"Alara Park" 5 * (Turkey, Alanya): hotel infrastructure, description of rooms, prices

How do people find rest in the southern resorts? This is necessarily a beautiful sandy or sandy-pebble beach, which runs into warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea. A light breeze, bringing a life-giving coolness to the heat-sinking shore. A high clear sky, sun and greenery, surrounding home-like cozy hotel buildings. All this is found by tourists who come to Alara Park Residence Hotel.


Corps of the hotel is buried in the emerald green of palm trees. Everything is filled with the scent of pine forest and citrus trees. Nothing breaks the silence and does not interfere with the rest of the guests. The nearest airport is about 100 km away. Alanya - the beautiful heart of Antalya in 20 minutes by car, and the settlement of Avsallar in half an unhurried walk. Due to its remoteness from large industrial cities and large highways, Alara Park is an environmentally friendly place for recreation.

It was built in the late twentieth century. next to the famous beach Incekum. The name of this beach, more than 7 km long, fully corresponds to its name. More fine sand can not be found anywhere. The beach is just ideal for a family holiday, not only coastal territory, but also a convenient entrance to the water. The sea is so clean that you can see every grain of sand on the bottom.

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Guests can sit at a table in the restaurant anda meal to admire the sunlight on the surface of the sea waves. A small sweet tooth, tired of bathing, and their parents on the beach waiting for the numerous cafe "Alara Park 5 *". Turkey is famous for its democratic prices, and cafes with restaurants are no exception.


Avsallar is a place with a rich history. For tourists who have come not only to soak up the sun and swim in the Mediterranean, Alara Park residence hotel organizes a variety of excursions and entertainment. All places of the visit are chosen not far from the boarding house and are intended for short-term trips.

1. These are afternoon and evening walks on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea:

  • During day trips the guide tellsThe mysterious stories of the outlying neighborhoods. The yacht comes into the most picturesque places. In quiet safe bays travelers, flushed with the southern sun, are allowed to walk and cool under the trees and swim. Returning on board guests waiting for lunch in the form of a buffet and a continued fascinating walk. In addition to the guide, there is always an animator aboard the yacht, which does not let you get bored.
  • During the evening rallies, where the children's contingent is already excluded, a variety of drinks are offered and discotheques are held. These walks do not end until three in the morning.

2. The mountains around the resort abound with mountain rivers, in the rafting along one of them Alara Park offers to take part in its holidaymakers. The route is very well thought out. There are levels of complexity, calculated for adults and strong people, and there are those that will cope with and children five years of age.

3. In addition to the entertainment that Turkey expects, the hotel "Alara Park" 5 stars and its employees recommend tickling their nerves with diving. The first dive takes place at a depth not exceeding five meters. If it is transferred normally, then after lunch and rest is done deeper.

4. The visit to historical monuments in Alanya is also one of the most selectable trips for travelers. And they all go on an excursion to the archaeological museum.

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The territory of the complex

Between the six buildings of which the hotel consists"Alara Park" 5 * (Turkey), there are three outdoor swimming pools for adults and two for children. In addition, there is an indoor swimming pool. If visitors do not want to go to the sea, they can lie down and sunbathe on deckchairs by the pools. Since the resort is always sunny, in order to avoid overheating, there is an umbrella near each sunbed. Children and adults can ride on water slides, play basketball, football, volleyball and even compete in accuracy, playing darts.

Territory of the beach

If the guests decide to take a stroll to the beach, then there are sun loungers with umbrellas and mattresses waiting for them. Always fresh and soft towels. And a free bar with soft drinks.

Infrastructure of the complex "Alara Park" 5 *

The hotel infrastructure is very well developed. For visitors constantly work:

  • sauna, steam room and Turkish bath;
  • point of hire;
  • various types of aerobics in the afternoon and disco in the evening;
  • great tennis and ping-pong;
  • mini-golf and beach volleyball;
  • basketball and mini-football;
  • massage and doctor's appointment.

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Family holidays with children

Ideal conditions for parents were created,who came to rest with their children. If they are older than 6-7 years, parents do not have special problems for active rest, they can be taken with them and on excursions and shopping trips. But children of three years of age and less without supervision adults can not remain. But it's hard for such a child to be on an excursion too. Therefore, in "Alara Park" 5 * service provides assistance to parents in these matters:

  1. There is a children's club in which experienced animators will play games with children, teach them to draw, give an opportunity to swim and sunbathe, play on the usual and thematic playground.
  2. For young children, you can order and invite a qualified and experienced nanny, with whom you can leave a child of any age.

Meals in Alara Park

Fine restaurants and cafes, bars andsnackbars has "Alara Park" 5 * (Turkey). To visit on rest in this hotel and not to try the magnificent dishes which are prepared by local chefs, it is impossible. The Turks are excellent culinary experts, and they treat cooking as an art.

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Breakfast is an entry into a new day. Do not be surprised if you are offered a large number of high-calorie dishes and will not give your favorite coffee. The traditional breakfast consists of crispy freshly baked bread or flat cakes with butter and cheese of several varieties, vegetable salad, scrambled eggs and freshly flavored tea, to which honey and a variety of jams are offered, and of course a huge amount of fruit for every taste. Coffee in Turkey for breakfast to drink is not accepted.

It is possible in the morning, of course, to go to a cafe and cheer up with the usual mug of drink with a puffed pie with minced meat or with freshly baked rolls with olive filling.

For lunch, you should order soup. It does not even matter which one you choose, the main thing is that it's soup. They are prepared as soup-mash, and can be served not only for lunch, but also a separate dish for dinner. Among other dishes you need to order lamb ribs on the grill. This is not fat, but surprisingly tasty and fragrant meat, after trying it once, you will never forget its taste. And the main thing is that when ordering meat, you can not pay for a garnish, it is always attached as an addition.

Dishes served in restaurants are amazingdiversity and can satisfy the most refined taste. And the more it is pleasant to accept the offer of the owners of "Alara Park" 5 * (Turkey) and during the rest to visit for free 1 time each restaurant, having tried different dishes there.

To small sweeties (and not only small)be sure to visit the confectionery. Turks are a nation that adores various sweets. Many desserts, which are so popular all over the world, come from Turkey. From one their name is breathtaking. This baklava with halva, rahat-lukum and pastila, twitter and hundreds of names, whose taste is familiar from a distant childhood. In addition to the usual names of dishes, there are many unknown names. They also need to try, because there are no analogues in the world.


The rooms in the complex are designed for visitors with any opportunities and needs.

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There are rooms for smokers and non-smokers, for adultsholidaymakers and guests with small children, for the disabled, economy class. All rooms are well-appointed, have carpet and access to a private balcony, a large panoramic window, where you can admire the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The rooms have:

  • bath or shower;
  • TV;
  • air conditioning;
  • mini bar;
  • phone;
  • safe;
  • change of linen 2 times a week;
  • everyday cleaning.


alara park 5 descriptions of rooms
If you consider the "Alara Park" 5 *, the description of the rooms and their number, then we can say that the hotel:

  • 257 standard rooms of 23 sq.m. This is a well-appointed apartment, designed for two guests. In the room there is a double bed or two single beds.
  • 5 connectingroom of 22 sq.m. A well-appointed block of rooms, which includes 2 bedrooms with a door and is designed for two residents + 1 extra bed.
  • 10 suite room of 50 sq.m. Two-room suites with all conveniences, consisting of an isolated bedroom and a hall, designed to accommodate two guests + 1 extra bed.
  • 60 family room of 60 sq.m. Three-room well-appointed rooms designed for accommodation of four guests + 1 extra bed. There are 2 separate bedrooms, a lounge, and individual air conditioning. The floor is laid with beautiful ceramic tiles. For family accommodation, the best number you can not imagine.
  • 35 bank bed family room of 25 sq.m. Comfortable one-room, with bunk beds designed for four people, on the floor is laid ceramic tiles. Non-economy class. It is convenient for them to accommodate young people. For travelers who spend most of the day's light outside the room and come to the room to sleep.
  • 3 standard room for 23 sq.m. Well-equipped rooms, which are equipped with everything necessary for the rest of the disabled, which is so important.
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Price policy

In "Alara Park" 5 * (Turkey) the prices are very highare democratic. In the holidays, the rooms should be booked in advance, since otherwise there may not be places left. It is also difficult to buy permits on the days of summer holidays. The price for a standard room on average is 135 thousand rubles from all living visitors in the room. For other rooms, the cost varies depending on the size of the room and the number of seats there. The most economical is the room bank bed family room.

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