Maya World Hotel is your perfect vacation!

Sea, sun, beach, beautiful hotel and excellentservice staff - that's the dream of every traveler! If you are planning a holiday on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey - go to Side, to the Maya World Hotel. Why should your choice be based on it? Let's have a short tour of the world of Maya World Hotel.

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So, as already mentioned above, the hotellocated in the lovely town of Side in Turkey, which is famous for its hospitality, hotels and attractions. What is the most popular hotel "Maya"? Firstly, it is famous for its sandy beaches, which are only 400 m away. Soft warm sand and azure water are not a dream for travelers? In addition, only 5 km from the hotel are popular shopping and entertainment centers. Here you will find everything your heart desires!

What offers Maya World Hotel to your guests?

The hotel offers its guests a variety of entertainment services: discos, bars, restaurants, tennis and more.


So, for lovers to eat in a chic settingan open-air restaurant that seats up to 300 people is perfect. Despite so many people, here you will always feel comfortable. Just imagine: a light breeze, cozy light of street lamps, delicious food on the table, a gorgeous atmosphere ... And for fans of closed-type restaurants on the territory there is an excellent room that is designed for 400 people. You can taste all the best dishes of Turkish cuisine: first courses, snacks, desserts, second courses, sauces and much more. From ten o'clock in the morning the hotel has several bars where you can have a snack and drink refreshing drinks: a snack bar, a bar in the garden, a beach bar, a pool bar. For those who prefer nightlife, a disco bar is available until 2 am. This is a real paradise, where everything is included!

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Body care and sports

On the territory of Maya World Hotel 5 there are twohuge outdoor swimming pools, where you can relax and unwind. And at the disposal of young children and their parents there are two open pools with the purest azure water, additional facilities, small slides and waterfalls. Free of charge at the hotel is a real Turkish bath, sauna and table tennis: all this so that you not only relax at the highest level, but also feel Turkey with every cell of your body. The hospitality of Maya World Hotel is simply amazing. You will be available for a small fee, massage, billiards and a sports room.


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During leisure you are with friends, family, acquaintancesyou can stroll around the fitness center, a mini market, watch animation, order a photographer's services, play beach volleyball, rent a car and see all the sights, go to gym exercises and much more. In addition, thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi, you will not be cut off from your loved ones. Communicate, relax, have fun, travel!


Maya World Hotel reviews collected the very best. Tourists celebrate excellent service, courtesy of staff, excellent atmosphere and delicious cuisine! Each room has new furniture, fresh air, a beautiful view from the window, as well as a stylish interior. How does the Maya World Hotel compare? Of course, the "excellent"! This hotel is the guarantor of your perfect holiday.

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