Havana: hotels, the subtleties of choice

Cuba - a country of exotic, colorful, stunningpower engineering. If you want to relax and recharge positive emotions, you definitely should visit here. If you as a tourist want to get acquainted with the culture and customs of the inhabitants of Cuba, you should stop in her capital - Havana. But before the trip you have to book a room in the hotel, so as not to stay on the streets upon arrival. Even if you plan to spend only the night in the room, definitely, you are counting on comfort. Havana: hotels, the subtleties of their choice, reviews of real vacationers - this is exactly what we will talk about within this material.

Havana Hotels

Determine with the area

Of course, every tourist is still at the stageplanning his vacation should clearly articulate the goals that he pursues. It is from them in many ways will depend on the choice of the area for living. Hotels in Havana (Cuba) are impressive for their variety: there are luxury villas, apartments and more budget options in remote areas from the center.

Havana has some features thatmust be considered in the process of choosing a hotel. It is a compact city, all its sights are located not far from each other. With the availability of a taxi of special significance, the area of ​​the city in which you will reside will not be. Nevertheless, most tourists prefer to stay in the Old Town and the center. Here you can often see the luxury hotels and boutiques that Havana has to offer. The hotels located in the Old Town give a certain privilege to vacationers - free admission to most museums. But immediately you need to prepare for the fact that here you can hardly find a budget option. The cost of daily living in hotels in Havana starts from 2500 rubles for a double room. Casa Armando hotels (3 km from the city center), as well as House In Front of The Sea (2.5 km from the city center) will be a good budget option.

Hotels in Havana (Cuba)

Center, if you compare it to the Old City,offers hotels in Havana, where prices for accommodation are more democratic. And all because the buildings here are mostly old and dilapidated. If you want to live within walking distance of all the sights of the city, you are interested in its culture and history, but you are limited in means, the center will be your best option.

The following districts of the city: Vedado and the Plaza de la Revolucion area. These are some areas remote from the central part where modest hotels and hotels are located. It is quiet and peaceful, and if necessary, it is always possible to reach the iconic places. Excursion groups of tourists, as well as businessmen, most often stop in the Miramar and Playa areas, located 10-15 minutes from the center. If you want to stay near the airport, you better know that there are practically no hotels here - it's better to immediately abandon this idea.

Hotels 4 *

If you want to live in comfort, butwhile not spending a huge amount, pay to the four-star hotels in Havana. Reviews of tourists confirm that most of them offer really excellent conditions for living.

Hotels in Havana: reviews

Perhaps the most famous hotel located incity ​​center, is Inglaterra. Over the past 130 years, it has attracted the attention of all connoisseurs of culture and history, while being an architectural monument of a city like Havana. Hotels with the best service you will certainly find, but if you choose this option, you will not regret it.

All lovers of colonial style for surelike the hotel Sevilla, located near the Art Museum of Havana. The hotel windows offer a stunning view of the architecture of the Old Town and its most famous sights.

A day of accommodation in a double room in the "standard" category will cost tourists 23 000 rubles.

Hotels 5 *

What else can Havana offer?Hotels 5 * will satisfy the preferences of lovers of chic holidays. The nearest hotel to the airport, located in the Playa area, is Saratoga. Decoration in the neoclassical style, stunning service is something that attracts many tourists.

Havana hotels: prices

Guests of the Cuban capital will see here andmodern multi-storey hotels, and huge complexes. For example, near the University of Havana is the chic Tryp Havana Libre hotel, which is distinguished by an increased level of comfort and impeccable quality of the services provided. This is really a chic option with spacious and bright rooms, quality food and a set of additional services.

The cost of daily living in a double room with breakfast on average will be 21-22 000 rubles.

Summing up

What does Havana offer its guests?Hotels, their location and cost - the topic is certainly important. But choosing the suitable option for yourself, we recommend to start from the area of ​​the city, and only then choose a number in accordance with their financial capabilities. In general, the city has enough options for every taste and purse, so there should be no problems with choice.

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