Lazarevskoe, "Sea Star" (boarding house). Aqua Park "Sea Star" in Lazarevsky

A great attraction is the resortcities. And our Russian corners in no way inferior to European ones. A huge number of tourists, crowded beaches and hotels - a vivid confirmation of this. Those tourists who do not like hustle and bustle, choose small towns for recreation. Popular among Russians is Lazarevskoye. "Starfish" - this is what institution brought to this locality of fame. What attracts our compatriots?

Lazarevsky starfish

A special aura of the south

All Russians know Sochi. This resort town is a symbol of a good holiday. And not far from it is Lazarevskoye. The boarding house "Starfish" is comfortably located in the center of the village. It is this place that attracts curious tourists. After all, Lazarevskoe seashore is rightfully considered one of the ecologically clean regions in the south of Russia. Agree, this is the only reason that makes you want to visit it.

Healing climate

They say that it is here that the subtropics begin. This is the same climatic zone, which attracts the northerners and residents of the middle belt. That's why many of us do not mind visiting Lazarevskoe. "Starfish" is an excellent sanatorium where you can spend time not only interesting, but also with health benefits. The climate here, like no other, contributes to healing from infirmities.

Lazarevskoye: sanatorium "Sea Star"

Those who are not familiar with the Sochi neighborhoods,will not be disappointed, first saw the famous boarding house. The building is surrounded by a chic park. Its area is 4 hectares. Exotic plants characteristic of the subtropics, will meet you here in all its splendor. Tired travelers from the sunlight reliably hide the shadow of trees. But hardly anyone of you wants to hide all the time in the park. After all, there is a beach nearby, which is famous for Lazarevskoe. "Starfish" is located 200 meters from it. And it's only 5 minutes walk. On the beach you can rent a boat or water bike. Experience unprecedented hitherto sensations, feel yourself one on one with the sea. Fans of the underwater world are waiting for a lot of interesting things. You will have the opportunity to dive and explore the depths of the sea. The necessary equipment is given for a fee.

lazarevskoe boarding house starfish

All the best - for tourists

It is this motto that can characterize the levelservice. Hospitality and friendliness to vacationers - this is what Lazarevskoe can offer you. "Starfish" (photo of the building casts thoughts on coziness and luxurious rest) has all the conditions for a comfortable stay there.

Three buildings are ready to meet the guests. Double and triple rooms are striking with European-style renovation and modern design. They are equipped with bathrooms. Each room has a balcony, which is so nice to sit in the evening and enjoy the sunset. In addition, the rooms have a refrigerator and a TV.

starfish lazarevskoye prices

If you want to live alone, then youyou should choose the third case. That's where there are single rooms. In those cases where you like a large company, it is better to settle in the first building. There are blocks called "two plus two" in it. That is, in one block there are 2 numbers.

As for food, you are not hungry herewill remain. 3 times a day you can eat in the dining room boarding house. Also on its territory is a cafe with an exotic name "Indira". There you can try delicacies for every taste.

Combine business with pleasure

You want not only to rest, but also to correctown health? This unique opportunity gives you a trip to Lazarevskoe. "Starfish" specializes in various diseases. The main ones are:

  • Lazarevsky water park
    Diseases of the respiratory system. Unfortunately, Tuberculosis and asthma are not treated here. But if you are tortured with bronchitis, then you have come to the right place.
  • Disturbances of the nervous system. None of us are immune from stress.
    Rest in the "Starfish" will help restore shaky health. A wonderful addition to the healing complex will be a salty sea breeze.
  • Heart problems. Angina pectoris and arrhythmia, postinfarction state - with all these ailments you can try to fight in Lazarevsky boarding house.
  • Violation of the circulatory system.

Among the treatment procedures, inhalations and therapeutic baths, physiotherapy and various types of massage (vacuum and manual) are popular.

Useful information for travelers

When going to visit a sanatorium in Lazarevsky, remember:

  • It is necessary to have a passport, a ticket and a policy.
  • Children are accepted only from 3 years old.
  • The sanatorium is open for holidaymakers only from May to October.

In general, you will enjoy the "Starfish"(Lazarevskoye). The prices here are quite acceptable. In June and September you will pay 500 rubles per day. Accommodation in July will be 700 rubles. The most expensive month is August. The day will cost 800 rubles.

Dolphin therapy

Have you ever heard of such treatment? In Sochi, you will have the opportunity to try all the delights of this method on yourself.

Starfish Lazarevsky Dolphinarium
After all, this is another highlight of the sanatorium "Marinestar "(Lazarevskoye). The Dolphinarium is in close proximity to the medical complex. You will have the opportunity to communicate closely with these marine animals.

The beneficial effects of dolphinson the human body, has been seen for a long time. For 25 years now, a method such as dolphin therapy has been used. These animals have a positive effect on the nervous system, stimulate the immune and metabolic processes of the body, restore the hormonal balance. Even stubborn skeptics, after attending the dolphinarium, recognized his healing power.

Lazarevskoe: water park "Starfish"

Another miracle, which can boast a small Sochi village. Sometimes it seems that a whole scattering of stars is gathered here. And each of them is able to captivate and surprise.

Lazarevsky starfish photo

Why is the water park attractive?

  • Firstly, it is located not far from the sanatorium of the same name and is a universal institution for lovers of the water element. Here, both adults and children will find themselves.
  • Secondly, you can spend all day in the park. It works until 8 pm.
  • Thirdly, the water oasis provides entertainmentfor every taste. Love extremes and crave unusual feelings? At your service are attractions "Kamikaze" and "Space Ball". Fans of a more relaxing holiday can be advised "Black pipe".
  • Fourthly, in the water park you expect a fewpools. One of them with waterfalls, the other with artificial waves. So what if the sea next to you? Splash in this pool - not at all less pleasure.
  • Fifth, in the territory of this kingdom of water there are several catering establishments, where you can have a tasty snack.

In a word, in the water park "Starfish" there is everything to feel happy.

The whole range of entertainment in Lazarevsky

But this is far from the onlyattractions that you can visit in the resort village. To not be bored on vacation, you can explore the village from and to, and at the same time look into very interesting places. For example, these are:

  1. Waterpark "Nautilus". It is far from the sanatorium, but why not take a walk and not admire the chic mountain landscape. The Caucasus froze in its majestic silence, and how beautiful it all is! "Nautilus" - the largest water complex on the whole Black Sea coast, not to visit it - just a crime. In addition, a huge number of attractions will give an opportunity to relax in full.
    lazarevskoe health resort starfish
  2. The oceanarium. For those who do not venture to sink to the seabed with a mask, there is another opportunity to get acquainted with the underwater world. Go to the entertainment center "Dolphin" - and you will be rewarded with the opportunity to see exotic fish, reptiles and mammals. It is there that the oceanarium is located, which met the first visitors not so long ago - in 2008.
  3. Zoo. Young naturalists are sure to like it in the realm of beasts. There are not many of them here, but it attracts the opportunity to pat the thoroughbred rabbit behind your ear or hold the guinea pig on your hands. Such close contact with nature is hardly possible in a large zoo.
  4. The penguin. If you really study the fauna, it's not by pictures, but by personal acquaintance. For this purpose, visit the Lazarevsky penguinarium. It definitely will not disappoint you. Humboldt penguins, fur seals, African monkeys will look at you curiously. For animals, conditions are created here that are as close to natural as possible. It's interesting to look at exotics!

As you can see, the trip to Lazarevskoe promises you many pleasant moments. Is it time to pack your bags and go on an exciting trip?

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