Lost and found. How to find lost things?

Lost and Found (in translation from English "loseand find ") is a special organization dealing with the storage and retrieval of lost things, as a rule, they are located on the territory of such large enterprises as an airport, railway station, library or supermarket.Let's see how to find lost things if they get to the Lost and Found office.

How to find lost things

What do people lose?

According to statistics, people lose dailypublic transport various things. For example, in London, bags and mobile phones are most often lost. About 10% of them are transferred to the lost property office. In Munich, as a rule, keys, backpacks, purses and watches are lost. Legitimate owners get back up to 20% of the finds.

How to find lost things?

After finding the find in the bureau, the thingIt is registered and remains in storage certain time if the owner can not be installed immediately. At the end of the deadline, it is either destroyed, or put up for auction, the proceeds from which goes to the city treasury. The lost documents are sent to the police. If the owner of the loss is, then he must prove the belonging of the lost object to him. When issuing a thing, he will have to pay money for its storage. In Russia, for example, the amount of remuneration is up to 20% of the value of the thing. For comparison, in Germany this amount is only 3%.

Lost and Found St. Petersburg

How to find lost things in a particular city?

The first bureau of findings appeared in Paris at the beginning19th century. Today, such organizations exist in all cities of the world. If you have lost your documents, phone or keys, you do not need to immediately go to the police, you can go to the Lost and Found office. St. Petersburg, Moscow or some other city - in any of them there is a municipal organization for the storage of lost things. To date, especially in the west, began to appear different alternatives to the classic bureau.

Types of lost and found offices

1. Announcements in newspapers. In all major urban print media, there are sections on the findings of missing items. As a rule, the ads are placed absolutely free of charge.

2. Electronic announcements. On the Internet, there are various bulletin boards where you can put information about the find or loss of things. Electronic pages are more convenient than newspaper pages, since they allow you to optimize the search for the right thing on demand.

Bureau of document finding in St. Petersburg

3. Lost and Found Internet. The service of discoveries on the Internet is, as a rule, a large portal providing a wide range of services for searching for missing items. Such a bureau cooperates with municipal organizations on findings, as well as with police and animal shelters.

4. The Office of Finding Documents. In St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Moscow and other large cities of Russia there are special services that allow you to return the missing documents.


So, knowing how to find lost things, you canreturn documents, keys and even a mobile phone without contacting the police. The fee for storing things in the Lost and Found office will be less than the design of new documents, the purchase of a mobile phone.

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