Hotel Aquarius 3 * (Budva, Montenegro, Budva Riviera): description, reviews

Montenegro, once part of Yugoslavia,has not so many seaside resorts, because the extent of its coastline is only 300 km. Of these, on the equipped beaches there is one-fourth, that is, 73 km. But despite this, the rest here is wonderful. We invite you to look in the small family hotel Aquarius 3 *. Budva is the city where it is located, and at the same time the best and most cheerful resort in the country. There are many places for entertainment, many narrow ancient streets, which are so interesting to walk, many chic beaches and even more attractions that give the city a special flavor. The owners of the hotel we offer are glad to all guests and try to make their stay in the country pleasant and comfortable.


Without exaggeration, in every recall of touristsis informed about the convenient location of Aquarius 3 *. Budva is located approximately in the middle of the coastline. This is one of the smallest areas of Montenegro. On the one hand it is washed by the Adriatic Sea, from the other three it adjoins the resort towns of Kotor and Bar, as well as the second capital of the country Cetinje, which has no access to the coast. The hotel guests can easily visit all these amazingly beautiful places, since the distances here are small. So, to Kotor - only 22 km, and to Bar - about 35 km. The bus station is located 10 minutes from the Hotel Aquarius. Also very close to the market, the Old Town and the coast.

Aquarius 3 Budva

How to get there

Travel agencies offer several options for travel to Budva.

The fastest and cheapest air route "Moscow- Montenegro. "There are two international airports in the country, the first one is near the city of Podgorica, the second one is 4 km from the city of Tivat." In Podgorica, planes from Russia fly only in season, and the distance from there to our hotel is about 52 km. lies through the famous Skadar Lake.

In Tivat from Russia flights are more, besidesthey exist not only from Moscow, but also from Samara, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg. From the airport, called just like the city, - "Tivat", to the hotel - only about 20 km, which the shuttle overcomes in no more than half an hour. It's also easy to get to Budva from there. 100 meters from the exit from the terminal there is a route, and there is an unofficial stop of buses going in all directions. Those who do not like to "vote" on the roads can drive up to the bus station (up to 1.5 km), and then buy a ticket to any desired city and go with comfort.

In addition to air, there is a land route"Moscow - Montenegro". It passes through Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia. Travel time - from 44 to 65 hours (depends on the number of the route, which you need to specify in the travel agency, where tickets are purchased). Bus tickets are not cheaper at all than by plane. This kind of travel can be of interest to those who want to ride through Europe.

Hotel Aquarius


Hotel Aquarius is not just a city, butlocated on one of the streets near the center of Budva. The hotel occupies a corner position, so on its two sides there are roads - one with a more lively traffic, and the second - a narrow and very quiet. In front of the central entrance to the Aquarius there is little parking space, but the hotel staff does not look after the cars of the guests on it. The territory in the "Aquarius" is as compact as possible. In fact, all of it is occupied by the hotel building, surrounded by flowers and a small garden with evergreen trees. Under their canopy a rest area is equipped. There is no swimming pool in this hotel.


Hotel Aquarius is very small. In the lobby of his only four-story building, on the second floor, is the reception. Sometimes the hostess of this institution works there, speaking Russian well. In the main, behind the reception desk is a staff who understands only their native language and English. At the reception guests can use the safe, take an iron, call a taxi, specify bus routes, buy an excursion, invite a doctor. In the lobby there is a wonderful corner where there are sofas and armchairs. It is convenient to simply relax or sit on the Internet, using free Wi-Fi.

Moscow Montenegro

General characteristics of rooms

In Aquarius 3 * (Budva) there are two buildings - A and B. According to tourists, the second one is more cozy than the first. Rooms in the hotel - only 19, floors - 4. There is no elevator, you can get to your room only by the intricate staircase, which is an integral part of the design of the building, and you can get to the first floor by first climbing to the second floor, to the reception, and then down again , but already on another, a small staircase. Every single room in the hotel is different both in area and in decoration. Some are very spacious, others are too compact, some have baths, others have shower cabins, and in the third - only a shower with a pallet and a curtain. Another difference is the balconies. In some rooms they are not at all, but in some there are very spacious terraces. All this needs to be specified at the time of booking. But the views from the windows of all rooms are about the same. They can be on the road, nearby hotels and city buildings. Cleaned at the hotel very high quality, linen and towels are changed every other day, hygiene products provided on the day of arrival are regularly replenished. The rooms in the hotel are so different that we decided to dwell on their description in more detail.

Aquarius Montenegro

Standard category

In the Aquarius 3 * (Budva), these rooms are available in each building, on all four floors.

1. Standards for 2 persons. Their area is from 11 to 24 "squares". In the rooms of the first floor of the building A there are terraces with the area from 3 to 8 "squares". The rooms of the 2nd floor have small balconies. Room number 205 is equipped with a very spacious terrace, but the windows face north. In the building In double rooms are more spacious, about half of them - with balconies, and the second half - with terraces. Room No. 402 has an area of ​​32 "square" and is equipped with two terraces. Room equipment is also not the same, but in each there are sets of new high-quality furniture, a TV, a very compact refrigerator with a mini bar, air conditioning. In addition, the rooms can include an electric kettle and iron.

2. Standards for 3 people. In building A only two of these rooms, on the 1 st and 2 nd floors. Their area is quite large, up to 22 "squares", each has a terrace. In building B there are three such rooms, on the 2 nd and 3 rd floors. They are also spacious, equipped with a balcony or terrace.

hotel Aquarius

Superior Categories

Tourists, who love to relax with all the amenities,three-star Aquarius (Montenegro) is pleased to offer wonderfully decorated rooms in which the floors are carpeted, the walls are decorated with paintings, and the furniture set includes a bedroom set and soft sofas.


1. Studio area of ​​30 "squares." There are only 2 such rooms. They are equipped with a kitchen area with an electric stove, an electric kettle and utensils, and a hygiene room with a jacuzzi.

2. Apartment. There are only two such numbers, both in Building B. Number 213 has an area of ​​37 squares. Its layout is a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen area, a hygiene room (shower with a tray and curtains), a balcony (3 "squares") and a terrace (5 "squares"). This room is located near the reception, it is equipped with two entrances. Number 403 with an area of ​​34 squares. Layout - bedroom, living room, kitchen area, hygiene room (there is a shower) and a terrace (area - 6 "squares"). The peculiarity of the rooms is that they have sloped ceilings and there are no internal doors.


With different food systems travel agencies sellvouchers to the hotel "Aquarius". Montenegro is a Mediterranean country with its rather interesting national cuisine. You can find it in dozens of cafes and restaurants that are very close to the hotel. Therefore, it is better to take tours here with the "BB" food system. In "Aquarius" there is a pretty restaurant called "Aquarius".

Budva Hotel Aquarius 3
Breakfast is served here European,type of buffet. In the range - omelets, ham, sausages, cheese, cheeses, sausages, muesli or cereals, pies, milk, tea, coffee and fruit. Guests who take vouchers only with breakfast, can freely buy themselves in the hotel lunches and dinners. Meat menu costs 5.5 euros, and fish - 6.5 euros. Prices, tourists convince, are average in Budva.


In Montenegro, the climate is warm, but not hot,The reason for this is the mountains and vast forests. In summer in seaside resorts, the thermometer's column jumps to +30 ° C on rare days, mostly it freezes around +25 ... + 26 ° C, and in winter its readings are about +9 ° C. The water in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast, warms up to +24 ° C, but already by October it cools down to +18 ° C. Wonderful beaches, they say, are the best on the coast, Budva boasts. Hotel Aquarius 3 * is located close to the sea shore and from the wharf, from where boats to the islands start. But on the mainland, the rest is wonderful. To the nearest beach "Slavyansky" guests need to pass only 500 meters. Its cover is sandy, with pebbles, the entrance to the water is good, but the beach is too crowded. Behind the old city there is another, called "Mogren," more beautiful and more clean. You can also go to the beaches "Yaz" or "Ploce". All of them are municipal. Sun beds and umbrellas are everywhere paid, on some beaches, for example, on the "Yaz", there are excellent playgrounds.

Hotel Aquarius 3 Budva Montenegro reviews

Additional Information

Hotel "Aquarius" is designed for activeguests of any age who came to Montenegro, to Budva, to get acquainted with the beauty of this land, on those who do not plan to spend much time in the room, on those who are not spoiled by the impeccable service of "fives". For children in the hotel in question there is absolutely nothing. Parents should take care of the comfort of their kids themselves. For the youth there is nothing in the Aquarius itself, but next to it, in the neighboring streets, there are many bars and discos. In addition, musical festivals and theatrical performances often take place in Budva.

Tourists wishing to get acquainted with the country cantake dozens of excursions both in the hotel and in the city travel agencies. The most popular is a trip to the island of St. Nicholas. But you can go there yourself, paying only 3 euro for a ferry ticket. Beaches here are pebbly, sun beds and umbrellas are expensive, from 15 euros per set.

Hotel Aquarius 3 * (Budva, Montenegro): reviews

Many tourists like this cute family hotel, so its rating is from 4.5 to 4.7 points out of 5 possible. Notable advantages:

- convenient location;

- cleanliness and comfort;

- friendly personnel, who are eager to help in everything;

- good cleaning in the rooms;

- tasty food.

Notable shortcomings:

- there are very small and raw numbers;

- in the hotel there are too many ladders, which have to climb to get to your room;

- a complete lack of entertainment and amenities for children.

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