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How to save money on organizing a flight toAsian countries? What to do to get really cheap tickets? You can get an answer to these and other questions by paying attention to the low-costers of Asia. In the article presented, I would like to consider a list of the best companies that allow you to travel around the world, having a limited budget.

What are the advantages of cooperating with loukosterov?

Low-costers from Russia to Asia offer the following:

  • markedly reduced prices in comparison with well-known, reputable airlines;
  • the ability to quickly organize a transfer by booking tickets online;
  • permission for eating food and drinks on board (due to this option, no food in the standard package of services no longer seems a serious drawback);
  • If there are vacant seats, the stewardesses are allowed to occupy any seat in the cabin of the aircraft.

low cost airlines in Asia

Disadvantages of low-costers

Choosing for the organization of travel, low-costers fromMoscow to Asia, you can forget about comfort. The distance between the seats on board the plane will be ideal for children and thin, thin girls, but not for tall, adult men.

Even the very best low-costers in Asia are rareprovide passengers with meals on board. If the traveler hopes for a good dinner, he will have to pay a decent amount for it, which can be equal to half the cost of the ticket itself. The same goes for drinks. If the passenger did not bring them with him, the water will need to be bought from the stewardess, or to wait for the aircraft to land, suffering from thirst.

One of the main shortcomings of the Asianloukosterov, and budget airlines from other regions, is the need to make extra fees for luggage. Therefore, referring to the services of such airlines, it is recommended to take on board less things.

Low-costers of Asia most often fly out and sit down inairports at the most inconvenient time for a passenger. This is one of the factors that contributes to reducing the cost of tickets. In fact, budget airlines close holes in the airport's schedule between the arrival and departure of large companies' liners.

Low costers from Moscow to Asia

Another sin, which was fixed forloukosterami, - frequent transfers and delays of scheduled flights. This, in turn, becomes a serious inconvenience for passengers who step-by-step plan the future journey.

So we figured out what advantages anddisadvantages is cooperation with budget airlines. Now let's look at the basic low-costers of southeast Asia and the Asian region in general, which deserve the attention of passengers.

Air Asia

Heads the list of companies, which includesthe best low-costers of Asia, the most famous carrier of this category - Air Asia. Presented airlines offer travelers the opportunity to organize the cheapest flights. Using the services of the company, it is possible for a moderate fee to get to almost all the largest cities in the south-eastern part of Asia. Considering the above, it is not surprising that the carrier to this day has the status of the best low-budget operator in the world.


The fleet of the presented loukoster is based in Australia. The carrier is a part of the largest airline of this country - Qantas.

Low cost airlines in South East Asia

The main advantage of the Jetstaris a wide range of routes that extend to the entire territory of New Zealand and Australia. Prices here are as good as in the case of Air Asia airlines. The only drawback of the low-coster can be considered frequent flight transfers, which is a common practice for the company, which experienced travelers are no longer surprised.

Tiger Airways

The company's fleet is located in Singapore andensures the movement of passengers for a modest fee, not only abroad, but also within the country. To use the services of a loukoster is recommended to people with a very limited budget who do not suffer from claustrophobia. After all, the bulk of carrier liners have close lounges in which people are placed to each other as tightly as possible. In this case, most departures will start only if the aircraft is fully filled. Otherwise, flights are often transferred until the condition is satisfied.


The low-cost fleet is based in Malaysia. The airlines are a subsidiary of one of the largest carriers of the world - Malaysia Airlines.

Low-costers from Russia to Asia

Firefly mainly specializes inorganization of budget flights in the middle of Malaysia. In particular, carrier liners regularly fly to one of the most popular resorts - Borneo. These airlines are suitable for domestic tourists who wish to get to the paradise island, saving as much money as possible.


The company looks like the best loukoster for those,who precisely determined the date of departure and is ready to regularly monitor the operator's offers on the site. Ticket sales start suddenly and start at the lowest prices. However, their number is limited. Therefore, deciding to give preference to the services of the company, you need to make an effort to eventually find yourself on board a suitable aircraft.

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