On vacation to the Sea of ​​Azov. Peresyp: attractions and beaches

Peresyp, located on the shoreAzov Sea, by right is considered one of the cleanest and most beautiful places to relax. Every year people from all over the country come here who are attracted by the hospitality of local residents, sunny weather, an abundance of greenery and an unusually warm sea.

Many people want to recover on vacation to the Sea of ​​Azov. Peresyp is a well-equipped village with its own history and good beaches. Therefore, it makes sense to stop your choice on it.

the Sea of ​​Azov

History of occurrence

This small settlement was founded by Cossacks in 1725year. Then the Akhtanizovsky estuary had no access to the sea. Agricultural lands needed irrigation, so the local Cossacks dug the canal, which began to connect the river Kuban, Akhtanizovsky estuary and the Sea of ​​Azov. The canal was narrow enough, so it had to be cleaned regularly from the sand that the wind was blowing. So the name of the village appeared, reminiscent of its modern inhabitants, how the channel connecting the local lake and the Azov Sea was formed. Peresyp today is considered a great place for a quiet family holiday away from the bustling city bustle.

This settlement became known to tourists in the Sovietthe times when the state decided to open boarding houses and sanatoriums here. However, despite the flow of holidaymakers, the leisurely rhythm of the life of Peresyp has not changed, and remains so until now. It is this quiet and dimension that the holiday makers appreciate.

Town today

Despite the fact that Peresyp is not among thethe most developed places for recreation, tourists who come here always have something to do. Of course, the main attraction of the village is its nature: clean air, therapeutic quartz sand and clear Azov Sea.

Peresyp also has its unique sights and interesting places.

  • Mud volcano Tizdar, which is also called the Blue Girder, attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Its crater is 25 meters in diameter.
  • Akhtanizovsky estuary, which is aa whole system of lakes, is an ideal place for fishing. To fish here come from all over the country, rightfully considering this place the best for this occupation.
  • An ostrich farm, located near Tizdar, also deserves a visit. This place will appeal to children of any age. Adults will also be interested in looking at these birds.
  • The lotus valley is one of the most beautiful places, thousands of people come to admire it during the flowering period.

the Sea of ​​Azov peresyp recreation centers

Rest for active people

In addition to such sights, Peresyp (Azov Sea) offers its guests a lot of different cafes, bars and discos, where you can entertain until dawn. Special attention should be paid to the local market, where you can buy the freshest products at surprisingly low prices. Among other things, you can try many varieties of house wine here.

As for beach entertainment, forvacationers are provided for renting catamarans, water motorcycles, where you can make a small boat trip. You can also ride a banana on the water and parachute through the air. Such entertainment offers the Sea of ​​Azov (Peresyp). Recreation bases are also available, prices depend on the number of rooms and the infrastructure of the facility.

Beaches of the village of Peresyp

The beach line stretches along the entire length of the village. The seashore here consists of sand, which is also an advantage for many. The terrain, like the seabed, is flat, so you can not be afraid for children frolicking in the water. There are no stones and algae accumulation, which makes bathing especially pleasant. That's why many people prefer to go to the Sea of ​​Azov. Peresyp is a great place for holidays with children.

n the repose of the Sea of ​​Azov

In the western part, near the volcanic mud,located healing beach "Health Islet", which is perfect for those wishing to combine sea bathing with medical procedures. Thus, a beach holiday in the village can be quite diverse and rich.

How to get to the village of Peresyp

The ways that you can get to the village are traditional. It:

  • car;
  • a train;
  • aircraft.

The last two cases will have to pass throughthe rest of the way by taxi. After that, you will have a long-awaited vacation on the Azov Sea. Peresyp does not belong to the category of the most visited resort places, but the village has its loyal fans, who annually choose it for their holidays.

rest on the Sea of ​​Azov peresyp

It should be noted that the rest here will suitpractically to all. The local relief is good for those who are old, who can not be afraid of steep descents and swings and calmly enjoy healing air and swimming in the clearest water. A vacation here is also suitable for a honeymoon trip, where the solitude of the Peresyp will allow young people to enjoy each other's company.

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