The temperature in June in Egypt: will the rest be comfortable?

Egypt associates with us with winter rest. It's nice right from the frosty frosts and drifts or slush and dank fog to get to comfortable + 23-25 ​​° C on the Red Sea shore. But what about the summer months? Since May, prices for tours to this African country are beginning to fall precipitously. It is very tempting to purchase a ticket at a low price. And on the other hand, a bit scary: if there in winter + 25 ° C, then how in June in Egypt? What there, probably, heat! And if adults can still bear this heat, will the child be safe there? Let's look at all aspects of summer holidays in Egypt.


Temperature in June in Egypt

Our body adapts to the environment. Since autumn, the face and hands are gradually getting used to the cold. Excessive temperature changes negatively affect our health. Therefore, in winter, when you get from -15 ° С to + 24 ° С, the body needs acclimatization. Particularly hard to tolerate such a temperature jump children. They need a couple of days to get used to the fact that around them - summer. After all, the column of the thermometer suddenly jumped by forty degrees! And what about in the summer? Yes, the temperature in June in Egypt is stable at + 33-35 ° C, sometimes jumping to + 45 ° C. But in our latitudes in summer, too, there is heat, and not comic. So: coming from a country where + 27 ° С, to Egypt, where the heat is just over thirty degrees, you will not feel a temperature jump. The body will not feel a shock, and you do not need a period for acclimatization.

Subjective feelings

Weather in Egypt for June

In our perception of heat and cold, an importantimportance is the factor, such as the relative humidity of the air. Never noticed that the Siberian frosts are transported more easily than the dank winter in St. Petersburg? And all because the moisture in the air makes its way to the warmest clothes. The same can be said about the heat. Thirty degrees with a plus mark in Moscow and Hurghada are two completely different temperature regimes. And if in the Russian capital you will suffocate from stuffiness and proceed then, at the resorts of the Red Sea dry air and a light breeze will make the summer heat almost imperceptible. There are, of course, especially hot days when the temperature in June in Egypt can rise to + 50 ° C. But it's not for long. In addition, the powerful air-conditioners in hotels perfectly cope with their task.

Pleasant evenings and nights

Tourists who visited Egypt in the winter, note oneannoying circumstance. It is worth the sun to hide behind the horizon, as it begins to rapidly cool down. The reason for this is still the same low relative humidity. Water, as you know, slowly heats up, but it keeps the heat longer. Dry air cools down quickly. The temperature rapidly falls from +24 ° С to + 15 ° С. Therefore, winter tourists dress in evening sweaters, sweaters and even jackets. Sleeping is also recommended with closed windows, if you do not want to wake up with a cold or cough. But the temperature in June in Egypt has to romantic walks in the evenings. At comfortable + 25 ° С it is pleasant to wander along the water's edge or to sit in the gazebo in the park.

In the hotel you can turn off the air conditioner, open thebalcony doors and listen to the splash of the waves running into the sand. Another argument in favor of summer holidays in Egypt is the lack of strong winds. They are a real headache for winter tourists. You need to find a place to hide from the cold wind for some kind of curb, and some beach-dwellers even dig. The weather in Egypt for the month of June is always such that it frees tourists from these troubles. Only a light breeze from the sea refreshes the heat.

As in June in Egypt

Warm sea

Tour operators insist that the water temperature inThe Red Sea never falls below the mark at + 20 ° C. They say corals do not survive in a colder environment. All this is so. But do not forget that there is shallow water. This is exactly the coastline where we go into the sea. And there the water cools during long winter nights and under the influence of a cold wind. Agree, it is not very comfortable to get into + 13 ° C and to gape under the gusts of the wind to the depth, in the hope that the sea is about to become warmer. Another thing - in the summer, when a quite comfortable water temperature is established.

Egypt in June beckons to the sea and local residents frommegacities. For them, +20 ° C is like swimming in an ice hole for us. But + 27 ° C - just what you need. Also, your child will not earn a cold, if, like all children like to do, it will wobble in the water for hours. But here you need to pay attention to not getting sunburn. Use creams with maximum protection filters.

Summer holidays in Egypt

Water temperature in Egypt in June

Should be in this barrel of honey, thoughsome spoonful of tar? Yes, it is. If you want to see historical sights, choose another time to visit this country. The heat in June in Egypt is well tolerated on the coast, but not in the interior of the continent (where, in fact, the pyramids and museums are located). In Luxor, for example, the heat and in the winter reaches + 30 ° C. And what about summer? It is unlikely that you want at plus fifty and under the scorching sun without a hint of a shadow wandering among the ancient ruins. Also, summer Egypt is counter-indicative to hypertensive patients and cores. Be careful with the sun to people with very white skin - you can earn a sunburn, only half an hour buying in the sea.

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