To all tourists it is important to know where in November the warm sea

Many people, despite the fact that summerends in August, easily prolong this season, visiting warm countries. However, in order to make the rest really successful and you did not get into the zone of cool temperatures, it is important to know in which month where the heat is, and where - not very much. In the article, we will try to figure out where in November a warm sea, which will strengthen the strength and prepare for the upcoming New Year holidays.

where the warm sea in November
Very often rest to the azure waves are leavingnamely in November, when the desire to return the summer that has just passed is sometimes insurmountable. The most relevant country at this time is Egypt, you can get to it quickly and without special tricks. The main thing is to choose a resort that is located as far as possible to the south, since in the northern cities of this ancient mysterious country it begins to get colder with the onset of winter.

Unconventional and memorable can betrip to Thailand. If you are looking for a place with a warm sea in November, then this exotic island country is an ideal option for you. Here you can lie on a white sand on the island of Phuket, plunge into the insane shopping and entertainment on Pattaya, or learn the basics of windsurfing on the islands of Krabi. In Thailand, there are no cold weather, so you can visit its beaches all year round.

For lovers of distant travel the answer to the questionabout where in November the warm sea is, is simple - in the countries of Central America. Here your attention is given a very wide, and most importantly - colorful choice. Among the states located in the Caribbean, the queen is Mexico and its unforgettable Cancun. Here you can plunge into the Riviera Maya, as well as visit the world's only underwater museum. More budget options in this region will be the island states - Guatemala, Jamaica, Panama, Dominican Republic.

where in November the warm sea
If you are looking for a warm sea in November, youthe city for which you can die is also suitable, Miami. Of course, the prices there are somewhat high, but it has everything: mirror skyscrapers, chic villas with pools, palm trees and the most beautiful tropical plants, and, of course, a warm ocean surf. And if you do not like vanity, then the country beaches of Miami will become a real paradise for you.

That's where in November the warm sea is really - sothis is on the islands that are scattered on the world ocean of our planet. When choosing such resorts, always be guided by the state system established in them. Hawaii - another state of America, so there is always fun and noisy, and the service, of course, at the highest level. Seychelles is an independent state near Africa. This is a Catholic country, and it does not impose any strict rules of conduct on its guests. All those archipelagos that stretch in the waters of the Indian Ocean, as a rule, are Buddhist states.

warm sea in November

The place where the warm sea in November is the MiddleEast. The choice of resorts here is very wide - the UAE, Israel, Iran. Only, going to the homeland of Scheherazade, remember the dress code - it is very scrupulous to look at the appearance of women. Although on site you can always relax and stroll in the usual clothes for you.

The warm sea in November is a real fairy tale,which, though lasts a short time, but is remembered forever. Many people dream of leaving for warm countries from a cold and rainy city. Today it is possible to realize these desires.

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