Karaganda Hotels: addresses, description, reviews

Coal, found in 1833. on virgin land, became the reason for the birth of a large industrial center on this site. The coal mines, built by the Russians, and then by the French and the British, concentrated large amounts of labor around themselves. Today there is a beautiful modern city of Karaganda.

From the first settlements to a powerful industrial center

To work on mines people were involvedthe nearest settlements. As the increase in the extraction of workers' hands began to be missed. This problem was solved at the expense of exiled convicts, who worked in the faces for free.

hotels of Karaganda
Coal mining, activated in the 30s of XXcentury, led to the formation of settlements of adobe huts, sheltered dekulakized citizens and their families. The houses grew old, collapsed, new ones grew in their place. The expanded settlements began to form in settlements. In 1931, the miners' settlement, with the light hand of the powerful, acquired the status of a working village.

The settlement continued to expand, build, develop its infrastructure, and in this connection was upgraded in status and received a new status - the city of Karaganda.

During the war with Germany, the city became poorthousands of young, healthy, energetic people. Reducing the number of engineering workers led to the merger of 66 enterprises into the Karagandaugol Production Association.

The time of the end of the 20th century was difficult forKaraganda. "The third stokehold of the country" has fallen asleep in anticipation of its high point. However, this does not affect the cultural development of the city in any way.

Hotels - decoration of Karaganda

Monuments, palaces of culture, rest homes, stadiumsand theaters, sports palaces - all this functions, raising the cultural level of the city's residents. Theaters and museums attract tourists who are settling in Karaganda hotels and visiting cultural centers of the city. Karaganda has something to surprise you with!

There are 42 sites registered on the Internet,hotels in Karaganda offer a wide range of services. This gives an opportunity to contact the hotel in advance to reserve a room. You can apply by registering on the site or by calling.

Hotels in Karaganda offer accommodation for a cost of 4 000 to 20 000 tenge. The comfort of the room in accordance with the price list is proportional to the cost.

Rooms in mini-hotels - the cheapest. They are able to accommodate 10-40 guests at the same time and provide them with quality living conditions.

Hotel "The Seagull"
Budget-class hotels provide the necessary comfort without pretentiousness and frills. The rooms are warm, clean, cozy and inexpensive. Book a room, especially in the summer season, also need.

Luxury rooms also offer hotelsKaraganda, the prices of their services are close to the maximum. Parking, dining in the room, saunas, fitness trainers, living conditions, where "all inclusive", dramatically increase the cost of living.

Tourists who visited the hotels of Karaganda,remain satisfied with the conditions and service, express the desire to visit here again. Positive feedback emphasizes the hospitality of the staff, admire the accuracy and convenience of the rooms, the affordability of prices.

24-hour reception desk will meet and hold a guest. Attention to the client ensures the improvement of the quality of service, which contributes to the growth of the rating of the institution.

Chaika Hotel

In a building resembling an aristocratic mansion,confidently located hotel, whose name was carefully transformed into a foreign tourist. Chaika Hotel is a complex of various buildings, each of which is made in a unique architectural style. "Seagull" is on the street. Michurin, 11, in Karaganda.

Being in the center of the city, in its park zone,the hotel "Chaika" enjoys special privileges, represented by proximity to transport highways, administrative buildings and entertainment centers. A stylish building with modern staircases and bright halls rightly claims to be the best hotel of the city.

Rooms and their interior

Hotel "Chaika" is at the service of its guestsoffers 44 cozy rooms, furnished with taste and attention. Unobtrusive friendliness, which has always been distinguished by the eastern peoples, creates a sense of home comfort.

hotel edem
Elegant classic style rooms attractconvenience and self-sufficiency. Upholstered furniture, comfortable beds, surprising high headboards, bedside tables, wall clocks give out a caring owner.

Single, double junior suites and evenseparate lodges are equipped with air conditioning and mini-bars. A bathroom, a wardrobe and a TV set are indispensable attributes of each room. Private parking, Wi-Fi, sauna, laundry, swimming pool, breakfast in the room and diet menu make your stay unforgettable!

Hotel complex «Edem»

In the residential area of ​​Karaganda, on the shore of the lakeBorovoe, is the hotel "Eden", remarkable for its comfort, modern interior, an incredibly successful location. Coniferous thickets, fresh air, bird singing contribute to healthy rest and useful pastime.

On the territory of the hotel there are gazebos,protecting from the hot sun, and a colorful playground. The original fountain in the center of the territory underlines the individuality of the exterior. Spread out near a spacious sandy beach completes the sophistication of the landscape.

Exterior of the complex is due to exclusivityits location. Stable hotel "Edem" welcomes its guests in 52 rooms, equipped with amenities that provide comfort to tourists and visitors.

 city ​​of Karaganda
13 rooms of different classes are waiting hospitablyvisitors, st. Ermekova, 29 willingly provided a corner for their location. Seven suites, 5 junior suites and a VIP room, carefully furnished with wooden furniture in Thai style, are immersed in the atmosphere of a relaxing holiday.

Large rooms, bright and spacious, you canbook in advance using the internet service. The popular Hotel Edem with billiards, Wi-Fi, fireplaces in the rooms, sauna and a good location near the station invites everyone to stay in cozy rooms.

Comfortable complex Cosmonaut

A great place to hold a massevents - hotel "Cosmonaut", located in five minutes drive from the administrative center on the street. Krivoguza, 162 (a). There is also soft furniture on special order, and restaurant "Zhuldyz", and a fitness club, and a sauna, and at the end of the stay, transfer by a comfortable bus.

Numbers of different categories provide the needs of residents who have both solid bank accounts and not very thick purses. The rooms are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Hotel "Cosmonaut"
The royal spacious room (QUEEN) is made inelite style with a beautiful view from the window. The cost of living in the room of the extra class includes a buffet in the restaurant and a visit to the fitness club. In a quiet front garden near the pond there is a summer cafe of the hotel, which operates from May to October.

Hotels in Karaganda are constantly improvingquality of service to its customers, improve the quality of rooms and hotel equipment. Receiving apartments in the "Cosmonaut" is so prestigious that for accommodation in the hotel room must be booked in advance!

Merey Hotel is waiting for guests!

The park zone of Karaganda contains anotherpicturesque hotel. The hospitable Merey Hotel is ready for 24-hour service in 20 cozy rooms. Two buildings in modern architectural design, created in the style of the Austrian half-timbered building, have a goodwill and activity.

"Merey" (Karaganda)
In the hotel "Merey" Karaganda acceptsforeign visitors, transit travelers and tourists interested in the sights of the city. There is Wi-Fi and parking, sauna and billiards. For business people - car rental and restaurant.

Rooms and services

Refrigerator and wooden furniture in every roomincrease the comfort of living. A full breakfast, included in the price, excludes the morning vanity. Instead of hassle about eating, vacationers can play billiards or surf the Internet, using the bonus Wi-Fi. If desired, food can be ordered with delivery to the room.

On the territory of the hotel successfully functionsauna "Kuzma", swimming pool and the steam room. There is a laundry service, shoe shine, transfer to the station, luggage storage. Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel.

The rooms of the 4-star hotel are equipped with:conditioners, shower cabins. If necessary, an extra bed can be placed in the room for a child or an adult. There is a hotel on the street. Michurina, 11.

"Tulpar", hotel complex

Hotel complex in Krivoguz street, 79conveniently located near the cultural center of the city. For the attention of visitors: the hotel "Tulpar" (Karaganda) constantly accepts people who came on a business trip, on excursions or on urgent business. The offered comfortable hotel rooms, equipped with necessary trifles, are distinguished by high-quality service, attentive attitude towards the settled.

Services, kitchen and rooms

48 rooms equipped with everything you need forcomfortable stay, receive guests on any day. Attentive and courteous staff are making efforts to ensure that the time spent at the hotel is unforgettable for every visitor.

Hotel "Tulpar" (Karaganda)
Swimming pool and several saunas prudentlyequipped with a hotel for tourists traveling in large groups. Dishes cooked in a bar or cafe will satisfy the most refined taste. Professionalism in service and affordable prices are constantly attracting visitors who want to pick up their lodging for the night!

To guests of the Tulpar hotel there is Internet connection in each room, in the restaurant - dishes of Kazakh and European cuisine, laundry and luggage storage.

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