Overview of the Boeing 757-200

Airliner Boeing 757-200 is the mosta common modification of the aircraft of the 757 series. Depending on the configuration, it is capable of carrying 200 to 228 passengers at the same time. Currently, the ship is actively used on medium-haul routes by many airlines around the world and is rightfully considered one of the most successful projects of this American manufacturer in the history of its existence.

Boeing 757 200

Short story

In the seventies of the last century there wasworld-famous energy crisis, which led to a sharp rise in price of fuel. In this regard, the economy of the aircraft was the main priority in the development of the new model. About the beginning of its design became known in 1977. Then the option of an airliner designed for 136 passengers was considered. Later the capacity increased first to 160, and then to 189 places. The first customers of the model were British Airways and Eastern Airlines. February 19, 1982 in the sky rose prototype Boeing 757-200. Experts' reviews already testified to the excellent data of the car in terms of efficiency, safety and flight characteristics. In this regard, it is not surprising that the novelty quickly passed the tests and received the appropriate certificates, after which its serial production started. The liner was produced until 2004.

saloon Boeing 757-200

Main characteristics

The model is equipped with twin turbojetengines. In this case, the designers for the entire history of its existence installed power units produced by Rolls-Royce and Pratt Whitney. The use of the EFIS digital avionics complex, which includes six multifunctional color monitors designed to display all the necessary flight information, has become very important. The length of the Boeing 757-200 is 38 meters, and the maximum width of the fuselage is 3.76 meters. Cruising speed of the ship is 935 km / h, and its operational ceiling is set at around 12800 meters. Given the availability of reserve fuel reserves, the airliner is able to cover a distance of 7,240 kilometers. The take-off mass of the aircraft is 115.6 tons, and for landing and take-off, strips of at least 2230 meters length are required.

The scheme

Standard for Boeing 757-200 modellayout of the salon provides for its division into the first, business and economic part. In total, it has 40 rows, each of which consists of six seats, located on the right and left three. This provides a very comfortable arrangement of passengers. Before the seats of the first row are located toilets, in connection with which the best they can not be named. On the other hand, people sitting here have the opportunity to conveniently lay their legs. By the second row, the wall of the sanitary room is almost immediately adjacent. Experienced travelers are advised not to buy tickets in the tenth row to people suffering from back problems, as the backs of the seats here do not recline due to the emergency exit from the rear.

Boeing 757 200 scheme

Good and bad places

Depending on the airline cabin BoeingThe 757-200 is capable of accommodating 200 to 239 passengers. The best places, from the point of view of each of them, may differ. In particular, some people appreciate the proximity of emergency exit, the second - prefer comfortable and comfortable chairs, the third - they want to see a number of sanitary facilities. If we talk about security, then the opinions of almost all experts agree that the best places in this plan are located in the tail section. As evidenced by travelers' reviews, it is best to fly in the 32nd row. The fact is that the backs of the seats are reclined here, and the toilets are quite far away. Do not forget about the business class, where passengers are provided with many additional services.

There is a Boeing 757-200 in the aircraft and not verycomfortable places. According to the reviews of tourists, in the twelfth row for some reason it is always cold, and in the fifteenth - there is no window, so it is uncomfortable. Some inconvenience occurs in passengers from the thirtieth and forties. The fact is that the seats located in them do not recline. Moreover, not far away, respectively, are the toilet and technical room.


From failures and accidents, not one is insuredaircraft. The history of the Boeing 757-200 model has only eight aircraft crashes, which is very small in comparison with other aircraft. Moreover, in most cases, the tragedy did not occur because of a technical malfunction or crew error, but as a result of terrorist acts. For example, in 2001, the twin towers in New York were destroyed as a result of the fact that the liner of this modification crashed into them.

Boeing 757 200 reviews

Whatever it was, the whole car is consideredone of the most robust and reliable aircraft in terms of security. It boasts state-of-the-art support systems, low noise generation and a high level of passenger comfort, despite the fact that the model was discontinued more than ten years ago. This reputation can boast of not every airplane built in our day.

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