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Thailand ... This amazing country, in whose name the word "freedom" - "thai" is present, many Russians consider exotic. In this fantastic kingdom you can spend an unforgettable vacation.


The abundance of Buddhist temples, coral reefs -expanse for divers, unseen plants and crocodile farms, vibrant nightlife and shopping make tours to Thailand's resorts coveted for all tourists. Rest here is so diverse that everyone, even the most adventurous traveler, will be able to find something of his own in ultra-modern Bangkok or incendiary club Pattaya, on the exotic islands of Samet and Koh Chang, on the purest beaches of Samui and the fantastic Krabi. This country attracts Russians not only with its unusualness, combined with the study of numerous local attractions, or developed tourist infrastructure, but also a relatively inexpensive opportunity to comfortably relax in any season of the year.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3

There really is everything that thirsts forget a tourist from a tropical resort: these are the magical waters of two oceans - Pacific and Indian, magnificent hotels that have a wide range of both services and prices, as well as an amazingly friendly population. Those who have visited Thailand, joke that for Thai people, a simple increase in the voice in a conversation is tantamount to almost deadly resentment. And if you add to this the centuries-old history of the kingdom of Siam, the numerous ancient cities that can be seen in the northern part, the stunning variety of fruits, many of which are unknown to Russians, and of course the fabulous Thai massage, one can understand the desire of tourists to visit at least once this corner of the globe.


This small town is located on the coastSouth China Sea. It is reliably protected from tsunamis and hurricanes. Often Pattaya is called the Asian Riviera. Every year it is visited by a multifaceted army of tourists: Europeans, Americans, young people and families with children come here. Each year around 4 million people come to Pattaya to swim and sunbathe, but also to see such interesting sites as the temple of Truth, a crocodile farm, look at the neighborhood from the Pratamnak Hill observation platform, stroll through the tropical garden of Nong-Nuch or a zoo with tigers, visit the "Elephant Village" and, of course, on Walking street - the street of the Red Lanterns.

In Pattaya, there is literally the royal abundance of cafes andrestaurants with national or European, Russian or Arabic, Indian and even Turkish cuisine. Along the resort area are many coral islands, where people can retire in the bosom of exotic nature, enjoying peace, untouched civilization. Fans of shopping will be delighted with the numerous shops, boutiques and noisy markets, where you can buy everything from pareo and ending with beautiful necklaces of local craftsmen. Those who prefer a stormy nightlife will be pleased with the visit to clubs and discos, where dance programs and various shows take place.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya

List of hotels in this small townincredibly large. Here, even in the peak season, you can find for yourself the most comfortable accommodation option. To the uninquested tourists who prefer a democratic rest, three- and four-star hotels with their excellent combination of price and quality of services are ideally suited. Not the last place in the ranking of popularity is the hotel Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *). Reviews of those who live in it testify that they liked staying there. Many people dream of coming back here again and again.

Of course, in addition to Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *), inPattaya is also such hotels, where the cost of living is estimated in thousands of dollars for seven days. But they are inaccessible to most tourists because of their high cost. In general, in Pattaya, there are hotels for any purse and taste, from motels at a price of three hundred baht for one night to luxurious suites luxury.

Three Star Hotels

Of the most successful and, most importantly, inexpensive in theirreviews tourists especially celebrate Jomtien Palm Beach, offering not only excellent service and delicious food, but also having a big plus - a convenient location. The same advantage is enjoyed by the three-star Pattaya Park Hotel, which has a wide range of entertainment on its territory, as well as located near the Adriatic Palace beach. About the Grand Jomtien Palace tourists say that it harmoniously combines the quality features inherent in a good hotel, a relaxing holiday on the shore of the clear sea and transport accessibility. As a good option, tour operators also offer Sea Breaze, Ambassador, Ravindra Resort, Natural Park and, of course, Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *.


The hotel was built in the distant 2005, howeverthis does not prevent it at the moment look like the most modern and high-quality structure. In 2015, it was a major reconstruction of not only numbers, but also administrative and public premises. The territory of two and a half thousand square meters, which is a kind of "chip" Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *, was landscaped. After all, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of tourists who have a rest in this hotel, they were first of all attracted by it.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 reviews

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *, photo of whichpresented in the review, is in the northern part of the coast of Jomtien, in the south of Pattaya. The sea is only two hundred meters distant. Bangkok International Airport is one hundred and twenty kilometers away. To the city center - Walking street - only ten minutes on tuk-tuk.

Literally across the road is around the clockan open shop where vacationers can buy food. A hundred and fifty meters from the hotel there is a small market. Here you can buy not only fresh and inexpensive exotic fruits, but also swimsuits, T-shirts and other things necessary for the sea.


The Aiyaree Place Hotel is a 3-star hotel. Its infrastructure completely corresponds to the declared category. There is free parking, in the main building you can exchange currency or use an ATM. There is also a laundry, shoe shine. The reception desk is open around the clock. There are no Russian-speaking workers, but even with a superficial knowledge of the English language, it is quite easy to explain with the staff.

At the check-in counter you can arrange a transfer,order a taxi or use the services of a tour desk. There is also a fax machine and a photocopy machine. Those who wish can use the deposit safe. Lease of cells is free of charge. Also, without extra money, you can use the wireless Internet in the lobby. As Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *, Pattaya, Jomtien Beach) is located in seven-story buildings, modern elevators are running between levels for convenience of clients. There is also a concierge service.

The hotel area is fenced off from the street. She's guarded around the clock. Cameras are installed in many places.

Residential fund

Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *, Pattaya, Jomtien Beach)consists of two seven-story buildings. A total of one hundred and seventeen rooms are available for tourists. Initially, the hotel consisted of only one building, but subsequently was added a new building - Nara Wing, which only forty-eight rooms without balconies. The categories of rooms in it are as follows:

  • Superior Room, which can accommodate the maximum two people in an area of ​​thirty-two square meters.
  • Mini Suite Room - for 2 + 1 pers. on the forty square. m.

In another building, called Aiyaree Wing, there are sixty-nine apartments. All of them have small balconies on which the furniture is made of plastic. The room categories are as follows:

  • Deluxe Room, designed for 2 + 1 people, area - 40 square meters. m.
  • Junior Suite Room (2 + 1) - 60 square meters. m.
  • Suite Room with one large bed, bedroom and living room separated by a partition and an interior door: an area of ​​eighty square meters.
  • Family Room with two bedrooms (max 2 + 2 persons), with separate sleeping places and living room.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 Pattaya Pattaya

In the rooms after major repairs installednew beautiful furniture made of dark wood. There is a wardrobe, a desk, a dressing table with a large mirror, a chair, bedside tables, lamps. The design of rooms completely contributes to relaxation and comfortable rest. There is also a TV (without Russian channels), a direct telephone, a refrigerator in the apartment, as well as a gas cooker, a microwave oven and an individually adjustable split system. Some rooms have canopies over the beds. On the windows - dark curtains, which is especially convenient for those parents whose children sleep during the day.

For the use of drinks in the mini-bar, as well as for the service in the rooms, vacationers should pay separately.

Bathrooms are combined. On the floor there is a ceramic tile. The en suite bathrooms are equipped with a jacuzzi. Hygienic accessories are updated after daily cleaning.


Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *, Ajari Place) is a hotel,offering tourists two concepts: "full board" and "continental breakfast." In the mornings, tourists can eat scrambled eggs, oriental noodles or rice, sausages, ham or toast. There are also muesli, flakes, jam. From drinks for breakfast offered milk, tea, juice, coffee, as well as fruits, including watermelons, pineapples, etc.

Those who buy a tour with incomplete meals caninexpensive dine as in a restaurant on the ground floor, where fish and seafood are offered at very reasonable prices, and in nearby cafes. In general, as evidenced by the reviews, to eat delicious and, most importantly, inexpensive it is possible in almost any street institution. Three hundred batts is enough for a hearty lunch for two. As a rule, in large supermarkets and shops in Pattaya there are excellent cafes, working on the principle of "buffet". Nevertheless, judging by the reviews, most of the tourists dined at Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *, Pattaya, Pattaya).


Jomtien Beach, located in the southresort, is characterized by a high quality of service. Here, guests can enjoy a wide range of water activities. Local residents call it not only the bathing area itself, but the entire southern coast, along which there are numerous inexpensive three-star hotels. One of them is Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 Ayari Place

Living in this hotel, tourists cana few minutes to get to the sea. The road runs two hundred meters along a completely green area. Many Russians in their reviews note that the cleanest sand and clear water is not on a public beach, but on islands where rafts or boats go every day. They bring tourists back. Service - paid.

For children

Many Russians choose to relax with their whole familynamely Aiyaree Place Hotel (3 *, Pattaya). Thailand in general in recent years has become very popular with our compatriots who are tired of resting in Egypt or Turkey and wanted more exotic things. I must say that it is enough here.

A lot of services in Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *is provided for small customers, although some tour operators this hotel is more positioned as intended for business rest. Nevertheless, judging by the reviews, beach vacation here is no less good.

Aiyaree Place Hotel Pattaya 3

For children in the hotel there is an opportunity to receivean extra bed in the room or a high chair in the restaurant. In addition, in the outdoor pool, located on site, there is a shallow compartment. Many parents in their reviews mark a gentle entrance to the sea, which is very convenient for kids.

Within walking distance from the hotel is locatedwater park, the largest in the city. Here, children can get a lot of fun on water attractions. By Russian standards, the cost of visiting the water park is small.

Additional Information

On the territory of Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 * (Pattaya)there is a small, but very comfortable outdoor pool. Although the territory of the hotel is small, nevertheless, in the space between the buildings an excellent place is created for those who do not want to go to the beach. In the pool, located in such a way that the sun does not fall on it constantly, you can swim perfectly, lie on the sunbeds or just have a snack in the bar. In addition, on the roof of the main building there is a mini-pond - Jacuzzi. Here, tourists can sunbathe on the terrace.

In addition, on the territory of Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 * (Pattaya) there is a small TV lounge, as well as a spa and massage room, where for an additional fee you can get wellness treatments.


Aiyaree Place Hotel (Pattaya, 3 *) has an excellentlocation. It is located far enough from places where there is noisy entertainment, so it is always quiet and quiet, which is very important for young children. Their sleep during the day will not be disturbed by anything.

Many tourists in their reviews adviseto go on excursions not for several hours, but for two or three days, since the travel program is usually very saturated, and a person is not able to transfer it easily. Many especially note a two-day trip to Kwai, where they visited a coconut plantation, a floating market, as well as an elephant farm and the Royal Teak factory. The program includes rafting along the river, a trip to the most beautiful waterfalls, and bathing in radon sources.

Among the places that must be seen,going to Thailand, in Pattaya in particular, in the first place is a tropical garden called Nong Nooch, where not only beautiful, but also very exciting. Here, tourists are offered a national show with elephants.


Many Russians who have visited the Country of Smiles ascalled Thailand, note the surprisingly low prices for all goods. Bring tea, leather goods, spices, jewelry to Pattaya. Inexpensive you can buy food. This is especially true for those tourists who buy tours in Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 * only with breakfast. Having bought raw foods on the market, you can ask them directly on the spot to cook or fry on a brazier, packed in lunch boxes.

Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 Pattaya Jomtien Beach

In Pattaya, you can and should bargain. If the seller does not understand English, you can simply dial the price on the calculator. You can get rid of the cost in two or even three times. This is evidenced by most of the reviews of Russians staying at Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 * (Pattaya).


Many tourists on their return home immediatelyshare their impressions of the trip. I must say that they largely help compatriots to determine the choice of the hotel. Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *, whose reviews are mostly positive, attracts many of its characteristics. Firstly, a low price: this parameter is very relevant for tourists who are vacationing in the economy class.

Many good words are said about the numbers. Some believe that for a three-star hotel they are simply gorgeous. If the number, which was previously booked, for the arrival of the guests is not yet free, then, according to the rules, they are given the keys to the apartments in the category above. Many especially liked the balconies overlooking the inner pool, with a table and two chairs. Here you can perfectly spend time admiring the surrounding tall palm trees.

Not every room in a hotel with a highercategory can boast of such furnishings as in Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *. Reviews of tourists regarding this issue are the same: furniture made of natural wood, a large corner bath, a beautiful view from the balcony, a full refrigerator, a kitchen, an excellent plasma TV - all this contributes to a comfortable stay.

The reception desk is well spoken byEnglish, so there is no problem with explanation even with the most superficial knowledge of the language. Those Russians who come from Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 *, leave comments directly upon arrival home. Among them there are many who rested in this hotel with young children. For them, of course, the main thing is that the room is clean and safe for the child. Many of the parents, especially mothers, were pleasantly surprised that they did not have to wash or clean the room after the maids. Everything was always clean.

Air conditioning in the room is not installed above the bed,so you can sleep peacefully, without worrying that the baby will blow. In addition, the split-system has many modes, so you can adjust it. Towels the staff changes every day. Beds in the rooms are comfortable, with orthopedic mattresses.

Nutrition Russians rated for a solid four,especially breakfast. A lot of vegetables and fruits. The swimming pool on the territory is always clean, with a minimum chlorine content, there is also a hydromassage. Near the restaurant there is a small river, where tourists can fish.

Many people especially remember the settlement, when as a compliment from the hotel they hung around their necks garlands of orchids and gave a basket with exotic fruits.

The only negative, according to many, is not exactlyclean public beach. Some Russians complain about the lack of dressing gowns and slippers in the rooms, however, in addition to the fact that this is a very minor drawback, it should be understood: in a three-star hotel, they may not be. In the reviews tourists recommend to be especially attentive to the number of towels issued at check-in. Sometimes instead of two staff gives one, and then you have to pay extra for the second.

Many of our compatriots who have visited Aiyaree Place Hotel 3 * recommend it as perfectly suitable for a youthful active, as well as a measured family vacation.

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