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The third largest city in Israel is fortourists of special value. Haifa, whose attractions reflect its rich history, is for foreign visitors just a godsend. Thanks to a comfortable climate, developed infrastructure and an abundance of natural and man-made monuments, it attracts a huge number of holidaymakers.

A bit of history

The northern capital of the multi-faceted state,located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is located on the slope of Mount Carmel, mentioned in the Old Testament. During the Roman Empire, a small fishing village appeared, which became prosperous. Captured by the Crusaders in the XI century, it significantly expands its borders and acquires the status of a port city. However, already two centuries after the invasion of Sultan Baybars Haif's soldiers, the settlement was destroyed. In 1761, Sheikh Zahir el-Omar near the ruins of the old city laid the first stone of the future metropolis.

Haifa Israel Attractions

Since the XIX century there have been significant changes. After the appearance of monasteries, thousands of pilgrims rush into the city. Here, the Templar Germans are established and a Jewish settlement is being built. Those wishing to see the Holy Land are growing every year, and the construction of a new port begins, where large ships arrive, and the railway only strengthens the economic situation. Here Jews from Europe move to a permanent place of residence. With the advent of the pipeline, industrial sectors are developing and the urban population is growing.

In the modern pearl of Israel, which replaceda lot of rulers, the past and the present intertwined into a single whole, giving it charm. The majestic Haifa, whose sights are diverse, is divided into three parts: the Upper Town is a region of the rich, the Middle is full of business centers, and the poor live in the Lower.

Sacred mountain

Along the coast stretches the Carmel ridgethe length of 39 km, on which the popular tourist sites are located. The mountain itself, in the cave of which the prophet Ilia lived, has been considered a saint for several centuries. Muslims and Jews come here to worship and ask for the healing of their loved ones. Inside the mountain there is a peculiar metro connecting the Upper and Lower regions - the only underground funicular in Israel, several stations of which can be traversed in less than 10 minutes.

Acquaintance with the sights of the city of Haifa begins with a cable car leading to Mount Carmel. From the equipped observation deck, unforgettable views are opened.

Garden and park ensemble

Here are the famous Bahai Gardens -a wonderful place for those who want to enjoy aesthetic beauty. A huge park, divided into 19 terraces, descending on the coast, is a symbol of religion, which became widespread in the XIX century. The essence of the Baha'i faith is the search for love and harmony, and the green oasis becomes the place of pilgrimage for all the followers of the current.

Haifa attractions photos

Consisting of several levels, they resemblehanging biblical gardens. The UNESCO-protected sites in Haifa, whose photos make an indispensable desire to visit the peaceful place, have been created for 10 years, and donations ($ 250 million) came from the Bahá'í community.

Closed to the Temple

In the heart of the garden and park ensemble withmagnificent fountains, exotic flowers, unusual sculptures is a temple that admires the perfection of form. In the reminiscent of the nine-cornered star structure, the ashes of the founder of religion rest. It is possible to enter open gardens as part of an excursion group, and only members of the Bahai community visit the temple.

With the onset of darkness, the unique sights of Haifa (Israel) are illuminated with millions of lights. The photo of the complex, shimmering with different shades, is sure to make amazed tourists.

Monastery and church on the mountain

On the mountain there is another popular place -closed to visit the monastery of the Carmelites, which appeared many centuries ago. On its territory is the Catholic Church of Stella Maris, whose name translates as "Star of the Seas". Inside a beautiful building, trimmed with marble, you can see the cave where the prophet Ilia lived. It always burns candles, each of which means the Carmelite community in other countries.

haifa sights photo and description

Everyone can visit the church, and tourists with enthusiasm speak about the seen spectacle. From bright frescoes, high painted columns, a gilded altar is breathtaking.

An energizing place

One of the most unusual attractionsHaifa (Israel) is a mystical place, about which very few people know. Walking along the embankment, you can see the "Wind Rose", framed by colorful circles. It is believed that here is the energy center of the Earth, and come here to recharge positive fluids, not only healers and psychics, but ordinary tourists.

haifa sights photo and description

In the center of the star you need to stay alone and slap your palm three times. So the negative energy is poured out, which the positive energy fills.

What else to see in the city?

For many tourists, the main attractions of Haifa are the luxurious beaches, famous for their well-groomed and cleanliness.

You can stroll along the street of the German colony,which appeared in the times of the Crusaders. The ancient houses of the Templars and a large number of cozy restaurants offering delicious dishes are of interest to holidaymakers.

In the lower region there is a skyscraper underthe name "Sail". Built in the beginning of the XXI century, it is considered a visiting card of the resort. Futuristically looking tower is adored by the locals and tourists who call it the "Rocket".

high places of interest

The shopping center "Grand Canyon", in whichhosted more than 250 shops, - this is a real paradise for shopaholics. In addition, there will be a liking for the kid, since there is a huge amusement park for their services. And lovers of delicious food will appreciate the sale of ready-made food, which you can try before buying.

Children will be delighted at the sight of the water park"Luna Gal" and the zoo, where animals live in a medium that is similar to the natural one. In open pens, you can pet pets, and after a fascinating walk to the exit deliver fast electric cars.

City of museums

Ancient Haifa, whose attractionswill help to be transported in past eras, is famous both as a cultural center of the country, and an incredible number of museums only confirm this fact. Many tourists even choose a special excursion, acquainting with the curious city institutions.

The museum of dolls, numbering one thousand exhibits,a maritime museum with reduced copies of ships, a museum of Japanese art, impregnated with the atmosphere of a mysterious country, an art museum representing contemporary art, will make it possible to better know the city.

sights haifa Israel photos

Amazing Haifa, attractions (photos anddescription is presented in the article) which combines history and modernity, is one of the most attractive cities in the world for foreign tourists. How travelers respond, here come tired and devastated people, and leave charged with energy and good mood.

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