Rest on the Greek island of Corfu. Reviews of tourists

Rest in Greece has always been popular amongRussian tourists. Excellent climate, warm sea, friendly locals - what else is needed for a person who wants to relax after a hard day. Greek islands are also in great demand, including Corfu, located in the north of the Ionian Sea. A modern tourist does not trust advertising brochures and what he is told in a travel company. What does the person who is going to have a rest read, including Corfu? Reviews of those who have already been there.

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Corfu Island attracts tourists with its lush andbright vegetation, the architecture of the Venetian era, small picturesque villages, as well as a very active night life. It so happened that it was this island that was the first to receive tourists from other countries, and over the years the level of tourism business has risen here quite high.

But if you read about Corfu reviews, you will find out thatthe island has preserved an amazing natural beauty. On it you can still find Greek settlements, completely untouched by civilization. They attract their guests with clean air and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Why does this place attract tourists? It attracts exactly the combination of archaeological wealth of the ancient cities of the island and well-developed resort infrastructure, magnificent beaches and the goodwill of the population to visitors from distant places.

A little bit about the climate in Corfu. Greece is all characterized by a Mediterranean climate, an island as well. Here, dry and hot summer, rainy and mild winters. The season starts here in April, but the most comfortable days for beach holidays are the first of May - the middle of September. If you are interested in history and local nature, then come from March to May. At this time, you will behold indescribable beauty on the island, but there will be no heat.

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You can rest on your own, and in an organized way. Many travelers do not recognize any hotels, they stop every year in the private sector, renting apartments or individual houses there, and plan how to spend their holidays. Another part, more numerous, reading about Corfu reviews, settles only in comfortable hotels to enjoy in full measure the resort infrastructure.

But both have the opportunity to takeParticipation in proposed study and historical excursions. For example, you can visit the Palace of Achilleo or the monastery Zodoho Pigis. During a walk on the boat Kalipso Star, tourists will visit the show of fur seals, which will bring indescribable pleasure to both children and adults.

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Organized and walking tours of the old partthe capital of the island - the city of Kerkir. Here you can admire the church of St. Spyridon of Trimphund, a memorial to Fedor Ushakov. You can book a boat trip with a barbecue at the local Kalamaki beach.

Here is a temperate climate.Therefore, part of the holidaymakers are engaged in sports on the island. Many tourists just for this and come to Corfu. Feedback contributes to this decision. Yachts, sailing, golf, horse riding, mountaineering, cycling - that's far from a complete list of those sports for which all conditions are created here.

Surprisingly, this island is well developedtransport infrastructure. Public transport (mainly buses) connects all the towns of Corfu. Tickets are better to buy in advance, as when paying the driver the price will be 20-25 percent more. You can also take a taxi or rent a car or a motorcycle.

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