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Juan Palma 2 * is one of the manyguest houses in Mallorca. It is located in the resort area of ​​El Arenal. Tourists who dream of visiting this fabulous island with its amazing beauty of bays and stunning beaches, but do not get into debt and do not pay for the trip a fortune, are quite satisfied with their living in this hotel. It is quite stylishly decorated, and the people who stay here, feel cozy, at home. In addition, vacation in Mallorca simply by definition can not be "sealed". There are so many beautiful bays, ancient cities and stunning cliffs! And in order to have money on excursions, travelers often choose economical housing. The local beach is called "Es Arenal", so this name is sometimes also in the address of the hotel (S Arenal).

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The guest house is on a small hill. To get from the Juan Palma 2 * hotel to the beach on foot, it will take about ten minutes. A half-kilometer from the guest house is the famous Aqualand Aquarium El Arenal. Not very far from here and to the airport - about ten minutes by car. Therefore, if you have an early flight or a late flight, it will be quite convenient to get there. Very close to the guest house - bus stop, and transport communication is good. Up to Palma - the capital of the island - there are numbers seventeen and twenty-three. The fact that the beach should go, in terms of tourists is an additional bonus. After all, in the season on the Arenal coast there are so many noisy discos and other entertainments that the one who lives near the sea practically does not sleep. And the fact that the hotel is at the end of the street, provides relative silence. One of the largest supermarkets of the network "Mercadona" is located a hundred meters from the guest house. In addition, near the hotel there is a garden with pine trees and benches.

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How to get there

To get to Juan Palma 2 * (Es Arenal), you needfly to the international airport of Mallorca Son San Juan. As a rule, a transfer for this hotel is not provided. If you do not feel sorry for the money by taxi, or if you have your own or rented transport, then you should drive from the airport to the guest house only twenty minutes (fifteen kilometers). But most of the guests of this hotel use public transport. The capital of the island of Palma is followed, for example, by the first and seventeenth buses. Having reached the Plaza of Spain, you take the route number twenty-three, the stop of which is two hundred meters from the hotel. The same bus, by the way, goes to the beautiful park "Akvalend", from which all children who come to the island are delighted.

Mallorca, Arenal

It is very inexpensive and insanely popular withyouth from Germany, Great Britain and Holland resort area of ​​the island. It used to be the most noisy place in Mallorca. Now the European youth also likes to hang out in Arenal, but for many years Magaluf has been keeping the reputation of the coolest place for entertainment. Therefore, it became a little quieter, because the most "otvyaznaya" part of the audience - British teenagers - moved mainly there. But local bars still cook fine meals, favorites in the United Kingdom. German youth also prefers this resort. Therefore, bars and restaurants, where they speak the language of Goethe, also suffice. In summer there are so many young people here that it is difficult to find a free place on the beach. If you come here at the peak of the season, it is better to get out at sea early. The hotels here are mostly democratic, mostly "three" and "four". They are all near the beach, but in the summer it is almost impossible to sleep here because of loud music. "Dvushki" same, like Juan Palma 2 * (El Arenal), located far away.

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Since Hostal Juan Palma 2 * is a guesthouse, or hotel in the "two stars", then the rooms there are decorated very simply and democratically. There are thirty-five rooms. Some have balconies with views of the city streets. Furniture and plumbing are not new, but serve regularly. Cleaned daily, and bed linen is changed thrice a week. It is very cozy to live here, warmth is felt. Wooden beds and chairs, like in an old elegant house, stylish posters are hung on the walls, and in the hotel, despite the fact that it is urban, there is a lot of greenery. The hotel is clean, has recently undergone repairs, although cosmetic. There are suites - rooms with large balconies, TV and even DVD. In general, the hotel, of course, not chic, but worth the money that you pay for it. It is in such places that you can see real local life.

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Here the price includes a very good pricebreakfast, which in the warm season is served on the terrace with wicker furniture. In addition, the Juan Palma 2 * also has a bar where you can also eat in the morning and have a snack during the day. Prices for drinks are not excessive. Breakfasts are standard for Spain - juice, buns, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, jam, butter, croissants. Tourists admire local coffee and are asked to cook it several times a day. In addition, they argue that it is in this hotel, the most delicious sangria in Mallorca. A lot of restaurants nearby. Guests especially recommended one of them - "Jardin Torero", where there is a large selection of seafood. In addition, there are many supermarkets where you can buy the necessary products or ready meals. Sometimes tours to this guest house include not only breakfast, but also half board. In this case, you go to dinner or have dinner at a nearby hotel, where there is a buffet.


In the building of the guest house there is an elevator, but quitesmall, as is often the case in the Mediterranean. Tourists with a large number of suitcases will have to go twice. The Juan Palma 2 * has a free Wi-Fi. It is best to catch him on the terrace of the guest house. He works decently and on the balconies of the rooms that are located above the bar. There is a lot of useful information for tourists, which is provided at the reception. There also works a travel agency. Behind the hotel there is free parking. It is forbidden to smoke throughout the entire guest house. A child under the age of two can settle for free.

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The Juan Palma 2 * hotel (Spain) is run by a family. Therefore, the staff here are exceptionally friendly, friendly and helpful. The owner is very nice and welcoming. He can change your room without any problems, if you do not like accommodation. He also serves the trays with breakfasts, wishes him good morning and is ready to answer all your questions. The owner speaks good English, so explaining it with him will not be a problem. In the kitchen, a Spaniard works, who, although she does not understand any language, except her own, can fully explain all the eloquent gestures. The cleaners and maids are also very nice. Any your request will not be left without attention. The friendliness and responsiveness of local staff are mentioned in almost all reviews.


What is the coast near the hotel JuanPalma 2 *? Guest reviews tell us about it, then if you go to the right of the guest house, you'll see a huge and long tusovka beach that stretches for many kilometers. Left - mooring for yachts. Near it is a very small and cozy beach. It's nice with the children, because the shallow sea is at the entrance. The beach to the right - with great depth, and there are often waves. Many beautiful fish that swim even near the shore. The coast is municipal, like everywhere else in Spain, so it is better to rent sunbeds and umbrellas or to sunbathe on your towels. On the beach, there is usually an atmosphere of celebration and joy, people play ball, water tennis, swim on mattresses. The local coast is a natural extension of the multi-kilometer "Playa de Palma". Along it grow these beautiful and slender tropical trees. Two hundred to three hundred meters from the beach there is free parking. In general, Arenal is one of the cheapest resorts in Mallorca, so there are a lot of European youth here. But romantic people here too, like - the sunsets on this beach are just magical.

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First of all, those who live in Juan Palma 2 *(Mallorca), you should take a ride on a tourist train through Arenal and understand what is where. Very recommend to visit the local aquarium. The tusovniki will not miss a night disco. And lovers of walks, of course, will walk along the beautiful embankment. Then, of course, you need to explore Palma with its ancient monasteries, the royal palace, chic boulevards and medieval streets. And then - you decide. The cheapest thing is to go on independent trips. The most popular of them are Sawyer with its beautiful harbors and an old train, as well as Valdemosa - the former monastery where Georges Sand and Chopin spent the winter. In order to get there, you need to get from the hotel to the Plaza of Spain in Palma, and then change to an intercity bus that departs from the underground station. When you go back, do not forget to look at the schedule to catch at least the last flight. Well, lovers of water entertainment should definitely visit the most famous on the island "Aqualand", where you can splash and ride all day.

Price list

If you want an inexpensive tour to Mallorca, thenchoose Juan Palma 2 * "Exclusive". Then seven nights in a room together with breakfast, accommodation, insurance and flight will cost one person at 580 euros. But this is in the case of hot tours. Coffee at the hotel costs 1.30 Є. Are you going to have dinner in a nearby hotel? Then you pay 8 euros per person for a buffet. The journey from the airport to the capital will cost 2-3 Є. To go to Palma by bus, pay one way from the euro thirty cents to one and a half. If you often travel by transport, it is cheaper to buy a special card. A trip to Valdemosa costs EUR 50, if you get from the bus station. Entrance to the museum begins with the amount of five or six units of local currency.

Juan palma 2 Mallorca

Juan Palma 2 * (Mallorca): reviews

People who come not to stay in a hotel, butspend time on the beach or explore the sights of the island, happy with their vacation. This guest house corresponds to the level of its stardom and is not designed for very choosy tourists. The rest here is mostly not very monetary, but intelligent people. There are many of our compatriots. The hotel is suitable for those who want to relax and have fun, to walk, to travel, to visit excursions and to admire this inexpressible island of dreams. In addition, any inconvenience is mitigated simply by the amazing attitude of the hotel staff, about which tourists leave reviews full of delight. In addition, there is a lot of sincere fun, and there are many interesting places nearby. Therefore, the guest house is perfect for young people and active tourists.

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