Manor Kolomenskoye - a place that everyone will like

Kolomenskoye Estate ... This place attractsnot only the Muscovites themselves, but also the guests of the Russian capital. Why is this happening? And why at any time of the year and in any weather, it is here that crowds of vacationers flock to? Most likely, the secret is that it is here that you can find an activity that every guest will like. Someone comes from many exhibitions, someone is interested in history and ancient architecture, and someone just wants to sit in silence in the bosom of nature, enjoying the amazing scenery.

Section 1. Manor Kolomenskoye. general description

homestead Kolomenskoye

Kolomenskoye Estate is a wonderful placemuseum-reserve. To date, the complex of historical and cultural monuments includes 17 architectural objects, 12 of which are part of the royal estate of 16-19 centuries.

In the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich it is possibleadmire the historical interiors dating back to the 17th century. Performances are held regularly in the building of this palace, as well as concerts of classical music. Kolomenskoye - a manor whose address in the capital is known to almost everyone.

Here, on Andropov Avenue,39, throughout the school year, students and students go, wishing to personally get acquainted with the history of their native land. In a particularly snowy winter ski trails attract outdoor enthusiasts, and in the summer everyone tries to hide in the shade of trees and on the shore of the reservoir from the scorching heat of the capital.

The fairground pleases the kids with the townamusement rides. Visiting the exposition devoted to the falconry of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich will make it possible to get vivid impressions. You can also capture on the camera or camera friends and relatives along with the catching birds.

Section 2. Manor Kolomenskoye. History

Kolomna manor-house address

According to legend, the village of Kolomenskoye was founded by natives of Kolomna in very old times. Modern historians believe that they were saved from the army of Khan Baty in the thirties of the 13th century.

The first mention of Kolomenskoye in written sources refers to 1236 - Ivan Kalita ordered to transfer to his heirs by will a suburban estate of Kolomna.

In the times of Alexei Mikhailovich Kolomenskoyeexperiencing heyday. Built at this time, an unusually beautiful wooden palace was considered a miracle of wooden architecture. Until now it has not survived, however, according to old drawings, a copy of this structure was made.

Aspiring snow-white temples can not butto cause admiration. On the territory of the manor there are historical values ​​that were brought here from different Russian regions. For example, a Polovtsian woman. This monument in the distant past was placed over a grave mound, where the Polovtsian warrior rested. And today it can be seen on the territory of the estate.

The "Borisov stone" brought here is a sign that was installed in its time on the border of the possessions of Tsar Boris.

Section 3. The Kolomenskoye Manor. Secrets and mysteries

excursions manor Kolomna

The voices of the gully in the estate are a place about whichthey are described as something mysterious. Its length is about 1 km. According to legend, he received his name in honor of the pagan deity of Volos. At the bottom of the ravine you can see the stones that were altars. In the vicinity of the archaeologists found traces of ancient settlements, which belong to the I century. before the new era.

According to one of the legends, in the XVI century the order of the Horde fled after the defeat in the battle. On the way they had a ravine Kolomna. Descending into it, the Horde disappeared. Once again they were seen only 50 years later!

In the XIX century, a mysticalpeasants from the neighboring village. Deciding to shorten the path, they descended into a ravine and found themselves in clubs of thick fog. Then, unexpectedly, a corridor opened before them, and the people overgrown with wool appeared before their eyes. Guys managed to get out in a few minutes, and in real time their journey lasted 20 years! It is believed that in these places is hidden the legendary library of Ivan the Terrible - Liberia. And in the VII century. here the whole people seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

It should be noted that for todayexcursions manor Kolomenskoye offers a wide variety, but very many visitors prefer to go for walks along the park alleyways on their own. Perhaps they still hope to unravel the mystery of this place to the very end.

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