Hotel Karmir Resort SPA 5 * (Kemer, Turkey): description, photo and reviews

Karmir Resort SPA - hotel located inthe picturesque village of Goynuk, almost on the beach. Only 150 meters separates this complex from clean water and a spacious beach. And quite a bit from the center of Kemer. In general, the location is very advantageous - nearby is Antalya, just 45 kilometers away. However, such a location is not the only plus of this place.

Tourism Center

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What attracts tourists in Turkey? Of course, the sea, but in these places there are a lot of other interesting sights, created both by nature and by man. In any case, if you get tired of going to the beach, you can admire the city, the surroundings, go for souvenirs to the markets, explore the proposed range. In general, in Turkey, anyone will find something to do. The tourism center - that's how you can call it to the fullest. It is in this city that most of the sights of the whole region are concentrated. Tourist objects, architecture, historical places can all be visited here. Not without reason, tours to Kemer are considered to be one of the most popular offers in the world! Tourists here attract a lot, including the Mediterranean comfortable climate. Because here you can not only have a good rest, but also improve your health. In addition, this is a great place for fans to make beautiful photos - the places here are very picturesque and exotic. This and many other things attract tourists to Turkey. And, of course, everyone knows about the luxury hotels and high-class services in these places. This should be talked about.

Five-star luxury in luxury apartments

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In the hotel Karmir Resort SPA there are 299 rooms, from255 standard, 32 - family, 2 - for families with children, 6 - for honeymooners and newlyweds, and four for people with disabilities. All rooms are cleanly cleaned - cleaning is done every day, and linen is changed every other day. All rooms are equipped with TVs, air conditioning, telephones. Guests can book an apartment with a terrace or balcony - depending on the wishes. There is also a wireless access to the World Wide Web, mini bar, satellite TV, telephone, necessary toiletries, and even central heating with an electronic safe. As you can see, the hotel administration made sure that the guests who made the decision to stop there, felt at home. The same was reflected in the food services: Ultra All Inclusive, that is "ultra all inclusive". Guests definitely will not remain hungry, and this is undoubtedly a plus. By the way, it's worth noting one interesting fact: in spite of the fact that the hotel opened recently (in May of current year, 2014), it has already won the recognition of many grateful tourists. And, of course, this is only the beginning.

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Entertainment and other services

Karmir Resort SPA 5 * (Goynyuk) is not onlyan excellent hotel in order to eat and sleep in it. There are also many other services that make it an entertainment center for Turkish guests. Amphitheater, banquet hall, a la carte restaurant, beach bar, disco, poolside (which, by the way, on the hotel several), wireless Internet and much more. Some tourists decide to come to Karmir Resort SPA 5 * (Turkey) with their children. And you can even not doubt the decision, because small guests will definitely be interested in playing on the playground, ride on water slides, dance at a disco for the little ones, try different traditional sweets and treats. Of course, the hotel offers the services of a professional nanny - only you need to negotiate with the administration in advance so that they can prepare a specialist for the arrival of guests. The hotel can accommodate children of any age, and if a small guest is less than 11 years old, you will not even have to pay for it. Also, if the child is not two years old, then a baby cot is placed in the room, and there is no need to pay for the accommodation either.

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The highlight of the hotel

What distinguishes the hotel Karmir Resort SPA 5 * fromother accommodation facilities? Its zest is in the name itself. This is a SPA-center, which provides high-quality cosmetic services. In this center you can get all the pleasures for the soul and body. If there is a desire, then it is proposed to undergo health procedures in the appropriate center. For lovers of relaxation, the services of an upscale masseur are fully offered. Also there is an excellent Turkish bath, which must necessarily go, if a person was in this country. After all, the traditional hammam is what Turkey is famous for, and in this five-star hotel it is really good.

Help and problem solving

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Often, a person who has fallen into someone else's state,it is very difficult to navigate on the spot. A lot of questions and problems arise that require immediate resolution. It is not very comfortable to rest if the person is concerned about something. In Karmir Resort SPA this is well understood, which is why they are very attentive to each of their guests. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, and a tour desk is available. Here you can even take a dry cleaning or laundry. There is also a small corner where you can make photocopies of any documents or receive a fax. By the way, it is necessary to note one more important moment. Many newcomers have problems with the language. Of course, almost everyone teaches English, but sometimes this also raises questions. The staff at Karmir Resort SPA speaks four languages: Russian, German, Turkish and English. So you can go to this place with a calm soul, knowing what they will always understand and help.

Reviews and comments

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Everything indicates that Karmir Resort SPA HotelThis is an excellent option for an unforgettable vacation. Indeed, according to the description of another and not say. However, there is one more aspect that helps determine the choice of the hotel. This is feedback. But they also please the eye. Many people say that all the luxury of Karmir Resort SPA 5 * photos or comments to convey fully incapable. But nevertheless they speak about it in a positive way. They note the accelerated process of settlement, cozy and clean rooms with comfortable furniture and everything necessary for living. Special attention was paid to the food system: tourists are delighted with the variety of dishes provided. A wide variety of salads, meat, fish, fruits, sweets, cheese, olives and much more - all this at the hotel treat their guests. With attention to the guests are not only on the registration desk. For example, the newlyweds maids, daily cleaning in the rooms, decorate the rooms in every possible way - for example, do hearts made of towels. Such attention is pleasant, and it should be noted.

Seaside holidays

Youth companies, young families, elderly couples,lovers of solitary tourism - absolutely everyone comes to Turkey mainly in order to enjoy a beach holiday. And Karmir Resort SPA is perfect for this. Spacious beach, clear sea, warm sun - here you can get all the pleasures of sea recreation. Satisfied tourists, by the way, note that there have never been any problems with sunbeds and other beach accessories, so you should not worry about this. Even at the height of the season on the beach there will always be a place - the coastline stretches quite far.

Overall Impression

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In general, we can say that this hotel -A great option for such a holiday, in the process of which a person feels himself the master of life. Back home freshened, rested and with a baggage of emotions - what else do you need? If you stay at Karmir Resort SPA, then you can not worry about bright impressions - they will. During the whole day, various entertainment events are held, so you will not get bored even if you decide to stay in the hotel. If you want spectacles, then you can listen to live music in the evening program or watch a spectacular dance show. If you want to try some delicacies, then you do not have to go far: confectionery, snack bar, cafe and ice cream kiosks - all this is offered to the guests of the complex. By the way, lovers of an active lifestyle definitely will like billiards, darts or table tennis. In general, everything for the soul and body.

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