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Going on holiday in Gudauta, many expectvisit a city of European type. But Abkhazia is unique and unique, there is a completely different atmosphere. This city is especially interesting for those who want to communicate with nature. It is small and compact, the local population does not live as much as in neighboring Sukhum. If you like solitude, then it is for you that the doors of Abkhazia open. Gudauta is a resort where there are few holidaymakers during the season, so the beach is always free and there is no bored city bustle.

History of Gudauta

It goes back in time, because the firstThe settlements on this fertile land date back to the Neolithic period. Since then, they have grown, developed and strengthened. Medieval times became the heyday of the city, it was a great trading port. Then, for unknown reasons, it was abandoned. New settlements in the XIX century were subjected to constant raids by Turkish soldiers, so it once again blossomed and gained the status of the resort city of Gudauta in the 20th century, namely in 1926.

Abkhazia Gudauta

Location of the city

Photos from above showbeauty of the bay, surrounded by woodland. It is this climatic resort that Abkhazia is famous for. Gudauta once had the status of an all-Union health resort. Entering the city, tourists first of all note his special coziness, cleanliness and neatness. It is very quiet here, but if you quickly get tired of a quiet environment, you can visit neighboring Gagra or Sukhum. By the way, unlike them, the air temperature in Gudauta is almost always several degrees lower.

It is almost impossible to lose here, allThe city is lined up surprisingly linearly, as if broken into squares. The streets are quiet, almost deserted, lie strictly parallel to each other or intersect at a right angle. The population of the city is only 8000 people. There are few multi-apartment skyscrapers, mainly houses and cottages are represented here. If you want to save on vacation, you have come to the address, you will be given such an opportunity by Gudauta (Abkhazia). The private sector is a place where you can rent a bed, a room or a whole house quite cheaply.

Gudauta Abkhazia reviews

Urban transport

He is not here at all. The whole city can be walked on foot, as well as get to the sea. But the taxi service is developed, and can offer ground, air or sea transport, at your option. Outside the city, long-distance shuttle buses stop, which will be taken to any neighboring town. You can save a lot if you bargain for the fare, a fixed rate for drivers usually does not.

Resort area

The city owes its status as a recreation center to a softsubtropical climate. The hospitable Abkhazia waits all year round for its tourists. Gudauta is famous for its mild temperate climate. In summer, the air temperature does not rise above 28 degrees, and after short autumn rains there comes a time of dry and fairly warm winter.

All tourists without exception admire naturethese places. Tender vegetation from cold winds is protected by the northern mountain chain of the Caucasian ridge. This formidable ridge is admirable, it is located only 15 km from the village. Almost 7 months of the year, its snow-white peaks sparkle in the sun. Real Alps, if you forget that Abkhazia is stretching before you. Gudauta is famous for its parks, which deserve to compete with the Sochi arboretum.

Rest Abkhazia Gudauta

One of them borders the resort area. It is a magnificent park that conquers shady alleys and amazing plants that can be found here. Tourists always note a strong impression, which they produced on them exotic palms, magnolia groves and other subtropical plants. What are the huge fruit and citrus orchards. This is a paradise for lovers of fresh fruits. And during the flowering of trees, their fragrance fills the entire coast.

The ideal time of year to visit the resort

People come here all year round, but the mainthe influx of tourists falls on the summer season. Leaving, vacationers take with them the warmest memories and share enthusiastic reviews of the warm sea and golden beaches. You can swim from May to September, and what's nice, even in the hottest months (July, August) a fresh sea breeze makes finding on the beach comfortable.

rest in Abkhazia gudauta

October is quite boring here. This is a period of gray, cool rains, so it's better to postpone the trip. Since November, the weather is warm and snowless. At a temperature of +10 degrees it is good to wander around the neighborhood, plenty to admire the natural beauties of these places. But March and April are not so favorable, at this time often cool winds are blowing, and in general on the street is uncomfortable. At any time of year, nature here is beautiful in its own way, this is the uniqueness of the resort of Gudauta. Abkhazia, the reviews about which are always impregnated with warmth, is a hospitable hostess, she meets every guest as the dearest and dearest.

Best hotels for tourists

A trip to the sea is always an expensive exercise,so it is logical to want to rent decent housing at the lowest possible price. In this respect, the attitude towards tourists of the population of Gudauta (Abkhazia) is always surprising. The private sector provides separate rooms or whole houses for guests to stay. If you rest alone, then for a modest payment you can rent a bed in the house together with the owners. It's a chance to get to a family dinner and taste delicious local dishes.

Abkhazia Gudauta Bambora

The cheapest boarding house is "Argo",the price of a room without meals is only 250 rubles per person per day. You can have lunch and dinner in the dining room or cafe, in addition, the hotel has a special room with a refrigerator and stove, on which everyone can cook their own meals.

There are more well-known hotels that are famous forAbkhazia. Gudauta / Bambora is a classic combination for many tourists. The boarding house is a whole complex of small cozy cottages, it is located near the city and only 50 meters from the beach. This small village is buried in tropical greenery. Tourists celebrate excellent national cuisine and excellent service.

Do not change the choice of those who visitedboarding house «Gold Coast». Gudauta (Abkhazia) for holidaymakers appears in the most magical colors. The boarding house is located at the very entrance to the city, near the town of the same name. The beaches here are really incredibly clean and well maintained, with fine golden sand. But that is not all. Beaches surround a majestic park, where a huge number of exotic plants, fruit trees and flowers are collected. Tired of the hot sun, it's so nice to relax in the green shade, where you can enjoy a ripe orange, picked straight from the tree.

In addition to excellent rest on the beach, one can not help noticing the amazing local cuisine, good service, cleanliness and comfort in residential cottages.

Attractions, excursions and activities

Each boarding house, except standard entertainment(disco, cafe-shashlik, sauna, animation program), offers its own set of sightseeing tours. If you are interested in a route that is not included in the standard program, then it can be visited individually. For this, there are guides that deliver tourists to the most interesting places, for which they come to the city of Gudauta. Abkhazia is rich in magnificent scenery, so you will not have to miss the road.

The city of Gudauta Abkhazia

The proximity of the mountain ridge of the Caucasian range is alwaysgives rise to interest in its investigation. I want to breathe in the cleanest air, to look from the height to the city and the endless sea. Therefore, the most popular route lies to the high-mountain lake Ritsa. First tourists climb the gorge of the river, the guide shows ancient villages, the ruins of an ancient fortress and a watchtower. Along the way, there is the Blue Lake, named so because of the amazing color of the water, painted with deposits of lapis lazuli. Geg waterfall - another stop of the group - captures the spirit with its splendor. And, finally, the last stop is the majestic Lake Ritsa, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The beach is well prepared for reception of guests, there is a cafe with excellent cuisine, rental of mountain and water bicycles. For the sake of one such trip it is worth to visit the city of Gudauta. Abkhazia, about which may be rather modest, is a country of stunning beauty, but to see them, it is not enough to lie on the beach near the hotel.

If you are interested in cultural and historicalheritage, then pay attention to the following route. In 4 kilometers from the city is located the village of Lychny. This is the historical center of Abkhazia, here you can see the miracle of ancient architecture, the temple of the Virgin, built in the X century. The painting of the walls was carried out much later, when it was restored by the masters of the XIX century. Also the X century are the walls of the Musser temple. The museum-reserve "Abazgiya" will tell the history of the people and the whole country. The same route usually includes visiting the unique karst caves, which once served as a rock monastery for monks.

Here you can touch the beautiful andlive the happiest moments. It will be an unforgettable vacation. Abkhazia (Gudauta, as a small part of it) remains forever in the heart of every tourist, not without reason it is called "the land of my soul".

Active rest and sports

Here everyone will find entertainment by heart. Do you like fishing? There are luxurious specially designated places for this. And the caught trout can be fried right on the beach. If underwater inhabitants are interested in you from an aesthetic point of view, then welcome to scuba diving.

Near each hotel there are tables for tennis, and on the beaches there are grounds for volleyball and badminton.

Do you dream to learn how to prance on a horse? At your service is the biggest race track, located in the village of Bzyb.

Gudauta Abkhazia private sector

How to get to Gudauta?

All international and long-distance communications arethrough the capital of Abkhazia, the city of Sukhum. You can choose a more convenient transportation for you, be it an airplane, train or bus. From Sukhum to Gudauta only 38 km, here you will be transported by route, long-distance taxi.

Let's sum up the results

This resort can be considered a real pearl,worthy of admiration. If you are still thinking about which country to visit this year, then plan a vacation in Abkhazia. Gudauta is the best place for a quiet, budgetary family vacation.

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