We go on holiday to Kazakhstan. Shchuchinsk - a great place to relax

Often, choosing a place to rest, many people think: is it worth going abroad or relaxing near home? Perhaps, Kazakhstan will become a wonderful place for this. Shchuchinsk is a resort town located on the lake. Shchuchye. A tourist who has gone this wonderful place will not regret his choice for a second. Here you can see all the beauty of nature, enjoy a wonderful holiday and gain new strength.

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Briefly about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a state that isthe mainland Eurasia. Most of the territory belongs to Asia, the smaller part to Europe. The relief here is different: in the north - the West Siberian plain, in the south - the Tien Shan ridges, in the west - the Podural plateau and the Caspian lowland, in the east - mountain systems Altai and Tarbagatay. The climate type is sharp continental. Seasonality is expressed clearly. In winter there can be both frosts and thaws. Temperatures in January range from + 1 ° ... + 19 ° С. Hot summer. Precipitation is practically nonexistent. The temperature in July may exceed + 30 ° C. Kazakhstan is so special. Shchuchinsk is in the northern part, so here in winter there can be severe frosts, the duration of which is about two weeks. Steady heat comes in June. The peak of the heat is in July. The average temperature in this month is + 20 ° C.

Description of Schuchinsk

So, it was decided to go on vacation inKazakhstan. Shchuchinsk is a resort town. Administratively refers to the Burabay district of the Akmola region. In the city you can enjoy nature and clean air. However, this does not mean that there is no industry at all. The city has a meat processing plant, a dairy factory, a garment factory, etc. That is why the main income of the city is not only tourism. The population is about 46 thousand people.

Offers for tourists

Find temporary accommodation is not difficult. Declarations on the delivery of apartments can be found a large number. The first few minutes of search will bring about such a result: about 7 objects, among which will be boarding houses, hotels, private houses, etc.

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The beauty of the city will not leave anyone indifferent. Unfortunately, there are no cultural attractions here, except those that nature itself created. However, the level of service will replace cultural trips, will allow to spend time for recovery.

Advantages of the resort

Rest in Shchuchinsk (Kazakhstan) has its ownadvantages. It offers mud baths, hiking in the mountains, there are mineral springs, clean air, sandy beaches of the lake. Here you can not only have a good rest, but also improve your health.

Beaches are a separate topic. Their quality is comparable with the resorts in Europe: everything is clean and tidy. In the town there are a lot of cozy cafes where everyone can eat cheap and tasty food. For fans of water attractions there is a rental of catamarans. Also there are excursions to local small attractions.

Popular Sanatoriums

Having studied a large number of reviews, you can doconclusion that this resort is very popular and has a good reputation. There are a lot of health centers on its territory, where people from CIS countries come to.

Among the popular health facilities are the following: sanatoriums "Svetly" and "Schuchinsky", sanatorium-preventorium "Zeleny Bor", boarding house "Zhumbaktas".

Famous people

Many famous personalities were born in thisstate, like Kazakhstan. Schuchinsk is home to popular actors, outstanding scientists, promising athletes and even politicians. Among the most famous: Timur Batrutdinov, Maxim Yaritsa, Sergey Dorogov, Sergey Odintsov, Boris Nikolayev, Peter Morozov (awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union), Boris Klimychev, Alexander Vereshny, Andrey Kondrashov, Ilya Motovilov, Svetlana Kapanina, Evgeny Koshevoy, Evgeny Velichko.

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How to get to the city?

Shchuchin bus station takes a huge dailynumber of flights from the CIS countries. For example, a bus from Yekaterinburg leaves at 9 o'clock in the morning, from Omsk - about one o'clock in the morning. By plane or train, unfortunately, there is no way to get there. However, there are excellent roads that tourists can travel on private cars. More than 10 bus routes run in such a city as Shchuchinsk (Kazakhstan).

Photos of local landscapes only to a small extent reflect all the beauty of these places. So - always come here on vacation.

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