilization in the form of ancient stele, barrows, petroglyphs and other monuments of history and archeology, harmoniously intertwined in the natural landscape. The panorama of the largest lake in the region is also impressive. Lake Teletskoye, stretched among the high mountains and surrounded from all sides by the taiga, is traditionally called the symbol of Altai. It is a part of the Altai State Reserve and is included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List. By the way, according to the volume of extraordinarily pure fresh water the lake occupies the second place after Lake Baikal. Often, Teletskoye is called a small Baikal by its developmental peculiarities.

Variety of routes

Recreation bases on Teletskoye Lake

Mountain Altai provides an opportunity to hold its ownvacation is varied, interesting and fun. It's just a paradise for fans of active tourism. Self-sufficient and organized by the tourist companies campaigns of various duration and absolutely different degree of complexity are enough popular. In the vicinity of Lake Teletskoy there are bicycle, car and air excursions. Popular sightseeing tours on quad bikes are popular. On the territory of the Altai Nature Reserve, interesting ecological routes have been developed, the program of which covers such natural objects as the Baskon, Chedor, Korbu, Kishte, Ayu-Kecpes, Kurkure, Uchar, Belinsky Terrace, Chichelgan Zigzag and others waterfalls.

Where to stay

Rapid development of tourism in the vicinity of the lakeis provided not only by the beauty of a unique nature, but also by the convenience of local infrastructure. Rest on the lake (Teletskoye - the name of it for all local and experienced tourists on hearing) offers camp sites, cozy camping sites and private guest houses, called manors. Their main mass is concentrated on the northern part of the coast. The price policy largely depends on the remoteness of the estates from the lake and on the level of the proposed comfort. Recreation bases on Teletskoye Lake are mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Artybash, Aya, Yogach, Turochak villages. The most expensive guest houses and cottages are located directly on the coast. You can also stop in the private sector, it is often one of the most economical options.

No less popular type of recreation is the rest on the Teletskoye lake by savages. This is the most difficult option in terms of amenities and recreation, but, undeniably, unrivaled in terms of getting impressions and emotions.

Rest on Teletskom Lake Eden

Among the tourist complexes offering recreation on the Teletskoye Lake, "Eden" deserves special attention. Located near the village of Artibash, the complexoffers vacationers four well-equipped buildings, operating all year round, and cozy two-story summer houses. "Eden" is famous for traditional Russian food in the best home traditions. On the territory of the complex there are comfortable resting places with barbecue and fireplaces, swimming pools, a self-propelled floating bath-barrel, Russian baths, playgrounds, rental outlets for sports equipment.

In "Eden" a lot of interestingspecially developed excursions and routes of various duration and complexity in unique places of Gorny Altai, cruises along the water area of ​​Teletskoye Lake, fishing with rafting along hard-to-reach mountain rivers. The contact zoo is particularly distinguished, where it is possible to feed animals, to ride horses and ponies.

Water, horse and pedestrian excursions to thequadrocycles and snowmobiles across the taiga offer almost all recreation facilities on the Teletskoye Lake. Holidaymakers in the course of travel are waiting for breathtaking panoramas of mountain ranges, the extraordinary beauty of mountain rivers, waterfalls, gorges, familiarity with the life of local taiga residents.

Adventure holidays

Especially popular was the rest on the lake(Teletskoye is generous to a wide variety of its types) thanks to programs specially designed for those who like fishing and outdoor activities. They include excursions to the famous monuments of history and nature, morning and evening fishing at the mouths of rivers flowing into the lake, overnight in tents or in boat cabins, car excursions along the Pritetsk taiga, hunting hunts.

The main feature of this adventure holiday is a unique opportunity without much fuss not only to see, but also to experience the beauty of the unique lake.

Unforgettable romance

Rest on the Teletskoye lake by savages

No less attractive and relaxing on the Teletskoye Lakesavages. Here you can especially feel the trip with tents, unforgettable romance of night fires, appreciate the whole charm of spending the night under the starry sky, the beauty of sunsets and dawns. The main thing is to take care of yourself on your own journey, to take care of safety: to warn about planned movements of self-government bodies or local service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and not forget about means of communication, water and food reserves.

In the area of ​​Teletskoye Lake there are places for solitaryrecreation savage abound. A good choice are the neighborhoods of the village of Yailu, Chulyshmanska Valley, where camping sites are also located. For lovers of fishing a good place is the Ulagan Pass. Any of the chosen options will allow you to spend a few days among the delicious beauty, combining rest at the lake with hikes to the mountains, and take with you a lot of bright emotions and new colors that give rest on the Teletskoye lake. Photo uploads on forums and websites tourist companies, brightly demonstrate unforgettable moments of amazing adventures in the Altai Mountains.

Rest on Teletskoye lake photo

Cape Kyrsyi

Especially worth highlighting the rest of the south of the Teletskoye Lake. This is one of the original places in the Altai, giving a sense of unprecedented space. The waters of the main northern part of the lake are separated from the floods of the Chulyshman River by the sandy oblique Cape Kirsai. The influx of warm waters of Chulyshman gives the southern shore a special advantage - in the summer time the water temperature warms up to 20 degrees (for comparison, on the northern coast it does not exceed 10 degrees). This place on the lake is considered the warmest. Its southern part is rarely ice-bound even in winter.

Extreme diving

Diving is much more familiar withimmersion in the abyss of the kingdom of Neptune somewhere in the hot tropical countries. However, this interesting type of recreation is very common and on high mountain lakes. Here it allows you to feel a completely different atmosphere and plunge into the abode of mysterious darkness, creating a sense of mysticism and mystery. Dive tourism attracts many, but even professionals consider Teletskoye a special lake, claiming that it is not open to everyone. Diving here is more complicated and dangerous, which is due to the water temperature in the high mountain lake, the features of the relief. Therefore, it is better to arrange such trips through diving centers, for example, in Barnaul or Novosibirsk.

Rest in the south of Teletskoye Lake

In Altai, the most popular object for thisan extreme type of recreation and spearfishing is the southern shore of the Teletskoye Lake. Professionals also appreciate ice diving. Immersion under the winter ice chains allows you to feel the contrast of a charming extravaganza of light and clear ice with ink darkness, as if clamped in a ring of inaccessible rocks and mysterious caves.

Bright moments

An unforgettable impression leaves a reston the lake. Teletskoy itself and adventure cognitive tours around its surroundings will be a real discovery in the world of natural wonders and archaeological mysteries. A rich program of active rest leaves incredible emotions, allows you to alternate a quiet holiday on the lake with climbing mountains, with hikes to waterfalls of extraordinary beauty, with rafting along the mountain rivers.

Altai can be explored indefinitely, leaving, almost everyone understands that he would like to return here again and again. And memories of rest on the lakes of the edge remain forever in memory in a bright moment.

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