Where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekends? Active Entertainment

Novosibirsk is a largeIndustrial center with modern highly developed infrastructure. Here, a lot of entertainment, shopping and cultural facilities are concentrated. Nevertheless, many local residents and visitors are interested in where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekend? Let's take a look at the most interesting places, where everyone's leisure is diversified.

Academic Theater

where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekends
Local residents consider the maina landmark of the city. The State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. This is the largest institution of this plan throughout Russia and one of the largest in the world.

The opening of the theater took place in the postwar periodtime. The date of its foundation is May 12, 1945. It was on this day that the first performances of local artists took place in the new building. Today, the theater shows both classical and modern productions.

Shopping and entertainment center "Aura"

Where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekend in the evening? Local youth most often prefer to spend time in the largest shopping and entertainment center of the city called "Aura". This place is traditionally invited to date girls, because it is here that there is a modern cinema, a bowling club, numerous boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and other places where you can relax with a limited budget.

Center for Marine Biology and Oceanography "Dolphinia"

where to go with the children on weekends
Where can I go to Novosibirsk on the weekend? Entertainment in the city does not end with just visiting theaters and shopping centers. Once in a complex called "Dolphinia", you can literally touch the prehistoric inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Even touch the fossils of ancient fish and animals that lived in the region several million years ago. Visitors to the facility are offered shows with the participation of marine inhabitants, as well as cognitive excursion programs that significantly expand the horizon of not only children but also adults.


What else can Novosibirsk offer? Where to go with the children on weekends? One of the most exciting options is to visit the local zoo. There are about 10,000 mammals, birds and amphibians. To see the most outlandish animals, it is enough to book an excursion program.

In addition to walking around the zoo, visitors are availableriding on a carriage and riding a horse. In summer there are attractions on the territory, cozy cafes are open. The zoo regularly hosts contests and organizes mass events.


where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekend
Where can I go to Novosibirsk on the weekend? A great idea for an exciting and informative pastime for the whole family can be visiting a city planetarium. The building of the latter consists of several modern observatories connected by galleries.

In the main hall of the planetarium visitors to thefull-dome screen show entertaining documentary tapes about space. With a clear starry sky, an observatory is available to the customers of the establishment, where the telescope can be viewed in detail the most distant astronomical bodies.


where you can go to Novosibirsk on the weekends
Where to go in Novosibirsk on weekends allfamily? One of the best places, which will please both children and adults, is the city circus. Representations of visiting teams are regularly held here. The circus programs are constantly updated. Therefore, those who have repeatedly seen the views, do not have to be bored.

Visiting this place will allow you to enjoy performances of acrobats and clowns, see trained animals, dizzying juggler numbers.


One of the most popular places of entertainment amongyouth looks laser-arena "Portal-54". The object is a complex of labyrinths, which occupies an area of ​​about 370 square meters. Here are organized fascinating team competitions, the essence of which is to defeat opponents of safe laser weapons. Shooting is accompanied by bright light and sound effects that bring a sense of realism to the battle.

Visit the institution is recommended for those who are looking for,where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekend to get a charge of adrenaline. Such entertainment is to the liking of adults and children. Exciting battles make you forget about problems and time.

However, laser tag is not the only thing that the arena offers its visitors. Here you can enjoy virtual entertainment on the console, as well as play in the air hockey.

Entertaining center "Lukomorye"

where you can go to Novosibirsk on weekends
The institution called "Lukomorye" offerscustomers entertainment in the format of interactive theater. Visitors to the center have the opportunity to see the performance and even participate in the productions. Children can play a game room, divided into separate zones by age categories. There is an inexpensive family restaurant on the territory of the center. In the children's hairdresser's toddler will be cut and hold an interactive photo shoot.

In the entertaining center "Lukomorie" operatesstudio for early childhood development. There is a school for young lovers of cooking, study rooms for foreign languages, a vocal and dance group, an art class where children are taught drawing on the sand.

Big Bada Boom entertainment center

Where to go to Novosibirsk on the weekends?An excellent idea is to visit the entertainment center Big Bada Boom, which has a large labyrinth in several levels, as well as a small zoo. The staff of the institution holds fascinating master classes for children and adults, organizes merry holidays. Professional animators are ready to entertain visitors from morning till night.


As you can see, in Novosibirsk there are manyobjects where you can have fun on the weekends. Just stop at one of the above options or organize a tour for yourself in other places. After all, the city is also concentrated a lot of other interesting institutions that are not included in our review.

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