Hostels on the Small Sea of ​​Baikal. Photos and reviews of tourists

The most beautiful lake Baikal in the worldalways. Recently, tourism here has increased significantly due to the fact that there were wonderful well-maintained tourist centers on the Small Sea of ​​Baikal. Let's look at some of them, let's see what conditions are offered there, read reviews of vacationers. Certainly, this small virtual tour will help to make the right choice and get an excellent holiday on Lake Baikal.

Small Sea

Before we begin to consider the camp sites onThe small sea, let's understand, what is it, actually, such - the Baikal Small Sea? Lake Baikal from the north-east stretched to the south-west at 620 km. Approximately in the middle of its length, on the western side, and is located the Small Sea. Some call it a bay, others call it a strait. This island is also formed by Olkhon Island, which is very elongated from the north-east to south-west. The length of the sea is about 100 km, the maximum width is about 16, and the minimum width is 5 km. The island of Olkhon with its huge "body" closes the sea from the ice in the winter and in the summer of the Baikal currents, due to which the water is warmed up to +22 degrees, and in the bays - up to +25. That is why the tourist camps on the Small Sea of ​​Lake Baikal are being built so actively. Now they are more than two dozen here. The shores of the reservoir are considerably rugged by coves and bays. In many of them there are wonderful strips of sandy beaches that surround the majestic mountain ranges and evergreen coniferous trees. The most popular tourist destination is Mukhor Bay, whose depth is only 5 meters, and closer to the shore and even less. In summer the water here is not colder than in the Aegean Sea, therefore the most popular type of recreation is beach. There are other wonderful bays and coves on the Small Sea, for example, such as the Grandmother with a strip of golden sand, Khuzhir-Nugai, Khagdan-Dalai. There are built such wonderful tourist centers on the Small Sea, as "Danko", "Laguna", "Khuzhir-Nuge", "Geser". There are on the coast and many picturesque capes crashing into the water. But the Zama Plain is especially popular with tourists. Here is the base of the same name, offering a variety of recreation in winter and summer. Tourists are accommodated here in cozy rooms of various categories - from "standard" to "luxury". The restaurant offers delicious and delicious dishes, an extensive wine list and impeccable service.

Hostels in the Small Sea

Transport connection

Geological and natural features of thisthe territory is such that the tourist camp on the Small Sea connects only the motor transport with the "big earth". You can get here for rest on buses departing from Irkutsk every day from the central entrance to the stadium "Trud". In the summer departure at 9:00 and at 12:00, and in the off-season and in the winter - only in the morning. Who needs to leave in the direction of Angarsk, should take a bus from the recreation center "Contemporary". Departure is at 7:30 every day. Travel time to the Small Sea will take about 4-5 hours. The cost of the ticket is also different (depends on the distance) and ranges from 900 to 1100 rubles in one direction per person. Sitting on the bus, you need to check with the driver, does this route lead to the right base? The fact is that several buses leave from the "Trud" stadium at the same time. They all go towards the Small Sea, but to different holiday homes.

You can reach the tourist centers on the Small Sea of ​​Baikaland the machine. The starting point is the city of Irkutsk, from where to the Gulf of Mukhor - about 250 km. You need to follow the Kuchug (Yakut) tract. The road leads through the villages of Oyok, Bayandai, Elantsy (where it is necessary to refuel). Before the MRS (Sahhurt), you can not reach. Approximately 5 km before this village there is a fork. If it is turned to the left, the road will lead to the Gulf of Mukhor. And if you turn right - then to the village of MRS, and then to the ferry to Olkhon. A good ground-rubble road was laid along the Mukhor. Sometimes it passes very close to the water's edge, from where amazing landscapes open. But not all the tourist centers of the Small Sea can be reached by car. For some, for example, "Shumak", vacationers are delivered by helicopter.

But in summer you can get to the camps of the Small Seaand on water. The starting point is the "Rocket" pier, which is in the solar microdistrict. The ship follows Ust-Barguzin with a stop at Olkhon. There you need to change to another boat. From Olkhon to get is not quite convenient, because you need to climb the hill on foot (as much as 1.5 km) to the crossing, swim in the MRS, and then get on the bus or order a boat in the tourist center, where you go on vacation.


Charming and very comfortable for recreation peopleof all categories the Chara Chalet on the Lesser Sea is located in a young pine forest, between the pretty hills of Mukhor Bay, just 900 meters from the coast.

tourist centers on the Small Sea of ​​Baikal
Here housing is provided, taking into account financialopportunities for tourists. These are simple houses like "economy", in which there are no amenities in the form of a toilet and a shower, but a very pleasant environment, clean, cozy, and all the furniture, walls, ceilings, floors are made of environmentally friendly materials. For those who like to live in comfort, the Chara Chalet on the Small Sea offers rooms of the category "standard", extraordinarily beautiful and romanticly decorated "suites" and individual cottages where you can comfortably accommodate a large family. According to reviews, food on this basis is organized taking into account the different preferences of holidaymakers. Everyone can take a trip with a comprehensive three meals a day or eat in a restaurant on the custom menu. Snacks and spiritual tea parties at the Chara camp site are held in the fireplace hall, furnished with great taste. There is also a bar where, except drinks, you can take snacks. Leisure vacationers at the camp include summer swimming in the bay (the temperature of the water from July to September is quite possible) and in the indoor pool, in the winter - skating and skiing, and year round fascinating excursions with wonderful, giving their whole soul guides. Precisely because on the basis of "Chara" so much is done for the wonderful rest of each guest, reviews about it are only the most enthusiastic.


In the equally picturesque Bay of Kurkutsk there is the Chayka camp site (on the Small Sea). At the same time, it can accommodate 150 people in the summer and 70 people in winter.

Chaika on the Small Sea
For this, there are several options for accommodation:

1. Two-storey hotel with rooms of "standard" class, conveniences on the floor.

2. Very nice cottages with amenities. Capacity - 2 or 3 people.

3. Summer houses and attics without amenities.

Prices vary depending on the season (low,high, warm). Children under 6 years are accepted free of charge if they live with their parents without extra beds and meals. If a child under 12 years needs a separate bed, discounts are provided for up to 20%. Meals on the basis of complex and customized, breakfast prices - from 150 rubles, for lunch - from 350 rubles and for dinner - from 250 rubles per person.

The "Chaika" campus on the Small Sea is only 500 meters from the shore of the bay. The water in it in July - September is warming up to +22 ... + 24 aboutWith, many vacationers go here for the beachrecreation. In addition, on the basis of organize tours to the surrounding and distant attractions, fishing, you can steam in a sauna, sauna, play sports games. However, reviews about this tourist center are ambiguous. There are people who liked everything, but there are also dissatisfied people.

The noted advantages:

  • low prices;
  • good location;
  • delicious food.


  • there is no cleaning in the rooms;
  • in walking distance other bases, too crowded;
  • claims to bed linen;
  • there are no organized excursions (there is no guide);
  • too actively organized protection of the territory.


The hostel "Naratei" on the Small Sea is located onnext to the "Seagull", in the same Kurkutsk bay, in the bay with the wonderful name Joy. This feeling encompasses all who come here in the summer for a beach holiday, since the water in the bay from the middle of July is warmed up to +24 degrees.

hostel Naratei on the Small Sea
In winter, rest on the base is not less interesting,because the ice on Lake Baikal - thanks to the crystal clear water - is uniquely transparent. You can walk on the lake, fish or skate and look at the bottom. The territory of the base "Naratei" impresses with its size and beauty. In addition to self-growing pines, a lot of flowers are planted there, funny wooden figures are installed near each house, always causing good smiles, there is even a surreal monument. For accommodation of the hostel "Naratei" on the Small Sea offers accommodation of different types.

1. Summer class "standard" cabins with basic amenities and class "economy" without amenities. In each there is a set of necessary furniture. In the "standards" there are sofas, there is a kettle.

2. Luxury lodges equipped with all amenities. Here, except for beds, there is a sofa, a refrigerator, a TV set (satellite channels) and a kettle.

3. Two-storey cottages, also with all amenities. On the first and second floors are two-room rooms, furnished with modern furniture and equipped with the necessary electrical equipment for a comfortable rest.

On the basis of the restaurant, dining room, cafe-bar. Also, tourists have the opportunity to prepare meals independently (all equipment for this is taken for rent).

Starbase on the Small Sea

Entertainment on the basis of "Naratei" the most diverse- from swimming in the sea (there are inflatable hills) to hikes in the Pribaikalsky reserve and departure for other excursions. Sports fans can play tennis, volleyball, football, badminton here. On the base there is even a small outdoor pool with sun loungers. For all comers, a sauna and a sauna (a Russian with a broom) work. Among other things, you can conduct business meetings on the basis, since there is a well-equipped business center here.


Very hospitable and comfortable hostel"Star" on the Small Sea. Its full name is "The Star of Baikal". It is located in the Khuzhir-Nugai Gulf, just 100 meters from the coast. There is another base on the Small Sea with a similar name - "Star of a nomad". This one is located on Olkhon. The "Star of Baikal" base offers accommodation for lodges located, like on any sea, on the lines 1, 2 and 3, which means distance from the lake. The houses of the first line (100 meters from the water) with two separate rooms (for 2 families) are equipped with furniture (table, chairs, bedside tables, beds), have a veranda. The houses of the second line (120 m from the water) are triple rooms, but designed to accommodate one family. Equipment in them is the same as in previous issues. Also, there are built lumber houses designed for 3 people. In addition to furniture, they have basic amenities.

On the third line (150 m from the water) is a two-story hotel, where 8 rooms with amenities are equipped.

The camp of the Wind of wanderings on the Small Sea

The hostel "Star" on the Small Sea in Khuzhir-NugaiThe bay is famous for its animation programs for children and adults and one of the best, judging by the reviews, at this resort disco. In addition, here you can relax in the sauna, Russian bathhouse, on fascinating excursions (the guide works). On the beach base there are hydrocycles, water skiing, banana. In winter, skiing and skating are organized here.

Food on the basis of "Star" complex or custom. Breakfast costs 230 rubles, lunch - 450, dinner - 340. With a custom-made menu, prices may differ from those indicated. The hostel "Zvezda" operates only in the summer months, plus September.

"Wind of wanderings"

In the settlement of MRS (Sahhurt) there is a good camp "Wind of Wanderings" on the Small Sea of ​​Baikal. According to visitors' reviews, its location has advantages:

  • it is convenient to get from Irkutsk, the road to the base is passable for any weather;
  • near the ferry to Olkhon.

There is also a significant disadvantage for some:

  • the base is located on the mountain, so you need to go down to the shore of the lake, and back up the steep slope.

Guests of the tourist object assure thatits territory is spacious and comfortable, there are stone paths, a large swimming pool with heated water, sports grounds, barbecue areas, a children's room, a cinema under the starry sky, a sauna, a phytobar, a steam bath, children's swings, a terrace with enchanting views of the lake from a height, a disco with live music, its own small fair, a museum, a good conference room, a meeting point and a rental of fishing tackle, sports equipment, bicycles. As you see, you do not have to be bored.

For accommodation of the hostel "Wind of Wanderings" onThe Small Sea offers several options. There are well-appointed double and triple rooms with all amenities located in cottages and a hotel. There are very cozy rooms in another hotel, where the amenities are on the floor. There are well-equipped rooms with a kitchen, where tourists can cook for themselves. Finally, there are uncomfortable rooms and yurts. Facilities for people living there are on the street, about 150 meters from the housing provided to them. Meals at the hostel complex, by coupons. That is, you need to eat what is indicated in your ticket.

Chara Chalet on the Small Sea
There are a lot of good, grateful comments about this tourist site. The marked pluses:

  • beautiful well-groomed territory;
  • cozy rooms with private facilities;
  • convenient transport interchange;
  • good entertainment program;
  • delicious food.

Reported cons:

  • far away beach;
  • the beach is rocky, uncomfortable;
  • too high prices for accommodation and services;
  • food system by coupons, expensive food;
  • cold water in the pool;
  • not all the staff are friendly.


At any time of the year, interesting and rich in fun activities on the Small Sea. The hostels here have much in common.

1. The material from which the houses and hotels are made. Almost everywhere it is an ecologically clean tree of local breeds.

2. Categories of rooms. Almost at each camp site there is a "economy" class accommodation without conveniences and heating (only available in summer), "Standard" with a minimum of amenities, "suites" with all amenities and heating, as well as individual cottages.

All camp sites have the same excursions,almost everywhere tasty food, everywhere there is an opportunity to swim in the summer warmed by the sun the Small Sea, and in the winter to do fishing. The establishments differ in their location relative to the traffic intersection and the shore of the lake, prices and infrastructure.

The Sarminskaya campus on the Small Sea is located inKhuzhir-Nugai Gulf, about 50 km from the village of Elantsy. Khuzhir-Nugai Bay has a wonderful sandy beach, where in summer the water is warm enough. The Sarminskaya base has its own pier and beach area in the bay. Accommodation here is relatively inexpensive. Prices, like everywhere else, vary depending on the season - low, high, warm. The cheapest rooms in "Sarminskaya" will cost 1000 rubles per day per person (in low and warm seasons in three- and four-bed rooms of "economy" class, i.e. with amenities in the yard). The price includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The most expensive housing on this base is 2200 rubles. per person per day (with meals). This is in high season (July - the first half of August) when living in rooms "standard" with all amenities.

rest on the Small Sea camp site
The infrastructure of the base includes a rental office(you can take a bicycle, a jet ski, sports and fishing equipment), a children's playground, a sauna with a steam and a small pool, a canteen, a cafe-bar on the beach, a tour desk, sports grounds, a small equestrian club where horseback riding is possible. Reviews about this database are mostly positive.


In the Gulf of Mukhor (Muhur), just a fewsteps from the shore (30 meters), is located the hostel "Shida" on the Small Sea. In Buryat it means "sorceress". And indeed, the base bewitches the view of cozy houses among young pines, picturesque surroundings around, a wonderful sandy beach nearby. For holidaymakers, there are organized numerous excursions every week, sports equipment rental is available, sports grounds are equipped, there is a sauna, steam bath, steam room, grill zones, free guarded parking. From other entertainment - boat trips and zorbing (in a transparent ball).

Accommodation on the basis is possible in such variants of numbers:

1. Houses without amenities and food (only 600 rubles per day from a guest).

2. Landscaped detached houses with all amenities, TV, kettle and balcony or veranda (the price ranges from 1000 to 1500 rubles per day from a person without food).

3. Comfortable two-room cottages with all amenities, TV, refrigerator, large veranda (from 6000 rubles per day for the whole house).

Meals based on a complex (900 rubles per day) or custom.

About this camp site in the Small Sea reviews are different. Those who like it, note the pros:

  • a nice place;
  • comfortable houses (with private facilities);
  • tasty food;
  • good excursions.

The noted shortcomings:

  • poor service and staff attitudes;
  • dirty territory and beach;
  • TVs do not work in the rooms, but they are included in the price.


In the Gulf of Mukhor there are wonderful coves. The Mandarkhan campus on the Small Sea is located in one of them, also called Mandarhan and considered to be the warmest. The depth here starts at about 50 meters from the shore, which is very convenient for those who came with the kids. No wonder this bay has a pioneer camp. There is also a shop and a cafe. The territory of the Mandarhan camp site is pleasantly impressive for its well-groomed and wonderful design. There is a good playground, a bathhouse, a free parking lot, sports grounds, a cozy cafe with a terrace. Houses for accommodation in the hostel are with and without amenities, for every taste and purse. They are very different in capacity, ranging from a small cottage for 2 people to a large friendly company for up to 10 people. Prices are also different, depending on the season and type of rooms. On average, the cost of living varies from 800 rubles. per person per day (in a house without a gas stove and amenities, without meals) to 1500 rubles. (in small houses with conveniences). There are also uncomfortable trailers on this camp site, offered for accommodation in summer to those people for whom the lack of comfort is not critical. The cost of such housing is 500 rubles per day. from the guest. Meals are served in the cafe. The guests themselves choose their meals according to their wallet and taste preferences. Reviews about Mandarhan are mostly positive. The noted advantages:

  • a wonderful location;
  • wonderful staff and service;
  • cleanliness in rooms and on the territory;
  • well organized leisure.

The marked disadvantages are, by and large, not to the base, but to Baikal. Some tourists do not like the fact that the bay is shallow near the shore, plus a lot of algae in the water.

Most vacationers recommend this base to everyone who wants to have a good rest on the sacred Baikal.

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