Belport Beach Hotel 4 *: reviews, description of rooms, entertainment, service

Despite everything, Turkey remains the most belovedoverseas resort, which is chosen by Russian tourists. This phenomenon is difficult to explain, because the cost of vouchers to Spain, Greece or Cyprus is comparable to that in Kemer, Antalya or Side. In the reviews, our travelers say that Turkey has become "dear" and "sweet" to them.

Kemer attracts travelers with its cleanpebble beaches with a more transparent Mediterranean Sea, pines and mountains, as well as comfortable hotels. If you believe the reviews, Belport Beach Hotel 4 *, is considered very popular not only among Russian, but also among German tourists.

Features of the resort area

Conventionally, Kemer can be divided into two parts. The first is designed for a quiet and peaceful family vacation, the second is built up with entertainment clubs, disco bars and is popular with young people and fans of beach parties.

The main criterion, according to whichtravelers choose Kemer among other resorts of Turkey, is the proximity to the international airport, the large pebble beach, the clear and transparent Mediterranean Sea even on the shore (the water does not get clouded by swimming like on sandy beaches), the mountainous terrain with numerous pine trees that grow here practically on the rocks. "Stone Belt" extends all over the Antalya coast.

In addition to the main city (Kemer) in this resortthe zone includes settlements. The plane usually arrives at the airport of Antalya. The first town, entering the resort area of ​​Kemer along the route of the transfer, is Beldibi, then tourists are waiting for a stop in Goynuk and in Kemer itself. Next is a small village of Kirish, followed by Camyuva and the last - Tekirova. All settlements differ from each other in price categories, infrastructure, each has its own unique zest.

District Beldibi: description, location, hotel base

Distance to the international airport isonly 15 km. This criterion is a priority for tourists who do not want to bother themselves with an additional long transfer after the flight. The village is located west of Antalya and is divided into the first, second and third districts.

Weather Beldibi

Over the past few years, investmentinfusions in Beldibi contributed to the creation of more comfortable hotels with developed infrastructure, private beaches, entertainment and shopping centers. The main infrastructure is located along the main street of Ataturk, which stretches parallel to the coast at a distance of about 7 km. Hotels in Beldibi (Kemer) - various categories: from economical and unpretentious 1- and 2-star hotels to fashionable complexes of 5 * type Rixos. Prices depend on the number of stars, quality of service, services, food and rooms, distance from the beach.

In the village itself, tourists can walk around thenumerous shops with souvenirs, leather products, oriental sweets. In restaurants and cafes offer amazing national dishes, which should be washed down with local pomegranate wine. The main entertainment facilities are located in the hotels of Beldibi and Kemer.

Natural conditions

The village is located along the slopes of the Taurus, whichare buried in verdure. Here grow beautiful tropical trees and shrubs, fragrant exotic flowers and, of course, pine trees. Mountain ionized air in combination with the sea and the aromas of pine needles create all conditions not only for a good rest, but also for improving the body.

Kemer Beldibi hotels

Beldibi beaches are considered one of the best in Turkey. Transparent and warm water, a gentle approach to the sea attract tourists here. Among the tourists there are many families with children, youth.

What time is better to relax in Beldibi: the weather in the resort

It is believed that this is a year-round resort. You can breathe the healing sea air even in winter, and in many hotels there are heated pools with salt water. The weather in Beldibi allows you to swim from April to early November - it's a beach season. The Mediterranean Sea during this period warms up to +26 ... +27 aboutC, and the air temperature varies in the range of +25 ... +40 aboutC. The hottest months are July and August, it should be taken into account by people who do not tolerate heat badly.

The cold period lasts from December to March: there may be rains or night frosts (extremely rare). The most favorable time for a beach holiday is the second half of September.

Main characteristics of Belport Beach Hotel 4 * (according to tourists' reviews)

This hotel can be described as "goldenthe middle "between prestigious elite hotels and economy class hotels.Belport Beach Hotel 4 * is an ideal value for money and for several years it has a high standard according to the holidaymakers' assessments.The hotel was built in 1996 as a three-star, but after renovations and the improvement of a number of indicators in 2010, she received the category 4 *.

 belport beach hotel 4 meals

Hotel with an area of ​​7500 m2 located on the first coastline and hasa private beach area. Holidaymakers can stroll through a shady garden in which pomegranate and orange trees, palm trees, tropical shrubs with bright flowers grow. It's hard to resist and not give yourself a delightful photo session that will remain in memory of this wonderful corner.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey) hasa huge range of entertainment services, some of which are included in the price of the tour, the other - paid on the spot in addition. Among the tourists there are a lot of young people, but in general the hotel is positioned as a family one. There are excellent conditions for both children and adults.

The guests leave extremely positivereviews of the hotel staff. By unanimous opinion, these are very sensitive, attentive, good-natured and sympathetic people. They always help to solve difficult questions and emerging problems, give good advice on excursions, shopping, etc. Separate line of guests in the reviews of the Belport Peach Hotel 4 * allocate animators who perfectly cope with their duties. Children are delighted with their competitions, games and other entertainment. Animation team also tries to satisfy the needs of adults in a fun holiday. Many tourists remember with warmth exciting shows, discos and fussy parties.


In four modern three-story buildings there are rooms, a reception desk, restaurants, a snack bar, dry cleaning and laundry, a games room for children, a spacious conference room, utility rooms.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * Turkey

All holidaymakers were satisfied with the territoryhotel. Describe it as well-groomed and accurate, well-planted. Opposite the hotel there are two swimming pools. One large with five slides, designed to a greater extent for adult guests. The second one is smaller, it is specially equipped for young guests who enjoy spending time here. Near the pools are sunbeds, sun loungers and umbrellas, which protect from the sun.

On the territory of Belport Beach Hotel 4 * (Kemer) there issauna, hammam, massage parlor, gym, billiard room and adjoining lounge area with soft comfortable armchairs, plasma TV on the wall, darts and ping-pong room.

Most water activities (for example, riding a "banana") are concentrated on the beach. They will be discussed in detail below. There is also a rental of water motorcycles or scooters.

Number of rooms

This is the main thing, which is paid close attention to tourists picking up the hotel. Here it is necessary to spend a lot of time, and the quality of sleep depends on the mood on rest and well-being.

The number of rooms is basically 17 m.2 (one of them is for people with disabilities). In addition, there are more spacious family rooms or connecting rooms: two connecting bedrooms (40 m2), which can accommodate 4 people in the main places and one - on the additional.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * room description

Tourists at the description of the rooms Belport Beach Hotel4 * use such words as "neat", "modern", "clean and lovely". The interior is made in the Art Nouveau style, light colors predominate. In the design of many elements of light brown wood, wallpaper with an elegant and discreet drawing. In some rooms the emphasis is on pleasant red color (fabric decor) and monochrome wallpaper of dairy and beige shades. Flooring - laminate. In general, a very cozy and cozy atmosphere is created, which contributes to a more complete and quality rest. Everywhere there are beautiful balconies.

Each room has a good bedroomhead sets or separate beds with orthopedic mattresses of average rigidity. Built-in wardrobes have enough shelves and hangers for clothing and footwear for vacationers. Bedside tables, tables and chairs are made in the same style of classic minimalism.

Each number necessarily has a systemair conditioning, which allows you to set the room in a comfortable thermal regime. Plasma TVs are located on the wall, specially for our compatriots a Russian channel is allocated. For an additional fee you can use the safe and mini-bar, which many resourceful tourists from Russia use as a refrigerator. For communication with the administration and other numbers there is a telephone. There is also a dedicated international line and Wi-Fi (paid separately).

The bathroom is equipped with modernplumbing. Sinks, bathrooms, shower cabins, hair dryers are installed. For each guest an individual set of cosmetics, towels, bathrobes is prepared.

Room service includes daily room cleaning. Bed linen is changed three times a week or every two days. At the request of the guest, breakfast is delivered to the room.

Catering services

Holidaymakers can have their meals in a superba restaurant where the service is buffet style. When booking a package tour, it is suggested to choose the type of food - "All inclusive" or "half board" (HB), which is a two-meals at will: breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * catering

The main restaurant can simultaneously accept 150visitors in the inner room, there are also 250 seats in the fresh air. Guests can enjoy an elegant interior, made in white, red and black colors. The outdoor area of ​​the restaurant is located on a large terrace. Breakfast starts at 7 am and lasts up to 10 hours. Guests can enjoy lunch from half one to two hours, and dinner can be enjoyed from 19:30 to 21:00. During breaks, you can have a snack in the snack bar with stunning fresh pastries, drink coffee or order other drinks.

Based on reviews, meals at the Belport Beach Hotel 4 *very high quality and balanced. The obligatory ingredients of Turkish and international dishes are meat, fish and seafood, a huge assortment of fruits and vegetables, and dairy products. Vacationers note that they were fed them very differently, the second dishes were never repeated. Guests are very fond of snacks, which you can try in the restaurant: brynza, beef sausages, gözleme (a delicious flat cake with different fillings), salads with olives and much more.

In addition, you are invited to visit the restaurant a lacards, which is located in the garden. The institution works from five in the evening until one in the morning. In the bar you can find a wide range of refreshing and refreshing drinks, cocktails. Tourists very much praise local drinks. For example, you should try pomegranate wine and local beer. Also there is a sufficient amount of branded imported alcohol, including elite varieties.

Near the beach in the bar you can also refresh yourself with a glass of cool juice or beer. Opening hours: from 10 am to 10 pm.

For younger guests there is a special children's rooma menu consisting of cereals, light soups, baked goods, etc. Babies are given the usual high chairs for feeding. If necessary, you can choose to eat on a diet or vegetarian menu.

What to brighten up leisure in the hotel?

Service Belport Beach Hotel 4 * is focused onfamily vacation with children, so the small guests here are very fun. In cool weather, you can frolic in the game room indoors, and in the warm - in the fresh air. Colorful carousels, swings, slides guarantee an excellent and safe pastime. In the children's club with children of all age groups, professional animators work, which prepare new and interesting entertaining events (games, contests, speeches) with developing elements each time. By the way, parents (for an additional payment) can use the services of a nanny. The ability to leave the child for several hours is liked by many mothers and fathers, because the baby does not have to take with him on some excursions.

Businessmen can combine leisure and work,having arranged in a spacious conference room for up to 150 people a business event, a meeting or negotiations. If necessary, the tourist will exchange the currency (dollars or euros for Turkish lira) at the hotel.

Hotel guests are given the opportunityrelax in a Finnish dry sauna or Turkish hamam, there is also a steam room. Then you can attend a session / course of general health or wellness massage. The gym or fitness center is equipped with modern treadmills, cardiovascular equipment and power "rockers". Guests with great pleasure play billiards, darts and table tennis or ping-pong.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * entertainment

Among active entertainment is very populara beautiful half of humanity enjoys water aerobics, which takes place every day in the pool under the guidance of a coach. Water sports on the beach are described in detail below. Traditionally, vacationers play volleyball and even football. The last few years often ride on quad bikes in the neighborhood of the village. You can go rafting on the mountain river Beldibi.

Belport Beach Hotel 4 * Kemer

The hotel staff will gladly help touriststo make an excursion trip, will advise a more suitable route. Be sure to go to the church of St. Nicholas. Interesting trips offer to the ruins of the ancient settlement of Phaselis, where there are ancient ramparts, defensive structures. Not far from Beldibi is an interesting resort area Goynuk, where you can wander through the pretty shops, see the Canyon and the Lycian Way. The sightseeing tour of Antalya is popular with tourists, during which it is planned to visit waterfalls, visit architectural monuments of the old city, etc.

Water Activities

Most of all tourists are attracted, of course,Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the main water activities of Belport Beach Hotel 4 * are concentrated here. It is practiced riding on a "banana" - this fun is suitable for people of any age and complexion. Alternative "banana" - "plate". The principle is the same. Both of them quite often turn over, but this makes skating even more fun and exciting.

A more extreme kind of water ridesis a parachute flight. Take-off takes place from the boat, which develops the maximum speed. As a result, you can climb to a height of about 100-150 meters. Tourists say that the impressions are breathtaking.

Many turn to the rental of water motorcycles. On such a scooter gently pick up speed, so as not to hurt the bathers. Then (at a distance of 300-500 m from the shore), you can already accelerate well. Maneuvering is quite difficult, but you quickly adapt to technology. Another option for entertainment on the beaches of Beldibi are water skiing. Here it is important to be able to balance and balance the body correctly, so as not to fall.

Instead of concluding

The best way to choose the right hotel -carefully read reviews, but draw your own conclusions. Often comments can be embellished, this reduces the reliability. It is necessary to understand that much is written on emotions.

So, what deserves Belport Beach Hotel 4 *reviews? As a rule, they are positive. The complex steadily receives from 4 to 5 points out of 5 possible on many sites. It happens that the rating is slightly reduced, but then returns its position. This hotel is often recommended to its clients by managers at travel agencies after they visit it during the promotional trip. The tourists themselves note that in the Belport Beach Hotel 4 * there are all conditions for a good rest, which you want to repeat.

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