Engels hotels in the Saratov region

On the left bank of the Volga, three kilometers fromthe regional city of Saratov is a small town of Engels. Some consider it even a continuation of Saratov, since they are separated from each other only by a bridge across the river. But in fact, life in Engels is calmer and more measured, and there are more picturesque green places. Perhaps, that's why some tourists and business travelers prefer the Saratov hotels of the Engels hotel.

Eldorado Engels Hotel, Saratov Region

4 or 5 stars

The starry hotel of Engels is different. Most of them have three stars, but there are also Engels' luxury hotels and Super Business.

Country recreation center "Volzhino" (five stars)is located 6 km from the city center. Its feature is the accommodation of guests not only in the general hotel building, but the opportunity to choose a separate house from the bar. On the territory of "Volzhino" there is a restaurant and a bath complex. Since April, there is an outdoor swimming pool with heated water. And in the cold season, guests can sit in the fireplace hall, talk, have dinner or even sing in karaoke. "Volzhino" is often chosen for corporate events and wedding ceremonies.

Four-star park-hotel "New Age"offers its guests different types of rooms: from standard to premium rooms. The price varies from 950 rubles to 15000 rubles. Even the simplest room is equipped with everything you need - a bed, a refrigerator, a TV, a bathroom. In addition to the usual rooms, the hotel has an equipped conference room, designed for 60 people. In the "New Century" there is a restaurant, a cafe, as well as a karaoke and a sauna.

Engels hotels

In addition, the park hotel provides a service of visiting the marriage registration with a beautiful arch and tent, a red carpet and places for guests. All this pleasure will cost about 20 thousand rubles.

And Russian stars stop here: Nyusha, Margarita Sukhankina, Vlad Topalov and others.

Business Class Hotels

A relatively inexpensive room is provided by Engels' hotels: Volga, German Yard, River Valley, Yalta, Pokrovsk, etc. They belong to the category of business class.

Although all these hotels are similar in that they have threestars, but the interior and prices are different. For 2500 rubles you can stay in a comfortable 20-meter double room of the hotel "Yalta" with air conditioning, refrigerator and TV. The hotel is located on the bank of the Volga, next to the city park.

At 500 rubles more expensive prices in the Germanyard ". Here we offer different categories of rooms, including for newlyweds (it will cost ten thousand rubles). The price includes buffet breakfast. Guest reviews of the hotel in general are positive. Praise the European approach to service and a beautiful view of the Volga.

Hotel "Assembly" is, in fact, a recreation center. Here they rest as in the warm season, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the pool or river, and in winter, celebrating the New Year.

The cheapest

Cheap Engels hotels (Saratov Region),in fact, hostels, offer rooms costing from 450 rubles for one place (hotel 9 CARZ). The service includes free parking, but, according to the guests, it is not protected. Slightly more expensive will cost a bed in a small hotel "Dorozhnaya". For this money it is possible to spend the night in a room, but not to one, but to one or two neighbors. In the same room there is a table and TV, common facilities. You will have to eat in a nearby cafe or you can cook yourself in the common kitchen.

Engels Hotel, Saratov Region

Cheap rooms in hotels "Rusich", "Privolzhskaya", etc. Most of the guests complain that the external situation leaves much to be desired, even with low cost.

The Volga

Located in the center of Engels, the Volga Hoteloffers more than 30 rooms of various categories. The cost of rooms varies from 2900 to 15000 rubles. This price includes breakfast, but not in all categories of rooms. Separately breakfast costs 250 rubles.

hotels in Engels

The hotel has a restaurant with American-style furnishings. The hotel guests spend time there.

The cuisine here is very diverse. There are also Mexican dishes, and Russian, Caucasian and European.

Many tourists often praise the hotel of Engels. The Volga also received positive reviews. Her guests say that the overall atmosphere is very pleasant, clean everywhere, the staff is friendly and unobtrusive. And most of the guests will gladly visit the hotel again.

Engels hotels: "Eldorado"

Park Hotel Eldorado is located not far fromcity ​​center in the green zone. The hotel offers its visitors rooms of the categories "Standard", "Junior Suite" and "Suite". The cost of living for one day here is from 2400 rubles to 5500 rubles. The biggest price in a spacious suite with a jacuzzi.

As an enjoyable timeoffers to steam in a Finnish sauna or relax in the famous "Lada" bar, located on site. There is a tennis court and billiards on the territory of the Eldorado.

hotels of engels elldorado

The same name exists in other citiesRussia hotels. The "Eldorado" of Engels (Saratov region) differs significantly from those of the same name, for example, in the Voronezh region (Rossosh). First, the category of the Engel hotel is higher than Voronezh. Secondly, there are more rooms and additional services.

Promotions in hotels

Because of great competition and in order to attractAdditional guests of the Hotel Engels are held in various actions. So, on weekdays (until Thursday) the hotel "German Courtyard" offers "Wedding" and "Romantic" rooms for seven thousand rubles.

The country house "Volzhino" for registration on the site during the booking accrues points that can be spent to pay for the number next time.

For rooms that are not very popular, hotels make discounts up to 20%. For example, in the hotel "Volga" number "Lux" will cost twelve thousand rubles instead of fifteen.

The beautiful city of Engels welcomes itsdoor to the guests of the city and offers a choice of a large number of places where you can simply spend the night, unwind and relax, and have a delicious meal. And no matter how much money is in the purse of the tourist, a wide variety of hotels will allow them to choose their own suitable option.

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