City resort of Burgas Bulgaria - economic rest for all

An interesting location on the Burgas coastGulf allowed a small village of Burgas (Bulgaria) to grow into a major transport center of the country. In Burgas, sea, rail, road and air routes intersect.

Geographical location and natural featureshelped Bourgas to become a tourist center. The low height of the coast served as the formation in the vicinity of Burgas of three large lakes, representing lagoons: Atanasovskoe, Burgas and Madren. They are famous for their mud and balneological sources, as well as for the uniqueness of birds nesting on their shores. Therefore, the surrounding area of ​​these lakes is a reserve, listed in the Red Book and being world natural values.

Interesting and beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Burgas. They have a dark color due to impurities of magnetite, have a curative effect. The beach is quite wide - about a hundred meters.

Nature and pleasant climate attract tourists intours "Burgas Bulgaria" constantly. Well, it is not by chance that this place in ancient times chose veterans of the Roman army as their retreat ?! Today, holiday in Burgas is an opportunity for a healthy beach holiday, exciting excursions.

It is believed that the tour "Burgas Bulgaria" is muchmore economical than trips to other Black Sea towns of Bulgaria, for example, to Varna or Plovdiv. Despite the fact that Bourgas is the second largest seaport, rest here is calm and measured.

Excursion tours "Burgas Bulgaria" will pleaselovers of history. In the vicinity of the modern resort at different times was the military colony of the Roman emperor Vespasian, and the ancient clinic Aqua Kalidae, and the medieval fortress Pirgos. Such a diverse story is reflected in the exhibits of the unique City Historical Museum, as well as the Ethnographic Museum. The natural wealth of the Burgas region is captured in the Natural History Museum of Burgas.

The streets of the city are no less interesting. Seven kilometers along the sea stretches the famous Marine Park, which is famous for its monuments, sculptures, Summer Theater.

From the architectural monuments of tourists attractsChurch of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Armenian Church. And, of course, the famous Burgas baths, which have an ancient history. Currently, there is a recreation center, mud clinics.

Bourgas is the cultural center of the BulgarianThe Black Sea. Every year, on the stages and stages of the resort, music festivals are held, bringing together lovers of classical and modern music. Participants in these holidays are adults and children.

A wide promenade leading from the Seapark, invites vacationers to stroll, enjoy cozy restaurants, souvenir shops. For shopping, tourists go to the street "Alexandrovka", where not only souvenirs, but also jewelry, books, clothes and clothes are taken away for memory.

However, in the city there are also opportunities for activeand a merry holiday. The city water park, amusement park Otmanni, extreme sports are available on a relaxing day, and numerous clubs in Burgas attract those who do not sleep at night.

Going on vacation, you will make a direct flightin Burgas from Moscow. You can stay in hotels, as well as in numerous hotels and private apartments. Those wishing to take two large camping. In Burgas, inexpensive car rental, which will allow you to make independent trips to the surroundings of the resort. It is believed that food for tourists here is also much more economical in various snack bars, inns, pizzerias. Restaurants of the city are known for their orchestras and interesting show programs.

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