Holidays in Zatoka: reviews about recreation centers

All lovers of beach rest are invited by Zatoka. It is a small but very cozy village in the south of Ukraine, not far from Odessa. It was located on the Carolino-Bugazsky Spit. On the one hand, there is a magnificent estuary, and on the other - a magnificent Black Sea. The beach here is huge, sandy, about 5 km in length. Tourists like warm and very clean water, fresh air and carefree days. What else does a person need? You will definitely enjoy the holiday in Zatoka. The reviews emphasize that it is an ideal option to spend the summer with your relatives.

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Choose the time of year for holidays

The season starts here in the second half of May. However, at this time the sea is still cold. Of course, everyone has their own priorities, especially since there can be very different holidays in Zatoka. Reviews say that if you are looking for a budget option, then choose May or September. But in this case it is necessary either to reconcile with the idea of ​​bathing in the cold sea, or with the risks of getting into the rainy season. And what is the best time for a comfortable rest? This is the period from the second half of July to the end of August. At this time, the water temperature reaches the maximum mark, in the sea it is very comfortable to bathe even to small children. However, if the wind changes, the water temperature may drop dramatically and remain so for several days.

For those who do not tolerate summer heat,optimal is the August holiday in Zatoka. Reviews suggest that if you are traveling with young children, then choose this time. Daytime air temperature is not too high, the evenings are very warm and perfectly suitable for walking, and the water temperature in the sea reaches a maximum. If the child is prone to colds, then this is the most favorable season for restoring health.

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Boarding houses and recreation centers

Depending on your requests, you can choosethe most suitable option. Some tourists prefer to turn to private sector services. Often the level of comfort is not inferior, and sometimes exceeds that offered by recreation centers. Opportunities for tourists are limited only by their desires. However, if you want to not only comfortably settle in a shady house, but also have a great time to have fun, it is better to choose one of the popular bases. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops, water parks and cinemas. But most of all Russian tourists are attracted by their prices inexpensive vacation in Zatoka. The reviews emphasize the opportunity to have a great time for a very modest sum.

Advantages and disadvantages

The territory of the Zatoka resort is divided into districts,which correspond to the names of the railway station. This Central, Liman, Sunny and others. Recently, new bases have been actively growing and developing. Why do so many people choose to rest in Zatoka (2016)? The reviews primarily highlight the following advantages: proximity to Odessa, a high level of comfort at the bases, a small remoteness of boarding houses from the beach strip, a large number of shops, cafes and discos, as well as a clean and warm sea. The road to the resort is another unbeatable advantage. Convenient transport links with Odessa and the satisfactory quality of roads contribute to the fact that tourists often come here on their own car.

As in any resort, there are alsominuses. Here there are old buildings with minimal conveniences. The beaches are crowded, especially in the high season. Sometimes tourists like a more secluded holiday. Summarizing the pros and cons you can very highly appreciate the rest in Zatoka (2016). Reviews of tourists confirm that the resorts of Ukraine continue to be attractive and interesting. Infrastructure is constantly evolving, opportunities are expanding. This means that the flow of tourists will only increase.

"Prestige": all the best - for guests

For everyone there is a recreation center. Zatoka (reviews of 2016 will help you make the right choice) - this is a huge resort area, where each corner is unique in its own way. It is very difficult to choose a place to rest families that have small children and adolescents. One needs silence, others - fun entertainment. Solve this problem will help the recreation center "Prestige", Zatoka. The reviews emphasize that everyone here is liked without exception. The boarding house is located in a picturesque corner, on the Black Sea coast. Here, vacationers will be offered the highest level of comfort and individual approach to the wishes of each guest. A family with children and noisy companies will find equally acceptable conditions.

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On the base there is a comfortable two-storey cottage. It includes two and three-bedroom rooms, each of which has a view of the sea and a small balcony. For fans of greater comfort there are three-story buildings. Here you will be offered three and four-bed rooms with a terrace and a view of the common courtyard. All of them are equipped with modern furniture, TVs and refrigerators, air conditioners and bathrooms.

Opinion of tourists

However, especially the price is not the information,presented on the advertising site, and the opinion of people who have already rested here before you. Everyone without exception likes the proximity of the sea, as well as the green courtyard inside the base. The rooms are small, but quite cozy, the cleaning is done regularly, the food in the restaurant is delicious and varied. For residents of neighboring settlements, recreation in Zatoka (2016) is particularly convenient. The reviews of the Belarusians emphasize that the "Prestige" base is a unique opportunity for reasonable money to visit the Black Sea coast. The cost of living - 400 hryvnia (1011 rubles) per day per person.

Recreation center "Medic"

The vacation spent here is the perfectoption for restoring health. If you want a good and inexpensive vacation, then you will find a recreation center "Medic". Zatoka reviews from guests has mostly positive. And this boarding house is no exception. Tourists say that this is not a five-star hotel, but a good health resort for its price category. Living conditions are very decent.

The recreation center is located in a quiet Limanskoyedistrict. Only 300 meters separates it from the sea. It occupies about 4 hectares. The territory is well arranged and landscaped. There are beautiful elements of landscape design, gazebos, cozy recreation areas and a fountain. The base is large enough, it consists of 17 buildings and can accommodate up to 600 people. Be sure to come here. A good year, during which you can stunningly spend your vacation in Zatoka, 2016. Reviews of Belarusians say that the most like lovers of a quiet holiday here. Those who need noisy discos and fun, it is better to choose another option.

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What does the recreation center of Zatoka see to people? The comments of 2016 emphasize that the administration welcomes visitors very friendly. You will be told the schedule and describe the location of objects in the territory. For the stay of tourists there are hotel lodges, as well as two-story cottages. Very pleasant atmosphere in living rooms. A clean beach and a warm sea complete the picture. The cost of living is about 300 hryvnia (758 rubles) per day, children are accommodated free of charge. Tourists really like that you can cook on your own. There is a possibility to go to lunch in the dining room.

Leave on the basis of "Micron"

This is another great place that is locatedon the Black Sea coast. Only 55 km separates the health resort from Odessa. The picturesque sandy spit, located between the Black Sea and the Dnister Estuary, attracts tourists with its distinctive and beautiful nature. There is a recreation center on the first coastline. It has a stunning beach with a gentle seabed, convenient for swimming. First of all, tourists note that it is very good to have a rest with children here. They will have to walk far enough so that the sea begins to go deeper. The beach itself is equipped with umbrellas, showers and locker rooms. The territory is well landscaped, there is a place to hide in the taek.

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Many families have chosen for an annual holiday exactlythis base. Based on the feedback, we can say that this is a very worthy option. If a person cares about the image, then he needs to go to five-star villas. And those who need a comfortable rest for reasonable money, there are provided ideal conditions. Tourists emphasize that the rooms are cozy. They have all the amenities: air conditioning works well, hot water is served without interruption. Very close to the sea, and in the evening you will have the opportunity to play billiards and tennis, go on an excursion. Children will have a great time at the playground. Practically all tourists like the recreation center "Mikron" (Zatoka). Reviews about it are very attractive, and you have the opportunity to evaluate a local holiday yourself.

Cardinal Base

It is the largest in the entire resort area. This is the real center of civilization in Zatoka. Here, tourists are offered such an abundance of first-class entertainment that it is very difficult to resist. At the service of guests - 350 comfortable apartments and a large, well-groomed area. Each room is equipped with TV and fridge, air conditioning and shower, bathroom. On the territory there is a children's playground, a guarded parking lot, a tennis court, a dining room and cozy gazebos. A beautiful outdoor pool completes the picture, in which children are very fond of spending time.

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It is the embodiment of a fairy tale that is presented to touristsrecreation center "Cardinal", Zatoka. The reviews emphasize that this is not just a hotel, but a luxury entertainment complex with a swimming pool in the middle that is located on the Black Sea coast. However, even more admiration is the local dining room. Here, for only $ 7, you can have a nice dinner or three of us, or have five dinners. How do you like this prospect? At the same time there are no complex dinners. You can choose from several options for salads, side dishes and a huge number of meat and fish dishes. It takes only a few minutes to go to the central beach. However, it is noisy and crowded, but because experienced tourists advise to go a little further. At the end of the Zatoka there are no tourists at all, but the sea is clean.

Base "Solar"

And we continue to choose the best option for you. If you scroll through the album of photos, then certainly your attention will attract the recreation center "Solnechnaya" (Zatoka). Reviews about it are very contrasting, so we will analyze them. But first let's give a general description. The "Sunny" base is a modern, elite hotel complex. It is located in the central part of the resort village, between the sea and the estuary. The exterior of the hotel is very respectable. Semicircular structure with panoramic windows of blue color favorably differs from many neighboring hotels and hotels.

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On the territory there is a private beach, whichserves a local bar. Aquapark like adults and children. There are three swimming pools and, accordingly, the same number of recreation areas. Especially popular among visitors is the largest swimming pool. It includes a site with hydromassage, geysers and waterfalls. For teenagers and the smallest, there are safer zones. In addition, there is a sauna complex with a sauna. Accommodation of tourists takes place in two residential buildings. Luxury rooms are designed for one, two, three or four tourists. Each of them has a balcony or terrace. Very noteworthy restaurant, decorated in pirate style. Here you will be offered dishes of Russian and Georgian, Ukrainian and Moldovan cuisine.

And what do tourists say? Surprisingly, most of them are not at all delighted with their holidays. The hotel is really luxurious and not cheap. However, based on the feedback, it seems that his leadership is not at all interested in developing his business. Many are indignant that the rooms are dirty, towels and bed linen rarely change. In general, the organization is clearly not enough. Although, it is possible that the leadership will take into account the feedback and correct these shortcomings. The prices here are decent - 700 hryvnia (1,769 rubles) per person per day.

Base "Smile"

It is the smallest, but very beautiful anda cozy health resort. It is located in the Liman Bay of the Zatoka resort, right on the Black Sea coast. A beautiful, three-storey building invites vacationers and offers spacious rooms. Each of them is equipped with all necessary: ​​air conditioning and refrigerator, TV and bathroom. All rooms have a private entrance. On the territory there is a playground and gazebos.

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The beach is located just 50 meters from the recreation center. Around the hotel there are places with barbecues, billiards and gazebos, a zone for playing table tennis. The recreation center "Smile" (Zatoka) reviews is simply amazing. Judging by them, the territory of the hotel is very beautiful. There is nothing superfluous, everywhere lawns and flower beds are broken. The building itself is also well-groomed, colorful balconies cheer up visitors. The rooms are pleasantly surprised by the European level of comfort and cleanliness. You are waiting for the original interiors, beautiful curtains in the tone of the carpet, paintings on the walls, a small table and a bed. The bathroom shines with cleanliness and freshness. The staff is friendly, polite. Separately note the tourists delicious food. Pension for the day - $ 6 per person.

Base "Dawn"

This health resort is one of the most favorite places forrecreation of tourists. Small and very cozy, lurking among the pines and birches, it already from afar beckons with its warmth. Located 150 meters from the shore, in a very quiet location. Own territory of 1.8 hectares is suitable for a great time with the whole family. Tourists say that the hotel staff is very good at keeping clean. The territory is equipped with a playground and benches, parking for cars, a medical center and a cafe.

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Residential buildings are located in small two-storeybuildings. Each room is equipped with a private entrance and amenities. They are very clean, have all the necessary appliances and furniture. The cost - from 110 to 300 hryvnia (278-758 rubles) per day. In the dining room you will find delicious dishes of Bessarabian cuisine. Complex meals for the whole day will cost only 150 hryvnia (379 rubles). A small cafe invites you to a stunning barbecue and dazzling dances for live music. 100 meters from the base there is a wide, sandy beach. Black sea with a gentle entrance is an ideal place for bathing children. There are slides and catamarans, water motorcycles.

And what do the tourists themselves say? They really like the recreation center "Dawn". Zatoka reviews get invariably very good. As for this health resort, many like cleanliness, a lot of trees and flowers. The friendly staff is ready to help you in solving any issue. But especially the cheerful words are especially lavished on the chefs. All dishes are very tasty, which is so nice with a budget holiday option. The only drawback that is mentioned is a small playground. Many come here with the whole family, which means that management needs to think about expansion.

Look for where to spend the summer - come to Zatoka

There are really a lot of options here,so that your vacation is the best. In Zatoka there are all the main infrastructure facilities, a police station and ambulance station with an ambulance post, a post office, a beauty salon, a library and cinemas. Here you can not only rest, but also live. With the opening of the beach-entertainment complex, Zatoka recreation centers began to actively develop. The comments of 2015 indicate that you should not go abroad to have a good time. It is enough to visit Ukraine and appreciate a truly fabulous holiday on the Black Sea. And you can choose your own value. Near each hotel there is an opportunity to rent a camping. Arriving by car with a tent, you spend a minimum, and relax on the highest level. There are small family-type hotels here, as well as huge, elite complexes. And living in one, you can go to dinner in another.

Reviews about the rest in Zatoka (2016) have becomeappear on thematic forums more often. More and more people decide to spend the summer on these shores, without wasting time and money for issuing visas and flights. In response, recreation bases are growing and expanding, offering tourists new entertainment. If you decide to spend this summer on the Black Sea, you will surely return here not once. You are waiting for the stunning beaches and warm sea, fresh air and lots of entertainment. Many people who have been here once emphasize that the vacation was no worse than at the European resorts. And for each of you you will definitely find your own recreation center. Zatoka, reviews of 2016 fully confirm this - a real paradise for tourists.

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