Dzhubga (Embankment): a dream vacationer

One of the most beautiful places on the Black SeaDzhubga settlement is considered. The embankment of this small corner of paradise is so beautiful that it attracts many tourists and tourists every year. The street is located directly along the sea, and then smoothly turns along the river. It is this river that owes its name to Djubga. The embankment, whose photo speaks for itself, is dotted with many guest houses. They are designed for vacationers of different wealth and taste, so everyone can find here a cozy corner for themselves.

Street romance

dzhubga quay
It should be noted that this, of course, is not the onlystreet in the village of Dzhubga. The embankment is not even central, nevertheless it is popular due to its proximity to the sea. And what else is needed for a holiday-maker, how not the sea at his side? Walking around the village, you here and there will meet small and large holiday homes, in which people begin to crowd, starting in June. But those who have ever lived on the Embankment Street are no longer destined to live elsewhere, as they fall in love with its beauty. It is very romantic - to walk in the evening along the street along the sea, and then along the river bank and listen to the murmur of the water.

We will tell you about several guest houses,who are there, but this is not all the options. For those who plan to come here, it should be noted that, in addition to accommodation, there is a wide choice of excursions. You can live in a quiet place on the Embankment, while all day to travel around the neighborhood and explore the beauty of the Black Sea coast. But how nice after a busy day to return to a cozy nest, where you can safely rest and take a breath.


dzhubga embankment photo
Let's start with the guest house, which is locatedto the address: pos. Dzhubga, Embankment, 7. This is the famous "Dolphin". Being just a minute from the sea, this place offers rooms of different class for living from two to four people. Depending on the amenities the price ranges from 300 to 1000 rubles per day from one person. Although there is no canteen in the territory, there are equipped kitchens for self-cooking. It is very convenient, and many families want to eat just like that. As amenities "Dolphin" offers:

  • TV with local cable TV,
  • air conditioning,
  • fridge in the room,
  • free wireless internet.

For those who want to dine or have dinner insome institution, nearby there are cafes and dining rooms. A lot of shops are available around the clock, and a variety of attractions will not let any guest get bored.


jubga street embankment

By the address: settlement Dzhubga, street Naberezhnaja, 56 the guest house "Aist" is located. People can afford to relax here, even with very limited financial resources, since they are offered economy class rooms specially for them. But there are also standard rooms, equipped with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. Being five minutes from the sea, this place has the same advantages as the Dolphin. The proximity to the nearby shops and cafes makes the holiday especially pleasant and convenient. It should be noted that inside there is also a dining room provided with all necessary appliances. There is own parking, so you do not have to worry about your car. For an additional fee, you can take a brazier and have a great picnic in the gazebo in the courtyard.


dzhubga street embankment

Guest house "Alenka" is located at: pos. Dzhubga, st. Embankment, 20. A feature of this place is the fact that the owners opened their own store already inside. Here you can buy any products that you need for food and cooking. And you can cook in the kitchen, which is equipped with everything necessary for this. The same vacationers who do not want to spend time cooking can eat in the dining room, also located inside the guest house. Rooms can accommodate from two to six people. Free internet is available on site. The owners of the house offer a transfer service from the train station to the house and back.

"Oasis by the Sea"

dzhubga quay
But at the address of the village. Dzhubga, Naberezhnaya, 9a is a wonderful cottage called "Oasis by the Sea". The name speaks for itself. The hosts tried to create a small paradise, and they did it. Here you can rent:

  • double rooms with toilet and shower on the floor;
  • comfortable rooms for two, three or four people;
  • four-bedded rooms with a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen in the room.

Among other things, it is proposed to usekitchen for cooking, shower cabins. For an additional fee you can visit a Russian bath. Separate entertainment is invented for families with children. A beautiful playground is not left without attention of a single child. Private parking provides security for your car throughout the rest.

"Three sisters"

dzhubga quay
And the last place, which you will describe inthis article is a guest house "Three Sisters". It is located at: pos. Dzhubga, Quay, 50. This place is just on the river, and in the evenings you can enjoy the murmur of water. The highlight of the place is the presence of a pool, around which there are many sun loungers. If you want to cook food yourself, you can use the kitchen, and for the rest you can eat in the dining room. There is an installed menu, and meals can become complex.

Very comfortable pavilions inside the yard can accommodatea large campaign, and for an additional fee you can rent a brazier and fry shish kebabs. As for rooms, there are rooms for two, three and four people, with amenities both in the room and on the floors. This makes it possible to vary the price for accommodation. All rooms are medium in size, but furnished with taste. A special feature of the house is its proximity to the water park. It is directly opposite, you only need to cross the river.

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