Interesting idea for vacation: by car from Voronezh to St. Petersburg

Traveling by car Voronezh - St. Petersburg will make even a short vacation unforgettable.

Voronezh-St. Petersburg by car

Automobile travel is popular due to a number of objective reasons:

  • economy - under condition of full loading of the car, the fuel costs are much lower than the purchase of air or railway tickets;
  • independence when choosing attractions of interest;
  • variability - the route is easy to change or adjust;
  • fascination, because on the way you can find many interesting things.

Select a route

An experienced traveler before embarking on a journey will study the route and select the optimal one. Voronezh and St. Petersburg share about 1200 km.

Route options:

  1. Route M-4 to Moscow, then MKAD bypassthe capital, through Zelenograd to go to M-11 or M-10. It should be taken into account that many sections of the M-4 and M-11 are paid. This route has a length of about 1200 km.
  2. Route M-4 to Yelets, where to take the P-119, after traveling around the city, and then return to M-4. For the city of Bogoroditsk go on 70K-229 and go to Tula, from where M-2 to get to Moscow. Taking advantage of the Moscow Ring Road, take the M-10 to St. Petersburg. The route is 1470 km.
  3. On M-4 to Moscow, then, before reaching Domodedovo, go to the roundabout A-107 and go to the intersection with the M-10. Then on M-10 to St. Petersburg. The route is 1540 km.

The journey takes from 16 to 18 hours depending on the speed and route.

Voronezh-St. Petersburg Route

The Voronezh-St. Petersburg route passes through thecrowded settlements. It is necessary to carefully observe the high-speed mode, since many cameras of automatic video fixing are installed on the M-4 and M-10 routes.

Calculate the cost of the trip

A bus ticket for 1 person on the route Voronezh - St. Petersburg costs from 2 thousand rubles. Having set out on your own or rental car, it will be necessary to pay:

  1. Fuel. With an average fuel consumption of 8 l / 100 km, approximately 100 liters will be required for the whole journey. The cost of gasoline is about 4 thousand rubles. If the engine is more economical, then gasoline will be consumed much less.
  2. The fare for the paid sections of the M-4 route. The fare depends on the time, traveling from midnight to 7 am is much more profitable. On average, the journey will cost from 07:00 to 00:00 at 840 rubles, from 00:00 to 07:00 around 500 rubles. Payment with T-pass allows you to save 2 times. On the M-10 highway there is a paid site near Vyshny Volochka, the payment is 200 r. Of course, you can go around paid sites, but this will make the road much longer, and fuel will be spent more.
  3. Power on the road. At lunch in roadside cafes you can save by taking a thermos with a tea or coffee and snacks from home.

Conclusion: if a family of 4 people travels, then it is much more advantageous to overcome the Voronezh-St. Petersburg distance by car than to buy the whole family tickets for a bus, plane or train.

Distribute forces

Despite the fact that, in general, the quality of asphaltthe cover connecting Voronezh and St. Petersburg is not bad, the road requires attention and does not forgive mistakes and relaxation. Trails M-10, M-11 and M-4 are distinguished by high traffic of trucks, the road passes through settlements, bridges, traffic lights, and traffic jams.

If the driver is only one driver,most likely, it will be difficult for him to spend 15 hours driving the car. We'll have to make a stop by choosing a roadside motel, hostel, hotel or recreation center, there are a lot of them both along the route and in the cities through which the route is laid.

Comfortable and comfortable hotels give an opportunity to rest and gain strength.

Voronezh-Saint Petersburg

The choice of hotels is varied according to the conditionsaccommodation and price. The average cost of a room in roadside motels and mini-hotels is from 1500 rubles, a place in the hostel's common room (male or female) from 500 rubles.

What to see by the road

Going along the Voronezh-St Petersburg route, at the same time you can see a lot of interesting things, what guides at the best will show from the bus window. What can you see on your own:

  • in Tula - gingerbread and samovar museums, the Tula Kremlin in good condition, a museum of weapons, also in 14 km from the city there is a museum dedicated to Leo Tolstoy - his estate Yasnaya Polyana;
  • in Tarusa - the museums of K. Paustovsky and M. Tsvetaeva;
  • in Torzhok - Borisoglebsky Monastery and the Museum of Wooden Architecture;
  • in Valdai - Museum of Bells.

The M-10 route approaches St. Petersburg from the world-famous city-museums of Pavlovsk and Pushkino.

Voronezh-St. Petersburg Distance

How to make the road comfortable

The road Voronezh - St. Petersburg is goodis adapted for caravans. A lot of shops and gas stations allow you to purchase everything you need on the road. But it is worth using several tips to make the trip simple and convenient:

  • the route must be built in such a way as to travel around the capital of Russia at night, avoiding traffic jams;
  • in the car is useful antiradar and the recorder;
  • It is worthwhile to take in the road an additional charger;
  • Well, if the gadget has a navigation program, it will help you to travel faster in an unfamiliar area and not be distracted by the search for a route.

Good music and a pleasant company will make the road easy, and at the end of the way, the leader of world tourism - the brilliant St. Petersburg - is waiting for the holidaymakers.

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