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Formentera Island - one of the best places in Spainfor relax. Its miniature size and a small number of hotels allow you to find a secluded place for a meeting of sunrise or sunset. Views of the island are simply unforgettable: turquoise water, endless sky, snow-white sand and palm trees. All this brings thoughts of paradise. The uniqueness of the place is given by the immediate proximity of Ibiza with its famous entertainments and parties.

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Geographical position Formentera

In the Mediterranean Sea Balearicisland, which is owned by Spain. Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca are islands of volcanic origin that are located between Europe and Africa. From the Spanish shore, Formentera is separated by a little less than 100 km. The nearest island, Ibiza, is only 6 km, to Majorca - about 80 km. The length of the island is 23 km, the area is 83 sq. Km. km. The relief of Formentera is mostly flat, except for small rocks in the east (La Mola) and in the west (Cap de Barbaria). The northern part of the territories is occupied by salt marshes, here nothing grows at all, there are several small areas covered with forest. The soil of the island is not rich in minerals, it is not suitable for agriculture, therefore the main type of employment of the population is the sphere of tourism. On the island there are four fairly large settlements, the capital - a small town - San Frances. The population density is 120 people per square meter. km.

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Climate and weather

The location almost in the middle of the sea leads tothe fact that Formentera, the weather on which is softer than on the mainland, is in a temperate marine climate zone. The average annual temperature on the island is plus 21 degrees. The sun shines almost all the time here. Sunny days are about 300 per year. On Formentera, the swimming and beach season lasts from late April to October. In summer it is quite hot, the thermometer's column shows 26-30 degrees of heat. Spring and autumn are very comfortable, with an average temperature of +20 degrees. Winter on the island is very mild, the average indicator on the thermometers is kept around +15 degrees. The peculiarity of the Formentera climate is that the water around the island softens the heat in the summer, so there is never a debilitating heat, and in winter the sea neutralizes the influence of cold air masses, so it's warmer than at the same time on the mainland. The only drawback of this geographical location is the strong winds that often fly around the island.

Features of the holiday

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular placesrest in Europe, and the leader in the number of beaches - Spain. Formentera is the most beach place in the country, in fact, here, except for the shore, there is nothing. The peculiarity of the rest on the island is that there is no rich and diverse tourist infrastructure. On the island there are several dozens of hotels and a necessary set of businesses that provide services to tourists. Life on the island is comfortable, but here, first of all, lovers of a calm, measured rest aspire. Noisy parties, water parks and attractions - it's not about Formentera. The beauty is that all of the above is in abundance in Ibiza, which is only 6 km and is very easy to reach by ferry. Therefore, there is a unique opportunity to spend a holiday in peace and quiet, but at any time you can immerse yourself in a noisy social life, do shopping or sightseeing. Feature of local recreation is the absence of a ban on nudism, so you can often see on the beach completely naked people, although they usually choose more secluded places. Since the island mainly comes to tourists from Ibiza, then in the season in the afternoon it is very crowded. Therefore, those who live in the hotels of the island, prefer to go out to the beach in the morning and evening, when the crowd of tourists will wither.

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Beaches Formentera

In general, almost the entire coastline of the island isbeach. There are about 20 beaches here, and they are all excellent. Beaches (Formentera) are covered with soft white sand, in combination with the purest turquoise water - this creates an ideal picture of "paradise" rest. Along the coast of the island there are special algae - Posidonia, which give the water such a beautiful and unusual shade. It is beauty - the main criterion of evaluation, which is applied to the characteristics of local coasts. All the beaches on the island are sandy, usually the entrance to the water is smooth, but there is not a large shoal. Visiting them is free, but for the equipment (umbrellas, chaise lounges, canopies) have to pay. On the shores of Formentera it is almost impossible to meet rescuers, therefore you need to worry about your own safety. In the evenings the beaches are deserted and here you can easily find a place for romantic seclusion. On Formentera it is difficult to choose the best beach, since they are all very good level, but still there are the most famous, comfortable and beautiful. Since the main attraction of the island is beaches, it is worth spending time visiting different beaches. The most interesting are:

- Caval den Borras. It is easy to reach from the port by bus, from here you can see a beautiful view of the nearby islets.

- Lewant. Nearby are salt lakes and picturesque rocks, where you can conduct an interesting photo shoot.

- Calo de S'Oly. On the shore there are several natural pools, in which there is always very warm water.

"Es Pujols." The cleanest beach, on the coast of which there are several small islets, which are easily accessible by swimming.

- Arenals. The shore, surrounded by pine trees, in the south of the island is considered the best place for snorkeling.

- Punta des Borronar. The beach in the north of the island has a satellite - the Ispalmador island, on which you can wade.

The top three most popular beaches are: Playa Illetes, Cala Saona and Playa de Mijon.

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Playa Illetes

Buying vouchers to Spain, tourists representa white sandy scythe, an incredible clean sea and plenty of sunshine. All this fully applies to the beach of Playa Illetes. It is located on a long strip of sand that goes into the water of the Mediterranean Sea. To get to this shore, you will have to overcome a certain distance from the port, it is best to do this on a rented scooter. The beach belongs to the territory of the biosphere reserve, so here is simply the amazing purity of the water and the shore. But this beauty attracts a large number of holidaymakers - this is the most visited beach on the island.

Kala Saona

Near the capital of the island there is a cozy beachKala Saona. It is located in a small rocky bay, according to the Greek legend, it is from here you can see the summit of the sunken Atlantis - the mountain-volcano Es Vedra. The purchase of a trip to Spain, Ibiza or Formentera allows tourists to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of aristocratic recreation. This beach meets the highest standards. In the season here, of course, very crowded, but in the evenings, when the incoming tourists depart for Ibiza, on the beach you can have a great time watching the sunset.

Playa de Mijourne

Another luxury beach that is locatednear the capital, is Playa de Mijourne. The island of Formentera, one day tours for which are in great demand among holidaymakers in Ibiza, offers ideal opportunities for a measured pastime. The beach offers rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, there are organized sales of drinks and food, but there are no entertainments like riding on "bananas" or water attractions. The beauty of the beach is precisely in contemplating the beauty of the water and the sky, and enjoying the sun. The proximity to the city makes this beach relatively easily accessible, so at the height of the day it is extremely crowded.

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Things to do

Spain, Formentera are a great placefor relax. The island is ideal for a quiet beach pastime. Usually tourists here choose a beach to taste and spend time on it. But, when he wants to diversify his leisure, Ibiza comes to the rescue. The ferry Ibiza - Formentera goes several times a day and a one way trip takes only 30 minutes. It is famous for its discos and parties, here you can dance to a fall, relax in fashionable, luxurious restaurants, go for a yacht, go diving or shopping. If this is not enough, you can reach Barcelona in a few hours by ferry or in less than an hour by plane. Here tourists are waited by magnificent sights, smart shopping, a considerable quantity of museums and pleasure institutions. On Formentera also has two clubs in the town of Es Pujols, where you can spend time, there is a rental of equipment for diving, so you can not leave the island and have a great time.

Beaches of Formentera

What to see

Tourists almost always need sights,some famous places with which Spain is very rich. Foreman, unlike other places in the country, can not offer either outstanding architecture or historically significant monuments. Its main advantage and attraction is the sea, the sun and water. On the island is worth visiting the nature reserve Ses Salines, take a walk through fir groves, see two churches, 18 and 19 centuries. History lovers should examine the megaliths of 4-thousand years old at Cape Barbaria and the medieval fortress of Can-Bligh, the lighthouse of La Molay. The symbol Formentera is considered to be windmills, they can be seen in the towns of La Mola, San Ferrán and San Frances.

Hotel Facilities

Formentera, whose hotels are locatedmainly in a high price category, offers accommodation in 130 hotels of different sizes. Since hotels are few, you need to take care of booking a hotel well before the season. Almost from May all the placements have been bought here. You do not have to count on a tent, it's forbidden here. You can choose hotels at a price, although everything is quite expensive or at the location. Closer to the towns the choice of hotels is more, in the villages there can be only one or two hotels, so there is not much to choose from. The most good in the price-quality ratio can be called hotels Sunway Punta Prima and Hotel Riu La Mola with good service, location and services.

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Practical information

Spain, Formentera - a beach holiday destination,so you should immediately tune into a measured pastime. Local people are never in a hurry, at the weekend all shops and services are closed, as well as during the siesta. Moving around the island is taken on scooters, bicycles or on foot. Cars are closed in many places. The island has a deficit of fresh water, so it is expensive. But you can eat in different price ranges. Here, the most fresh seafood is always offered, which is the basis of the diet of local residents.


Formentera, about which you can find ontourist sites, is perceived by tourists as a paradise. All tourists note that the island is very quiet, especially in the morning and evening. There are many places for walks, for seclusion. Holidaymakers say that during the season it is difficult to find a place to stay, so you need to start looking for a hotel six months before the expected vacation.

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