Gorky Park or Green Park

Gorky Park is the main park thatis located in the city of Moscow. Very often this territory is called a city-dweller in another way - Green Park. Let's consider the information in the article in more detail.

About the park

For visitors the park is open around the clock. This allows you to visit it at any time of the day and night and relax. There is no fee for staying in the park. Admission is free and free. Green park can be visited with small children. For this purpose, the administration has rooms for the mother and the child: here you can change the baby, feed him or put him to bed. Also, it is possible to charge the phone or other digital equipment, since there are rosettes in the park. After all, the discharge of the phone, as always, happens at an inopportune time and in an unforeseen place. For lovers of bike riding there is a specially equipped bicycle path. Also on the territory there are children's playgrounds, parking.

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What to do in Gorky Park?

If you decide to visit the park in the winter, thenyour attention is invited to a street art skating rink. This year there will be presented all kinds of street art. You can see and see for yourself.

For the first time on the rink a quest will be presented. Participants of the quest will plunge into the atmosphere of the New Year holidays of the past centuries. With the help of the involved characters, participants will search for clues, as well as answers to questions.

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Interesting pastime in the park for kids

Green Park Gorky launched the projectmusical development for kids. A highly qualified teacher conducts classes with a musical bias for the youngest. After all, early musical development has a positive effect on the correct formation of personality.

In the classroom, children try themselves in singing, dancing, and also participate in games, plunging into an interesting and exciting world of fairy tales.

Green Park is also presenting the project "Krokingfor mothers. "There is an opportunity to leave their children for skilled employees, and moms at this time can devote themselves to creativity or work on business ideas.

Attractions of the park

The park is divided into three zones: the Parterre, Neskuchny Garden and Vorobyovy Gory.

In a territory that is known as the Ground Floor,there are the following places of interest: the observatory, where you can watch the stars and planets, the Gorky Park Museum, the parachute tower, where there is the possibility to make a jump with a parachute, and much more.

If you are hungry during walks in the park, you can always try the dishes in the restaurant "Aunt Motya". Here, the chefs prepare deliciously and at home.

For the fifth year running running club"Nike." Training is designed for varying degrees of physical fitness. For beginners, the training consists of a short run.

In summer there is an open-air cinema in the park. And that's not all the sights that are here.

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Neskuchny garden unites the following famous places: the hunting lodge, the grotto of Count Orlov, the Cascade fountain, the greenhouse, the Green Theater and much more.

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On the territory called Vorobyovy Gory, you can visit the Andreevsky Monastery, the Luzhnetsk metro bridge, the escalator gallery, and also visit the mines.

In the park there are special places,where you can communicate with animals. There are two pheasanteries here, in which three varieties of pheasants live. There is also a place where you can see the rabbits. On the ponds you can see the majestic birds - white and black swans. Very often visitors to the park carry nuts for squirrels. They are so tame here that they can come very close and take food. An important point is that the nuts for protein should only be fresh, as fried will harm the fluffy animals.

If a trip to the Green Park, a photo of which is attached to the article, is planned from another city, then, first of all, you should get to Moscow.

How to proceed? Where to find Green Park, how to get to it? Gorky Park is located near the metro station called "Park of Culture". After you arrived at the station, you need to cross the Moscow River bridge, the time to spend is about 5 minutes. Leaving the bridge, you will immediately see the main gate of the Gorky Park. You can also get from the Oktyabrskaya metro station.

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