Sights of Divnomorsk and its environs

Divnomorsk is a surprisingly beautiful resorta settlement in the Krasnodar Territory. Every year thousands of tourists from all over Russia and the countries of the former CIS are resting here. Attractions Divnomorsk impress travelers with its beauty and interesting history. Founded in the 19th century, the settlement on the seashore almost immediately became famous as the "False Gelendzhik". This is due to the fact that hundreds of years ago, astray seamen took the Divnomorsky Bay for Gelendzhik. The city has surprisingly clean air, rich flora and fauna, which attract tourists here. In this publication you will find the most interesting information about Divnomorsk (sights, photos, entertainment).

Natural attractions

Divnomorsk is considered an environmentally friendly village. It is located far from the big trails, on the coast of the clean Black Sea. That is why, speaking about the sights of Divnomorsk, one can not help recalling the natural beauties of this region.

On the slopes of the coastal mountains is locatedamazingly beautiful place - Pine Grove. Here grow the rarest Pitsunda pine. Here is the largest array of these relic plants in Europe!

Divnomorska Attractions

Divnomorsk (Krasnodar region) has long been famousits beautiful scenery. Near the city is the famous "Blue Abyss". Here, every tourist can swim in the cleanest waters and enjoy an incredible view of the sea from the high shore.

In addition, in the area of ​​Pine Grove is locateda lot of sanatoria and health resorts. Every year hundreds of Russians come here who wish to improve their health and relax from everyday life.

About other, equally famous and beautiful sights of Divnomorsk read further.

Divnomorsk: sightseeing and entertainment

Rock Sail

The Rock of Parus is one of the most popular tourist places, located not far from Divnomorsk. Here for the travelers organized excursion routes by motor ships.

Rock in the form of a sail - an amazing creationnature. Especially here it is beautiful in the evening, when the sun sets. At this time, every tourist will be able to observe the amazing picture of the sun rays passing through the hole in the rock.

Pshad Waterfalls

From Divnomorsk organized tours to the Pshadskywaterfalls. Here tourists have a unique opportunity not only to admire the most beautiful landscapes, but also to relax outdoors in one of the boarding houses.

In the village of Pshada there are more than 100 beautiful waterfalls. The largest of them is located on the Red River and is named Olyapkin. Another beautiful waterfall is in the area of ​​the Grape Creek.

Mysterious dolmens

In the vicinity of Divnomorsk the remains were foundancient civilizations - dolmens. Similar stone slabs, forming houses, were found in England, Mexico and Egypt. The age of these buildings reaches more than a thousand years! They are the guardians of the secrets of the past. Some scientists believe that there lived dwarfs, once existing on our planet. However, most researchers agree on the opinion that the dolmens served as funerary houses 2-3 thousand BC. e.

Divnomorsk (Krasnodar region)

From Divnomorsk to the location of the mysteriousStone slabs can be accessed in several ways. Excursion route "Jipping" offers tourists to go on an exciting journey, during which you can see not only the most famous sights of Divnomorsk, but also Gelendzhik. In addition, you can see stone dolmens during horseback riding around the city.

The city's attractions

Divnomorsk (Krasnodar region) is famous not only for its natural beauties, but also for monuments of architecture located directly in the city.

  • The Compound of the Trinity-Sergeyev Monastery is a unique church erected at the end of the 20th century. Here the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh and his image are preserved.
  • In the city there is the Patriarchal and Synodal Center of the Russian Orthodox Church. Despite the fact that it was opened only a few years ago, today there are the main bodies of church administration in the south of the country.

Divnomorsk: sightseeing and entertainment

Today in Divnomorsk all conditions for a comfortable and unforgettable rest are created. There are several boarding houses and sanatorium and health centers on the territory of the city.

Divnomorsk (sights, photos)

In Divnomorsk there is an aqua park, the visit of which will undoubtedly be remembered by small travelers. In addition, the city is full of cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

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