Hotel "Volga" (Kazan): address, description, reviews

If you want to enjoy a comfortable stayand quality service, then you should choose the hotel "Volga" for yourself. Kazan is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, and therefore, in order to supplement bright impressions, the hotel should be appropriate.

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Brief description of the hotel and tourist complex

A wide variety of accommodation optionsoffers its guests the hotel "Volga". Kazan is visited by both budget tourists and respectable businessmen, but in this institution everyone will find a room for their taste and wallet. It is worth noting that regardless of the category all apartments have a pleasant laconic decoration, and are equipped with all the necessary amenities that will make staying in the hotel as comfortable as possible.

Hotel "Volga" (Kazan) is one of the mostthe oldest in the city, which determines the existence of stable traditions and high quality of service. That is why this accommodation option is often chosen by famous people. It should be noted that the guests are offered a lot of amenities, among which is the presence of wireless Internet, private parking, as well as a traditional Russian bath.

A good rest can not be imagined withoutquality food that the hotel "Volga" can offer you. Kazan boasts a large number of restaurants, but you do not have to look for a good place for a long time, because it is located directly in the hotel walls. Here you can see the best dishes of Russian cuisine, as well as the international menu.

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Location of the hotel

Hotel "Volga" (Kazan) is located inThe central part of the city, which is of greatest interest for both tourists and business people. Also in the immediate vicinity of the institution is the railway station (it is quite possible to walk to it on foot). Within walking distance are such popular tourist attractions as the Kremlin and Süyümbike Tower. Nearby there are many city infrastructure facilities: shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and business centers. The hotel is located at: Said-Galeeva street, 1.

Rooms hotel

In this hotel, each guest can find a room for your taste and wallet. So, guests are offered the following accommodation options:

  • Econom Single is a smalla room with a semi-double bed, as well as bedside tables with lighting for reading. There is also a small dressing table and an anteroom area. It is worth noting that you can choose for yourself the option of accommodation with a shower or without it.
  • Economy double is a compact room with twosingle beds. There is also a small dining area with a table and a couple of chairs. There are two options for accommodation - with and without shower. Depending on this, the cost of living can also vary.
  • Standard single or double - apartments with a small area of ​​10.5 square meters. There is everything necessary for comfortable living, including a bathroom with a shower.
  • Apartments of the "Comfort" category do not differonly an increased level of comfort, but also a stylish design in a modern laconic manner. In addition to the bed, there is also folding upholstered furniture (can serve as an extra bed), as well as a dining area.
  • Family rooms can accommodate up to 6 guests with extra beds in the form of folding upholstered furniture. The area of ​​the apartments is quite impressive - 45 square meters.
  • The studio is a luxury apartment with a modern design and a large area of ​​30 square meters. Here, within the same room are allocated the bedroom area, as well as the living room.
  • Executive apartments are the most luxurious accommodation option in this hotel. Here you will enjoy not only the huge area, but also an elegant design and a huge range of amenities.

Just the perfect accommodation option in the cityKazan - hotel "Volga". Prices for accommodation vary from 1000 to 5000 rubles per night, and so everyone can afford to stay at this hotel.

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Amenities provided in the apartments

Hotel "Volga" (Kazan) offers its guests to use the following amenities in the apartments:

  • comfortable beds with modern orthopedic mattresses;
  • a bathroom with a shower (in the Economy category this option is not available);
  • a fixed telephone that is used to communicate with the hotel administration, and for an additional fee connects to the city and intercity line;
  • modern TV with a wide flat screen, connected to a satellite dish;
  • refrigerator, which will allow as long as possible to keep your products fresh;
  • folding upholstered furniture, which can serve as an extra bed;
  • air conditioning allows you to adjust the temperature in the room individually;
  • in the bathroom there is an electric hairdryer and a full set of bath accessories.

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Infrastructure objects of the hotel

In this hotel you will be able to use the following infrastructure facilities:

  • the business center will provide you with access to computer equipment, as well as fast wireless and cable Internet;
  • for business meetings and seminars use the modern conference hall;
  • an excellent end to a busy and eventful day will be a relaxing sauna;
  • in the massage room you can take a wellness course;
  • support the figure in the form can thanks to the work of the gym, where you can also get advice from a professional instructor;
  • if you want to look at any time of the year as if you just came from warm edges, use the services of a solarium;
  • follow the beauty will help you staff hair salon;
  • your solemn events will be unforgettable, if you spend them in the banquet hall of the hotel;
  • for fans of billiards is equipped with a special salon;
  • on the territory of the hotel there are several grocery stores, as well as souvenir shops;
  • In the laundry you can quickly put in order your stained or crumpled things;
  • in the yard of the hotel there is a private guarded parking;
  • employees of the tourist bureau will organize for you an exciting excursion to the sights of Kazan;
  • in the storage room you can leave a large baggage or valuables.

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Helpful information

The following rules apply in this hotel:

  • hotel accommodation is available 24 hours a day;
  • on the day of departure you must leave your room before noon, otherwise you will be charged for every hour spent in the room above the standard;
  • each guest is obliged to fill in a registration card with passport and other personal data;
  • after the fourth visit of the hotel the client is transferred to permanent status;
  • children under 7 years old stay free in the room if they do not need an extra bed;
  • the price includes breakfast;
  • If one guest wishes to stay in a double room, the payment for the stay is charged in full;
  • upon prior agreement with the administration, accommodation with pets is allowed;
  • in the case when the tourist group is populated in the hotel, all material responsibility rests with the head, which is regulated by the relevant agreement;
  • If during the day there are no utilities, the cost of living is reduced by 10%.

If you have any questions regarding the rules of residence, according to which the hotel "Volga" (Kazan) works, the phone is 8-800-333-03-49.

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Positive reviews

A lot of tourists visit the hotel "Volga" (Kazan). Reviews about this establishment are characterized by the following positive comments:

  • an incredibly good location near many attractions;
  • a good buffet for breakfast;
  • the staff is friendly and very professional;
  • there are economical accommodation options;
  • on each floor there is a cooler with drinking water, as well as an iron and ironing board;
  • the rooms are very clean, light and cozy;
  • good TVs with excellent image quality.

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Negative feedback

A number of negative aspects can be singled out:

  • in the rooms poor sound insulation, but because your holiday will interfere with sounds from the street and from neighboring rooms;
  • bedding is old enough and untidy (there are spots that do not wash);
  • Despite the fact that there is an option to order food in the room, the restaurant menu is not provided in the room;
  • paid parking.

Overall Impression

It is worth noting that the hotel "Volga" - it's justan ideal place for tourists, because it is located in the heart of the city near the main cultural attractions. In addition, there are rooms in different price categories: from the budget (with a shower, located on the floor) to the representative one. The price includes breakfast. He is modest enough, but he is quite enough to satisfy his hunger. In addition, the hotel offers a wide range of services, among which the most popular are the sauna and massage.

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