Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: description, photos and reviews of tourists

Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) - are sheer cliffs overwater, by the ocean. They are so picturesque that almost a million tourists come to the country to admire the landscape that opens from them. In 2006, they were recognized as one of the most popular sights of Ireland. This is the most famous natural landscape of the Green Island. We can say that along with the "Guinness" beer, these cliffs are one of the recognized brands with which Ireland is associated. Let's make a virtual trip with you and get acquainted with this miracle of nature.

Cliffs of mohair ireland


Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) are in Clare County. This is the west coast of the country. Traditionally, this area is called Burren, and administratively - Liscannor. It is known for the fact that here archaeologists have found many ancient burials. Not far from the rocks there are many medieval castles or their ruins. There are interesting caves for cave explorers. In the immediate vicinity of the cliffs in 2007 an original and ecological clean tourist center was built. Outwardly it looks like a round hill, covered with green grass. Somehow it resembles hobbit houses from the epic of Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings". It was not for nothing that the international jury awarded him a special award as "unprecedented earlier."

Cliffs of Moher (Ireland): how to reach

To get here, you need to go from Dublinon North. Have to cross almost the whole country. And it should be said that this is a considerable segment of the road. For example, if you are on your own or a rented car, and we will be counted from the Dublin airport, the road takes you five hours in both directions. Therefore, you need to move along the highways - M6 and M4. These roads have toll plots, so get ready, in addition to spending on gasoline, and spend an extra 15 euros. If you do not have your own transport, then there are two options for you. The first is to go by express train to Galway and sit there on the tourist bus, which will take you directly to the cliffs of Moher (Ireland). Photos and an interesting story will be provided to you. The second is to take the tourist bus in Dublin and do the same. In both cases, the price will be approximately the same - about 45 euros.

Cliffs of moher Ireland how to reach

Geological structure and history

Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) are a cliff. This is a cliff that formed under the influence of the surf. The rocks consist mainly of black shale and sandstone. Here you can see sections of different breeds. They were formed three hundred million years ago. Geologists call this time the period of the Upper Carboniferous. By the way, slate slabs from these cliffs were used by local residents for the construction of hedges around the fields. They still can be seen prints of fossil creatures. And the current view of the rock took about six thousand years before our era and is said to remember even the first settlers from the continent. Once there was an Irish fort called "Moher". They got a name and rocks from him. But during the wars with Napoleon, the British destroyed this fortress and built in its place a signal tower. And another legend connects the cliffs with the suicide of the Druids, who allegedly did not want to recognize the victories of Christianity in Ireland, rushed down from the highest cliff.

Cliffs of mohair ireland description


The cliffs of Moher (Ireland) arestretched along the coast for eight kilometers in a row of rectangular rocks. The spread of the heights on the cliffs is from 120 m on the stone island of Heads Hag (Head of the Witch) to 214 m (point eight kilometers from the O'Brien tower) .The latter is a viewing platform built in the 19th century. like the cliffs of Moher, Ireland.The description of such travels can be found in eighteenth-century memoirs, for example, in the notes of John Loyd.Sir Cornelius O'Brien (a local nobleman and, incidentally, a descendant of one of the Irish kings) built this tower in 1835 for that l chshe contemplate the landscape. And they say that he wanted to impress female visitors. In good weather, the hills and valleys of Connemara, the Aran Islands and Galway Bay are visible from here. In order to get up here, you need to pay a few euros.

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Who dwells here

The cliffs of Moher (Ireland) representthe main dwelling for birds. Here they are settled by twenty species. A total of ornithologists counted that on the rocks lives about thirty thousand individuals. On the cliffs lives one of the largest populations of such rare birds as the Atlantic dead ends. But petrels, loons, seagulls, cormorants, too, feel great here. In 1989, the rocks were declared a nature conservation area. If you want to watch birds, come here from April to July. This is the period of nesting. On the tracks along the cliffs there are special telescopes that allow all to consider in detail. Of plants, those that can cling to cracks in rocks - wild grasses and flowers, mosses, liverworters are common.

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Cliffs of Moher in culture

Irish legends did not ignore this cliff. The oldest story, telling about the hero Cuhulina, says that he was in love with a local witch named Mal. The Irish bogatyr wanted to run away from her and jumped from one stone to another. But the witch was not so deft, could not resist, fell down and died. These rocks with their charming appearance and some magical aura attracted poets, writers, artists, and nowadays also filmmakers. For example, here filmed shots of the films "Princess Bride", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", "Leap Year", as well as clips of the group "Yu Tu". But there is a dark tint in these rocks. Here, as they say, people come who want to settle scores with life. But on the other hand, journalists claim that many of the victims of the rocks actually die by imprudence, coming here in foggy and rainy weather. Quite a few among them are extremists who ride along the edge of the cliff on bicycles. Not without reason in the "Harry Potter" rocks are shown as the place where Voldemort hid part of his soul.

Cliffs of Mohair Ireland reviews

Cliffs of Moher (Ireland): traveler reviews

Most tourists coming to Dublin, notwish to limit themselves to the sightseeing of the capital. Irish nature and history prepare for them a truly breathtaking spectacle. But all this can be seen only in the province. And if you have decided to travel to Ireland, then these rocks are included in the list of compulsory visits. Especially like here romantic people and fans of unusual landscapes and stunning photos. Together with the rocks tourists recommend to call at Dangweir Castle, on the shore of the bay. There often take place costumed balls a la the Middle Ages. Travelers also noted the tourist center, which overlooks the cliffs of Moher (Ireland). Information about these rocks can be obtained here in full and in an accessible form. In addition, there is a cafe with panoramic windows and a souvenir shop inside the center.

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