Madame Tussauds museum

Among the treasures of world cultural heritageOf particular interest is the Madame Tussauds Museum, which provides an opportunity to learn the history of the foundation and the phased development of wax figures, which, with their embodiment in museum objects, create a model of the real world.

Of particular interest is the very history of hiscreation. At the French court, Dr. Philip Curtis served, who sculpted the wax figures of people known at the time. In 1770, the first exhibition of his works was held, which preceded the future museum, gave birth to its world-famous brainchild. Curtis became the teacher of Maria Tussauds, it was under his sensitive guidance that she blinded her first creation, which brought her success - the figure of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, subsequently appeared waxed Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and many other figures.

The glory of the artist fell at the time of the Frenchrevolution, then she was ordered to remove the posthumous wax masks from the severed heads of the royal family members right at the cemetery. After fulfilling an awful task, Mary predestined the cause of her life. She made many figures of wax, and she drove her Madame Tussauds throughout Britain. Soon (1835), her sons opened a permanent exhibition in London, where the museum is still located. At the time of its opening, it has already gained unprecedented popularity, does not lose its relevance, moreover, it is of increasing interest to this day.

At present, there are manybranches, in many large cities there is the Madame Tussauds Museum - London, New York, Vienna, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and this is not a complete list of metropolises where you can see the exposition of wax figures.

The museum collection numbers over a thousandexhibits, among which not only great people who lived in the XVIII - early XIX century (fashioned personally Madame Tussauds), but also victims of the revolution, in addition, and the most bloodthirsty criminals of those times. Serial killers, villains, victims along with their executioners in the "Chamber of Horrors" are presented, which conveys the atmosphere of an eerie story for five centuries. Cleverly selected lighting along with special effects - a spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

The Madame Tussauds Museum with its eerie atmosphere- a great place for a real photo shoot, the frames turn out amazing! Where else can you take a picture next to Henry IV and Queen Elizabeth, Indira Gandhi and Hitler, Castro and Gaddafi, The Beatles and Lady Gaga, Madonna and Monroe? The exposition is so diverse and numerous, everything here is intertwined - reality with mysticism, present with the past, evildoers next to kings ... Madame Tussauds Museum - a constellation bearing the name of the artist, where long-extinct stars are located along with brightly burning.

The exhibition is constantly updated and updated,so, in connection with the diamond anniversary of Elizabeth II, the famous sculptor Steve Sveils, a new figure of the queen was created. The exhibit replaced the previous copy, created in 2001. At the moment on her, standing in one of the halls of the museum in London, is wearing a silk white dress adorned with 53 000 Swarovski crystals (Swarovski) and breastplates on a blue ribbon over her shoulder. The head of the queen is decorated with a crown, and the neck - made in 1820, a diamond necklace. The queen personally did not consider it suitable, but she gave her royal approval for the creation of the renewed figure, as a result of which the Buckingham Palace was sent the sculptor's measurements taken from Her Majesty.

By the way, the cost of each product,represented in the museum, is an average of fifty thousand dollars. For six months, one figure is made, each year the museum exposition is increased by 20 wax sculptures.

The Madame Tussauds Museum in Amsterdam is the first branch,whose office was opened outside the UK in 1971. There is a popular object among tourists in Dam Square. The museum is attractive for teenagers and children, as well as visitors of different ages, thanks to the equipment of multimedia effects, increased modernization and the availability of professional animators.

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