Rest on New Year in Abkhazia: reviews of tourists

Go to celebrate the New Year in Europe orsome kind of warm exotic country is dreamed by many of our compatriots. However, not everyone can afford such a pleasure. Travel abroad requires advance planning, it will be superfluous not only to evaluate and think through all the conditions, but also to get acquainted with the traditions of the country you choose to visit. There is an alternative option - to celebrate the New Year in Abkhazia. What is good about it and what are the pros and cons of this variant of celebrating the main holiday of the year?

Advantages of winter recreation in Abkhazia

New Year in Abkhazia
This country is associated with Russians with an inexpensivesummer vacation at sea. What to do in the winter at Abkhazian resorts, whose climate is slightly different from the coast of Krasnodar Territory? The correct answer is to enjoy the winter holidays. Abkhazia attracts low prices and transport accessibility. You can get here by train, plane or bus. What is especially nice - Russian citizens will not need a passport or a special permission to enter. In the winter months it is quite warm here, the New Year in Abkhazia is celebrated on a grand scale. However, tourists are much less than in the summer months, and many attractions are available for visiting.

Choose a tour

Rest on New Year in Abkhazia
Recently, Abkhazia is increasinglyis positioned as a country for year-round recreation. Many large sanatoria and small hotels do not even think of closing for "off-season," and throughout the year they delight tourists with entertainment, treatment and health improvement. For the New Year and Christmas, as well as school winter vacations, ready-made tours are offered. You can find vouchers with or without food, with treatment. Buying a ready tour, you can be sure that the New Year in Abkhazia will become a real holiday, not overshadowed by everyday problems. Any hotel or treatment and prevention complex pleases its guests with a festive banquet and show program on the night of December 31 to January 1. In the following evenings, guests are welcome discos and daytime children's parties. However, the option of buying a finished tour is not popular with everyone, many holidaymakers love to plan their own vacation and personally choose every detail.

Self-organization of winter holidays

New Year in Abkhazia
Rest on New Year in Abkhazia if you want, you canorganize and on their own. The most important thing you should do is to choose transport and book tickets, and also to find accommodation in advance. In the winter months there are no problems with accommodation. Places are in the sanatoriums, holiday homes, hotels, do not forget about housing for rent from private traders. Decide the issue with the celebration of New Year's Eve, meals and excursions can be directly after the arrival to rest. Many sanatoriums sell tickets for a banquet and a New Year's show to everyone who wishes, and not just to their guests. Holiday programs and a delicious dinner are also offered by local cafes and restaurants. Tourists who rented rooms from local residents, hospitable hosts will surely be called to the table. And you can meet the New Year in Abkhazia in a close circle of family or close friends, covering your own dinner in a hotel room or on the beach.

Private accommodation in the New Year

New Year in Abkhazia reviews
A good option - to rent for the winter holidaysa room or a guest house with local residents. In the tourist "off-season" many private owners are deprived of the main source of income, thanks to which a fierce struggle is being fought here for those who choose this option of accommodation. And this means that every tourist will receive maximum attention and the best conditions. Why is it good to rent accommodation from local residents for the New Year in Abkhazia? The private sector is an accommodation option that will allow you to enjoy coziness and informal surroundings. For a small fee (and sometimes without it) you can enjoy national cuisine, fruits and vegetables of fresh harvest, natural wine and chacha. Abkhazians are very hospitable, during the holidays the owners of housing will help to solve all everyday problems, to plan tourist excursions and will gladly tell many interesting legends, acquaint tourists with local traditions.

What to do in winter in Abkhazia?

Winter holidays spent in the sunniestcountry, will allow to really rest. The local subtropical climate is characterized by warm winter with low precipitation. Abkhazia will also be pleased with good ecological conditions. The combination of mountains, the sea and pristine forests makes the air in any region of the country incredibly clean and fresh. The meeting of the New Year in Abkhazia will be as you plan it. Vacations can be spent showering off and trying daily new gastronomic delights or examining local sights and taking a course of recovery.

New Year's Trips

Many of the country's attractions are available forvisit and after the end of the tourist season. In the winter it is interesting to visit Lake Ritsa, there are closed cafes and rental of water transport, thanks to which the great reservoir looks more natural and seems really wild. In Novy Afon you can visit the local monastery and caves. The streets of major tourist cities are also transformed into holidays. Have you ever seen a palm decorated with a festive garland? Admire the greenery and flowering plants will also succeed, the average winter air temperature of +16. The weather sometimes pleases with precipitation in the form of rain and snow, maybe it's you who are lucky enough to see snow-covered palms.

Treatment and rehabilitation

New Year in Abkhazia
Rest on New Year in Abkhazia can be not onlyinteresting and pleasant, but also useful for health. Most local sanatoriums work year-round, offering treatment programs at reduced prices during the winter months. But still the most popular seasonal procedure is bathing in thermal springs. It is believed that such natural baths help get rid of many diseases and positively affect immunity. The maximum benefit can be extracted in the cool season, as the combination of warm water and cold air enhances the effect of such therapy.

New Year in Abkhazia: reviews of tourists who tried the winter trip

New Year in Abkhazia private sector
For the winter holidays, more and more of ourcompatriots sent to neighboring countries, and not to distant Thailand or Turkey. Most of those who have already tried this trip are satisfied. Low prices, a spiritual atmosphere, the absence of a language barrier - all this is the New Year in Abkhazia. The reviews of tourists are mostly enthusiastic. In the summer months in this country is incredibly beautiful, but too many tourists. And in winter here, on the contrary, you can relax calmly, with your soul, and see Abkhazia real. One contemplation of deserted beaches and sea waves costs a lot. However, some tourists manage and swim during the New Year holidays.

Dissatisfied with some holidaymakers remainconcrete hotels, restaurants and other public institutions. The nature and climate of Abkhazia are exceptionally pleasing in the winter, and leisure options are also sufficient. If you want to celebrate the New Year in Abkhazia, negative comments should not frighten you. Feel free to go on vacation, and even if something goes wrong, do not focus on the menu of a festive banquet or design of a hotel room, but try to get the most out of your winter vacation!

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